Ranking Theory

Ranking Theory

I’m writing this post in the midst of Xiu Min the Uber whale ranking. This post isn’t designed to give you an answer to all your damage capping woes but to help you understand the point trade offs in rankings to understand how to focus your team. Xiu Min is a good example because some of the faster builds miss out on damage capping which in the end just sets them back.


Running Support 3P UDR / Cosmic Trinity

Be the Batman support that we need, but may not deserve right now.

There’s no doubt that with the mass of spawns possible in 3P UDR that it’s difficult to prepare for everything. In this guide we’ll talk specifically about non-kill supports. There are other supports that stack SB and can still kill (like Yog) but this is meant to just give perspective on how you can help without killing something.


Running a Yog Team without Yog: 3P UDR / Cosmic Trinity

Cosmic Trinity farming with without Yog-Sothoth


Cosmic Trinity with Yog has been all the rage but not everyone owns Yog. Luckily there’s a free Yog available to all players. Thanks padmuffinkins for bringing it up in comments and giving me the idea to look more closely at it.

I wish I could add LMyr as a farmable heart generator but it won’t work when the full board is lights.


3P UDR Yog Crafting – Very Easy 4 Active Kill Team by Pulse

Cosmic Trinity farming with Yog-Sothoth

Cosmic Trinity will be getting an event in the future that offers Extra Slot Latents as invades throughout this dungeon. Along with people trying to farm skillups for the Lovecraft bosses, having fast and consistent farming can make the stam investment even better.

Yog was known in advance from JP for being very solid in 3P UDR farming.

This article will be providing some theorycrafting on dealing with each of the Lovecrafts with inherits to make them 100% consistent. This specific build is designed to be much easier to build and not rely on any stalling.

All credits go to the designer of the build: Pulse 

He designed the entire team and did the calculations for it too.