Light Azazel: An Easier White Snek. Floor 8

Eighth Floor of Light Azazel

Back to the normal no BS dungeons. This dungeon is the first appearance of Deightros (the fusion of both fishies from Gungho 200 turn flr15 Colo Stream) which basically has the skillset of both fish together.

He’s just extra super annoying if you proc resolve… haha…

A lot of the heavier spawns are dragons so I heavily recommend bringing Tsubaki if your team can fit it. Leads like Cthuga can do this.


Light Azazel: An Easier White Snek. Floor 5

Fifth Floor of Light Azazel

They’re back! Dungeons with stats based on rarity!

This dungeon features 3x to all stats for all 6 star or under cards.

Depending on who you are, this is pretty useful. For the end game players this really won’t impact anything but you should look into your box for some good 6 star or under teams that you can make.

Some starting points could be Brave 2 series cards like Caladbolg which hits up to 400x as a 6 star lead. Wisdom Kings series like Acala. Collabs / seasonals like Bakala. GFEs like Cthuga. Etc.


Light Azazel: An Easier White Snek. Floor 4

Fourth Floor of Light Azazel

Sigh. Back to writing about 5 floors.

Lots of combos absorbs. Pairing with Diablos would be wise. Using Diablos with Time Extend Badge would be wiser. Not using Hinomitsuha with Diablos with Time Extend Badge is wisest. (We Smart!) No inherits for this! Flashbacks of Hera-Is failed ranking runs.

Combo shields are 5/6/7/8 minimum respectively for this dungeon.