So You Think You Can Dance~ NA Hera-Is Ranking

The Tango of the Whales

The Bumping of Packs

Tears Saltier than the Dead Sea

That’s what we’re faced with entering the latest ranking dungeon in North America. This marks the first one that we’ve had in a long time so naturally, the competition is fiercer as a lot of newer players go for the 10% range and even the 1% as their first chance at a crown in their entire careers. (more…)

Running Support 3P UDR / Cosmic Trinity

Be the Batman support that we need, but may not deserve right now.

There’s no doubt that with the mass of spawns possible in 3P UDR that it’s difficult to prepare for everything. In this guide we’ll talk specifically about non-kill supports. There are other supports that stack SB and can still kill (like Yog) but this is meant to just give perspective on how you can help without killing something.


Running a Yog Team without Yog: 3P UDR / Cosmic Trinity

Cosmic Trinity farming with without Yog-Sothoth


Cosmic Trinity with Yog has been all the rage but not everyone owns Yog. Luckily there’s a free Yog available to all players. Thanks padmuffinkins for bringing it up in comments and giving me the idea to look more closely at it.

I wish I could add LMyr as a farmable heart generator but it won’t work when the full board is lights.


Playing 3P: Do’s Dont’s and Really Dont’s

 3P is extremely frustrating

I think most end game players that have queued into the game’s auto-match function can echo this feeling.

It can be incredibly frustrating to have people that kill you (intentional or otherwise) when certain things could easily be avoided. I had a fun time brawling Nyar for 12 turns solo because my partners refused to stall and I got to the boss without my kill board available. And guess who died first? The ones that rushed straight through with no plan.

In this article I’ll be talking about how you should enter 3P UDR with randoms if you actually want to win.