New JP Gungfest Buffs and Evos Part 1 added

When Gungfest was announced a lot of players were hoping for some big buffs to old GFEs like the Odins to make them end-game viable like they did the Sonias which were primarily left to assist / bicolor stick status for years. So what did we get out of Gungfest? I’m going to go one-by-one and talk about what I feel is the strength of the buff and what that means for players.

Yog Splits

Interestingly, Yog is the only GFE that received an evo during Gungfest, which has led to a lot of speculation that Gungho is giving up on 6 star GFEs and focusing only on 7 star GFE powercreep where rates are as bad as 1 per 333 rolls.
1) UEvo L/X Yog So-thoth
LS – ATK x6 at >80% HP. ATK/RCV x3 at <79% HP. ATK x3 when attacking with 2 Light combos.
Basically we see him take on more of an Enra like leader skill in his “leader” split. Note that the translation doesn’t state a shield for matching and the max damage is the same (18x per lead). The only increase in multi is the sub 80% HP where he has 3x versus the 2.5x of the current Yog. With no additional awakenings, it makes for a really poor split.
2) UEvo L/B Yog So-thoth
+1 sFUA, +1 FUA
Adding FUA and Super FUA is quite interesting to Yog. I’m really not sure what the motivation has been lately to just throw it everywhere. I’ve barely seen Super FUA used and it’s never used in a way that can’t be solved by normal FUA. Also, given his L/H bicolor board, I was also surprised by the fact that Yog received a blue sub attribute instead of a light sub attribute.
Overall these splits are pretty poor and don’t add much to what Yog already does. It can make a strong FUA option and if you’re going to be running a Yog anyway, at least you know FUA is covered now.

King Starter Dragons

These ones got really interesting evos and they start to separate in how they function here.


LS – Fire type ATK/RCV x2. TE +3. Attacking with 3 or more colors increase ATK, up to 7x.
Awakenings –     [Guard Break] [Dragon Killer] [God Killer] [Devil Killer]

SA – [Dragon Killer] [God Killer] [Devil Killer]
So basically a 144x rainbow lead with unconditional attack and RCV to fire. Also has +3s of move time as a mediocre (and 100% free) pairing to Rikuu / Riche / RKali, etc. But what makes this more is the set of awakenings which means you have a farmable, unbindable card that can become a double killer against any of the big 3 types (mech is also a big main type but we see it a lot less than the others in A4 and AA).


LS – Water type ATK/RCV x2. TE +3. Matching exactly 5 orbs with at least one enhanced ATK x5.
Awakenings –        
SA –  [Combo Boost]
This is almost like a blue NY Yomi. Though instead of the shield, there’s RCV and time extend built into the lead. If you’re going to run these as leads in solo, you can cover tape and cloud resists for yourself which are annoying mechanics in A4.


LS – Wood type ATK/RCV x2. TE +3. Increase ATK from 5 combo, ATK x6.
Awakenings – HP+ & ATK+ →      [Resistance-Jammers]  
SA –  [Damage Void Piercer]
Wow, 144x combo lead with 3 seconds free making Brachy very close to a farmable Dark Ideal. Add on the fact that, unlike Dark Ideal, Brachy actually has offensive awakenings in the form of a 10c awakening which provides 5x! That’s a lot of damage for matching 10c! You’ll probably pair Brachy with Diablos. The only issue I see is that even with 7×6, hitting 10c with VDP can be extremely difficult for players. You can use Oichi for +2c and tricolor which should guarantee full combo activation.

All 3 of those starters are quite interesting, but I know that Gungho teased that Myr and DAthena would be getting evos. How did they do?


