How to Carry: Heph Dragon Descended with Yamamoto

 Heph Dragon Farm / Carry Method with Yamamoto

Heph dragon is easily one of the hardest radars in A3 for most teams owing to the fact that he has a 15 turn skill delay and 7 turn timer. Since most damage enhances come in the form of inherits for most teams, this means your attempt to kill him will be done without a spike, on a 7 turn timer, with few actives, and a required 79M damage.

Most teams solo cannot deal with this making it very difficult for solo UA3 players to achieve their Heph Dragon drops.

The Setup

Player 1 (inherits on the bottom)

Yamamoto (Uriel) / Tsubaki (Sado) / Tsubaki (Raphael) / NY Yamato (Shaitan) / Floof (Sado) – 13SB



Everything is assumed to be hypermaxed.

Not much variety.

NY Yamato can be Yamato. He’s there mostly for the SB because P2 is stuck at 12SB max with farmables.

Floof is highly flexible. Antares, Baldin work as well. If P2 brings more SB, theoretically any hypered fire god killer should work in that slot if there are enough skill boosts. MAKE SURE TO CHECK SB IF REPLACING FLOOF. FLOOF IS ALSO PREFERED FOR RODIN AND ACC PAIRINGS.

Uriel can be Chiyome.

Player 2

Yamamoto / Tengu / Tengu / Raph Doge / Ping Active – 12SB


Tengu MUST BE MAX EVOLVED. Same with Yamamoto.

Skill boosts must be unlocked for all the subs. All awakenings on Yamamoto.

Tengus are only there for SB. P2 needs 12SB across the team so Tengus are definitely not required. If you’re running Raph / Rodin instead of Raph Doge / Grodin Tama you’ll have 3 more SB right there.

Ping Active can be ANY active that does 1 or more damage to Apollo. Lots of farmable options for this like Rodin Tama, Betelgeuse, etc.

Raph Doge doesn’t need skillups.



How it works

Floor 1 – Neptune

P1: Tsubaki (Raph), Yamamoto, Shaitan, Swipe

Floor 2 – Apollo

P2: 0c

P1: Yamamoto (Uriel), Combo

P2: Raph Doge, Ping active

Floor 3 – Heph Dragon

P2: Pass

P1: Tsubaki (Sado), Swipe

*Note: If pairing with ACC, you’ll want to move one OE to either row and match extra combos. You need at least 1 more combo of any color.

P2: Match combos to bring below resolve. You need to hit with 2 damage.

P1: Tsubaki (Sado), Swipe

That’s all folks!

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