How to Swipe: 3P Monster Hunter Collab – 2018 Version

3P Monster Hunter Full Swipe Build

I saw some people confused with how to swipe this dungeon so I figured I’d try my hand at it. To my surprise, I could actually make both the builds but the goal wasn’t to be able to. I also wanted to use Halloween Nene because she’s cute and under appreciated in the community for her 256x for a single row.


Astral Plane Deity (Zeus Verse) Challenge Set – Quick Notes and Tips

Quick notes and tips for Astral Plane Deity Challenge Set

This dungeon set is honestly a relief compared to the Nyx challenges. Going to try a different layout for this set compared to the previous challenge sets and the notes will be shorter than normal simply because of the dungeons being easier and overall less time to write than I used to have (also focusing on mechanics guides). All the non-boss floors are standard spawns from other dungeons so I won’t focus much on them, especially for the earlier floors, and instead focus on the boss. This dungeon set is Solo Only.

I’ll also be trying a slightly different formatting for this set as well. Just click the floor which you want to see notes on. If no link is available it means it’s still in progress!

Floor 1 – No Restrictions – Olympios

Floor 2 – No Lights – Stratios

Floor 3 – All Attribute Req. – Mercury

Floor 4 – No Restrictions – Dios

Floor 5 – 7×6 Board – Vulcan

Floor 6 – No Dupes – Verse

Happy Puzzling~

Having trouble with Astral Plane Deity? Make sure to join the Puzzle and Kupo Discord server (read and follow the rules!) using the banner below if you haven’t done so already. We have a dedicated channel just for questions and team help about Astral Plane Deity challenges with access to help from end-game players!


It’s the New Year! Don’t screw up January quests in all the celebration!

How to make sure you get your rewards for January quests

In JP it was actually a really big issue that their November (our January) was unclear and people were not getting their dungeons marked as cleared for the quests. This quick post will cover the complexities of Gungho’s decisions for making this set of quests to ensure you get your Rikku (well, at least can try to) at the end of the month!