LS – Halves damage taken, ATK x7 when matching a heart cross. Light ATK/RCV x2. TE +2.
Awakenings –    [Two-Pronged Attack] [Two-Pronged Attack] [Combo Boost]  
This is a really interesting set of awakenings. We see the drop of the OE and row in favor of other offensive awakenings. And that awakening set is very interesting but not necessarily synergistic. You would need 9 lights to make a TPA + L unlock. And as you know, 9 lights means you can make 3x light combo which might be what you need to hit your 7c. It gives you options for offensive combinations based on how many lights you have on your board but not a particularly OP set. What’s really interesting is they added a flat 2x ATK and RCV for light which makes Myr effectively 4x HP, 196x ATK and 16x RCV with heart cross. That’s really strong for a mono color. Start practicing those crosses! I know I’ll be excited for her evo. Check out her new animated art:


LS – God, Devil and Attacker type HP x1.5, ATK x4. Attacking with Dark and Water ATK/RCV x2.
Awakenings – Added a TPA
SA – [Physical Killer] [God Killer] [Devil Killer]
Pretty worthless buff. Basically just added a TPA and moved her from 49x to 64x which is terrible in the current meta given her lack of tankiness compared to the Sonias. She still lacks SBR so if you’re going to lead her, you need a double SBR sub. The super awakenings are Phys Killer which might come from the FUA-less method to killing Ilsix where you would hit to about 20% and make blue TPAs to kill and had Phys Killer latents. That’s basically the only purpose I see for that. And frankly, if you decide to take God / Devil killers, it might be harder to damage control spawns which you normally would. Very awkward and I frankly don’t care too much for it.


REvo Belial

LS – Devil and Attacker type HP/ATK x2. Attacking with Fire and Dark ATK x4, RCV x2.
Awakenings – +1 VDP
SA –  [Two-Pronged Attack] 

REvo Amon

LS – Devil and Dragon type all stats x1.5. Attacking with Water and Dark ATK x6.
Awakenings – +1 VDP
SA – [Two-Pronged Attack] 

REvo Baal

LS – Devil and Machine type ATK/RCV x2.5. Attacking with Wood and Light ATK x4.
Awakenings – +1 VDP
SA – [Two-Pronged Attack] 

REvo FA Lucifer

LS – Dark and God type all stats x1.5. TE+2. Connecting 6 or more Dark ATK x5.
Awakenings – +1 God Killer
SA –   

Adding VDP on a lot of those is a really interesting move and, unlike pantheon cards like Apollo where the VDP is a super awakening, we have the VDP straight for co-op usage. Lucifer is the one that’s different from the rest, receiving a second god killer and can become fully bind immune through VDP. I don’t see this as all too relevant except maybe farming where 3SB and double god killer is required.

REvo Saras

LS – Dragon and Attacker type HP/ATK x2. Matching 2 or more Water combo increase ATK, up to 7.5x.
Awakenings – Added 
Not really sure where this revo came from. Adding unbindable to it doesn’t really do too much for the leader skill being extremely heavy to activate.

Vajra splits

The light and dark Wisdom kings receive their splits and they’re interesting.

Awoken Vajrayaksa

AS – For 3 turns Light ATK x2. Randomly spawn 6 Light orbs. (10)
LS – Reduce damage taken and ATK x6 at 2 Light combo. Follow up 100x ATK.
Awakenings – +2 Unbindable

UEvo Vajrayaksa

LS – Attacking with 4 colors (3+heart) increase ATK, up to 12x. Follow up 30x ATK.
Awakenings – +1 Coop Boost, +1 SB, +1 7c

Awoken Vajrabhairava

AS – For 3 turns Dark ATK x2. Randomly spawn 6 Dark orbs. (10)
LS – Reduce damage taken and ATK x6 at 2 Dark combo. Follow up 100x ATK.
Awakenings – +2 Unbindable

UEvo Vajrabhairava

LS – Increase ATK from 5 combo, up to 10x. Follow up 30x ATK.
Awakenings – +1 Coop Boost, +1 SB, +1 7c

Like Acala and Thicc, the splits have double multiboost which just adds to the number of double multiboost cards that we have available (and have one for everything besides blue now, rip Chu). I’ve already been seeing people theorycrafting with Awoken Vajrayaksa because of that 100x FUA. You can lead either of the awokens, use a row maker and then split the row into 2 combos. The follow up attack deals a hefty attack now and in farming can help you avoid needing to make a FUA.

Currently I’ve updated to what I consider part 1. There’s still a lot more to add and cover so make sure to follow this post for more discussion on the new incoming buffs!
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