Demonius Dark Exodia – Yamamoto Farm

 Dark Exodia Farming withYamamoto

Finally something else to do! FARM FARM FARM GO GO GO DEXODIA HAS LANDED.

Honestly he’s not that useful but still a farmable >1k weighted stat dark. He’s very similar in leader skill and active skill to his light version but with slight changes. It was suggested that he could be a very strong leader with dupe subs of himself when he first came out but his 4 dark combo requirement is simply too high.

This setup was tougher to make because we don’t have access to Berserker, a 3SB fire machine killer.


How to Carry: Gaia Dragon with Yamamoto

 Gaia Dragon Carry Method with Yamamoto

Gaia Dragon is a unique farmable card, giving you a DKali board with shield on a 9 turn cooldown, along with 950 weighted stats. The double TPAs and single TE mean that it can feasibly be used on Ronove teams and can be effectively used for a farmable Another Crusader team.

It is also used as an evolution material for Odin Dragon and may be used in a future evolution to Ragnarok Dragon (if he ever gets a new evolution).

This build makes use of killer awakenings, careful damage control and low chance at failing, though, it can happen with skyfall. Skyfall is unlikely when clearing 1 row (extremely unlikely to happen).


How to Carry: Heph Dragon Descended with Yamamoto

 Heph Dragon Farm / Carry Method with Yamamoto

Heph dragon is easily one of the hardest radars in A3 for most teams owing to the fact that he has a 15 turn skill delay and 7 turn timer. Since most damage enhances come in the form of inherits for most teams, this means your attempt to kill him will be done without a spike, on a 7 turn timer, with few actives, and a required 79M damage.

Most teams solo cannot deal with this making it very difficult for solo UA3 players to achieve their Heph Dragon drops.


MHera Swipe with Yamamoto

 Swiping Through MHera with Yamamoto

We all know one of the best ways to solidify yourself as a NIAP player is to get that Exodia finished and on whatever team you need. But farming those parts can be tricky with a lot of the machine dungeons being very match based making for much more tedious farming.

But here we go! A guide with no matching requirements outside of rotating orbs using only North American available cards for the true Sadoists.



Legendary Remains Farming with Yamamoto

 Legendary Remains Speedfarming with Yamamoto

No Passes, No 0c, No Stalling

So for those that know me you’ll know that I really do like making stupid teams consisting of a weird mix of mobs. This stems from my philosophy of rather preemptively having cards ready and having a diverse box over farming a card later when I need it. This has led me to do things like work on Achtros, Deighk and Deightros even without a significant reason to. However Achtros does find a place on my Rukia team occasionally. Anyway, I decided it’s time to work on the new dungeon so I sat there staring at the page for it for a good 5 minutes counting out actives in my head. For those that have cleared it (or seen me clear it) you’ll probably know that having gravities to deal with Ninegaruda resolve is very important. At first I tried with MZeus leads since the leaders themselves would cover the gravities required and when it didn’t pop out at me I decided to just go with the most broken farm lead in North America right now, Yamamoto. There are no passes, stalls or anything of the sort. It’s 1 turn per floor and only requires matching in 2 cases with Ilm boards (one for the combo shield, one for the poisons). I tried using cards that are accessible in a sense. Team on top, inherits on the bottom.