How to Carry: Zeusdragon Descended with NEW Meri!

 How to Carry: Zeus Dragon Descended with UVO Meridionalis – Fully Farmable Subs

Just as a note this can be used as a farm method as well if necessary.

Even with Dath out, Radragon is still a very strong lead and is arguably still superior for Colosseum. However, I know that not everyone has the means to get Zeusdragon.

Here’s how we’re going to carry (or how you will get carried) for Zeus Dragon descended.


Gremory: An Alternative Play Style

 Non-Row Gremory Teams? THEY EXIST?!?!

Since Gremory was released in North America I’ve occasionally used him for different purposes and even bought a Plum for him the same day I rolled him. But something always felt off… Coming from Myr that was extremely easy to play, I found myself unable to consistently row, cross and clear all other combos.

There was a dilemna.

Unlike his brother Ronove, Gremory only comes with 1 TE and row requirement is generally a bit harder than straight combos or TPAs.

That’s when it struck me…


How to Carry: Star Justice V2 Setup (Farmable P2)

 Star Justice No Combo Carry

Star Justice has been plaguing several of the users on my server, both carriers and new players alike, given the handful of additional requirements of All Attributes, the multiple resolves, the skill delays and more.

Well, no more worries! Here’s a Star Justice 0 combo carry!

Basically the person being carried only has to use skills and match 0-2 combos per turn, never doing damage or needing any matching skills.

This is an updated guide of the previous one here.

Changes: Takes into account new cards + Orochi revo (which most people did) to lower the requirements on P2.


Farmables Every New Player Should Have

 What Farmables Should YOU Get?

This post is going to be more tailored to the early game players. Running the carry server I see a lot of people that are missing REM utility but have not invested the time to pick up some farmable utility to replace what they need. For all my carry guides I almost always assume farmable subs. Yet, I’ve still have people upset that I wouldn’t help them in a dungeon when they did not have the utility required.

This post is a work-in-progress and will be regularly updated to cover more and more content.


Farmable Radra Teams?!? Breaking the Meta

 Can you run a fully farmable Radra team?

It’s long been stated that if you didn’t have the Radra optimal team, then you shouldn’t buy him. In the past, the optimal team was:

Radra / DKali / DKali / Indra / Isis

This later evolved to something similar to:

Radra / DKali (Lightning) / DKali (Ichigo) / Indra / Isis (Orochi)

And back then, early in Radra’s first meta, it made a lot of sense. There were far fewer farmables available and really nothing could replace those cards. However, the mentality that you need the perfect team still exists.

For reference, the optimal team right now is something like:

Radra (Indra) / DKali (Raijin) / DKali (Lightning) / Kanna (Facet) / Isis (Orochi)




How to Carry: Gaia Dragon with ALB x Dios (Fully Farmable P2)

 How to Carry: Gaia Dragon with ALB x Dios (Fully Farmable P2)

Gaia Dragon is a unique farmable card, giving you a DKali board with shield on a 9 turn cooldown, along with 950 weighted stats. The double TPAs and single TE mean that it can feasibly be used on Ronove teams and can be effectively used for a farmable Another Crusader team.

It is also used as an evolution material for Odin Dragon and may be used in a future evolution to Ragnarok Dragon (if he ever gets a new evolution).

This build makes use Dios as a farmable leader and the premptive Ares strike to activate Dios. The build is safe to 2 skyfalls for both hits on Gaia Dragon which is very good for a full farmable team (outside of ALB+inherit for P1).