Ranking Theory

Ranking Theory

I’m writing this post in the midst of Xiu Min the Uber whale ranking. This post isn’t designed to give you an answer to all your damage capping woes but to help you understand the point trade offs in rankings to understand how to focus your team. Xiu Min is a good example because some of the faster builds miss out on damage capping which in the end just sets them back.


The early review of the great five whale baits

The Great Five Baits

This is the review of the five witches and where I think they stand in the meta as of October 2018 (the announcement of the Dark Witch) and my rough value comparison of each one rated against the other.
What makes the witches whale bait?
When Gungho revenues started slimming down they sat sat in a boardroom and looked at what they could push for revenues now that whales already had dupes of all 6 star GFEs, the rates were public and expected to stay stable (therefore they couldn’t just drop the rates for new 6 stars) and new collab / seasonal whale baits could be traded for without needing to excessively roll in the REM. The result? A whole new rarity of Godfest Exclusives: 7 star GFEs. These feature lower rates than 6 stars (as one would assume logically by “more rare”) and cannot be traded for. They would also feature new tech as in new actives / leader skills / awakening sets to help push the narrative that they were designed to be meta.



New JP Gungfest Buffs and Evos Part 1 added

When Gungfest was announced a lot of players were hoping for some big buffs to old GFEs like the Odins to make them end-game viable like they did the Sonias which were primarily left to assist / bicolor stick status for years. So what did we get out of Gungfest? I’m going to go one-by-one and talk about what I feel is the strength of the buff and what that means for players.


Yu Yu Hakusho Collab Review – May 2018

 Yu Yu Hakusho, or YYH for short, is a widely anticipated collab REM. *SPOILERS* The main character is extremely powerful for clearing A4 which also happens to have recently come out in North America (Good timing!).
It’s also the first time that we’ve had REM trading in NA which is a new feature called Trading Post introduced in V14. This allows you to trade 4 GFEs or other 6 stars from the collab REM for a specific 6 star from this collab. A lot of people are wondering if Yusuke is trade worthy to give up single copies. Hopefully I’ll be able to give some guidance and insight with my opinion on this collab.

How to farm: Athena +30 – May 2018 Build

How to Speedfarm Athena with only 4 actives!

We’ve known from Nergi Hunter Day 1 in NA that he would be a long lasting and important unit in the button farming meta (despite some “trusted advice”  saying he was bad). He tended to get inherited to other cards like Mistel and XMas Solais to provide more damage, or on Tengu for more SB. Then we had a gamechanger: the Ganjiang & Mo Ye assist evo. This lets us INHERIT A MULTIBOOST. This changed a lot of things such as allowing you to run Brachydios as a base instead of inheriting him as is usually done, then inheriting the multiboost on top! This actually beats out inheriting him on XSolais! We’re going to use the Mo Ye assists and Nergi Hunter’s strength in numbers to make the most NIAP 4 button Athena clear.

Bleach REM Renewal Review – Nel Added! New Buffs!

Bleach REM Review 2017 – Break what ain’t broke

Collab REMs have been very strong lately. With Edward being the most recent (deserved) whale bait in NA with Monster Hunter having been close as well providing Amatsus and Diablos to a lot of new owners, collabs have amazing potential. Will the new Bleach REM hold up? Or will the updates to Bleach not be significant enough to make it any more relevant than Voltron (outside of Grimmjows of course!).
Buffs usually go live the Thursday or Friday before the REM which will be simultaneously launched with JP on April 9th like King of Fighters was!