The early review of the great five whale baits

The Great Five Baits

This is the review of the five witches and where I think they stand in the meta as of October 2018 (the announcement of the Dark Witch) and my rough value comparison of each one rated against the other.
What makes the witches whale bait?
When Gungho revenues started slimming down they sat sat in a boardroom and looked at what they could push for revenues now that whales already had dupes of all 6 star GFEs, the rates were public and expected to stay stable (therefore they couldn’t just drop the rates for new 6 stars) and new collab / seasonal whale baits could be traded for without needing to excessively roll in the REM. The result? A whole new rarity of Godfest Exclusives: 7 star GFEs. These feature lower rates than 6 stars (as one would assume logically by “more rare”) and cannot be traded for. They would also feature new tech as in new actives / leader skills / awakening sets to help push the narrative that they were designed to be meta.



New JP Gungfest Buffs and Evos Part 1 added

When Gungfest was announced a lot of players were hoping for some big buffs to old GFEs like the Odins to make them end-game viable like they did the Sonias which were primarily left to assist / bicolor stick status for years. So what did we get out of Gungfest? I’m going to go one-by-one and talk about what I feel is the strength of the buff and what that means for players.


So You Think You Can Dance~ NA Hera-Is Ranking

The Tango of the Whales

The Bumping of Packs

Tears Saltier than the Dead Sea

That’s what we’re faced with entering the latest ranking dungeon in North America. This marks the first one that we’ve had in a long time so naturally, the competition is fiercer as a lot of newer players go for the 10% range and even the 1% as their first chance at a crown in their entire careers. (more…)

Running Support 3P UDR / Cosmic Trinity

Be the Batman support that we need, but may not deserve right now.

There’s no doubt that with the mass of spawns possible in 3P UDR that it’s difficult to prepare for everything. In this guide we’ll talk specifically about non-kill supports. There are other supports that stack SB and can still kill (like Yog) but this is meant to just give perspective on how you can help without killing something.