Farmable Radra V2 – Now with Farmable Inherits

 What can we do with a farmable Radra team now that the 55s have hit?


We discussed in the last article about the possibility of fully farmable Radra teams and what they would look like. Here we take it a step further and apply the new farmable inherits like Gainaut, Linthia and Azazel. I recommend you read the previous article before moving onto this one since it covers the bases for the team.

For reference, the optimal team right now is something like:

Radra (Indra) / DKali (Raijin) / DKali (Lightning) / NY Kanna (Facet) / TPA Isis (Orochi) Radra (Fujin)


Some slight variations from my part into what I consider optimal.

The Bases

So let’s start with the team we put together last time (with one adjustment).


This team has 100% SBR, Bind-clear for the two bindable Hinomitsuhas, 10TE (within our specified 10 TE). I added Dath because she covers your delay requirement while also still meeting the awakenings requirements (and adds a lot of TPA damage).

Farming enough MP for this team is “doable” in that it would take a solid month of consistent farming but luckily we’re getting enough free MP (about 570k) to cover Radra and part of Dath. This means your actual requirement for MP farming is fairly low should you skip the Odindra.


The Inherits

What do we look for in a Radra A3 team?

  1. Spike
  2. DKali-type board changers
  3. Def Break
  4. Shield
  5. Fujin (not required but highly recommended)
  6. Delay
  7. Bind Clear (specific to this team because 2 of our subs are bindable)

If you’re counting along that’s 7 (if you’re only counting 1 DKali board) actives for a team with 6 slots for actives. So we know right off the bat we have to make concessions.

If we’re allowing ourselves to pair with a friend Radra with any inherit (including REM) then we must first look at what actives are REM only.

1. Spike

Gemstones are the standard for Radra given that they last 2 turns and a lot of big fights with Radars tend to be 2 turn killers (Zeusdra can be dealt with slowly, Gaiadra can be killed without a spike with decent board RNG, Noahdra essentially requires a 2-turn). 

What spikes do we have for farmable?

The reason I took so long for this update was because I was waiting for Azazel.

 AS: ATK x1 + ( 0.7x for every Resistance-Dark on the team ) for 1 turn.

We have 4 blind resist awakenings so this gives us 3.8x for 1 turn. This is a significant spike for a farmable team.

Alternatively, if you wanted to use a REM equivalent then it would be Facet with our 11 TPAs.

 ATK x1 + ( 0.3x for every Two-Pronged Attack on the team ) for 2 turns.

This gives us 4.3x for 2 turns which is very significant however it would take up our single REM active slot for an increase in our spike.


2. DKali-type board changers

There are a lot of options here.

Linthia vs Gainaut

Linthia is 1 turn less for cooldown (which can be significant considering you’re already running a 4 turn base). Meanwhile Gainaut adds a tiny bit of damage (not significant) but the biggest difference is that Gainaut makes jammers while Linthia makes poisons which can be devastating in cases like Hephdra which does increasing damage every turn and your HP is already tight.

Out of the two, I’d use Gainaut personally.

Now there’s one more upcoming “farmable” named Azazoth from the 3p dungeon series (not out in NA).

 Change all orbs to Fire, Water & Wood & Light & Dark & Heart orbs. Bind recovery for 3 turns.

On a 7 turn cooldown, same as Linthia / lower than Gainaut. This is an absolutely amazing inherit that takes a sweet 30 piis / dupes to make while also being incredibly hard to get in the first place. The active is also ideal because it covers bind clear as well so you can drop it on Odindra and your Hinos to help with bind clearing.

For REM options, you have Lightning, Raijin, Roots, Aten, Ichigo. All of those are great options compared to Linthia and Gainaut if you have them but I would not use the Radra inherit slot for one of those. (Lightning covers your def break requirement too while Raijin deals with Ilsix)

3. Def Break

Speaking of def breaks, we still need something to deal with predras. Predras can be spiked if you’re using a gemstone / Azazel.

Farmable options for Def break…. are slim to say the least.

The first is to run Ishtar as a sub in place of Odin Dragon (makes things a lot cheaper to build the team) however this brings a handful of issues.

The first is less for stats. The second is no bind clear. The third is dragon killer against Zeusdra, Gaiadra, Noahdra means much more difficult fights in some sense and can make things easier in another sense. We’ll keep this in our back pocket for now.

The second option is an inherit like Sherospada on Radra. This is on-color so it adds stats, is a 75% break (leaves predras at a manageable 2.5m def), and comes with a 20% shield for 5 turns. This is a really nice double utility active which also provides stats for the team, however, the lack of 100% break means you’ll need a full activation on predras to kill and this can mean burning a DKali-type active depending on what you arrive on the floor with. The shield is also not strong enough by itself to save you in the big situations like Ilsix, Kali which can be devastating. It can help in situations like Zeusdragon and Gaiadragon for extended fights. For these reason Sherospada will not be used.

Otherwise if you’re going to use your REM slot for a defense break, it would be Lightning or Balboa. Balboa being essentially a better Sherospada (however the 50% shield is still not enough for Ilsix / Kali).

So in this case the decision will be either to drop Odindra for Ishtar or to use a spike for predras. This leads us to…


4. Shields

To solo tank Ilsix / Kali, you need a 75% shield or better. The general option is 3-turn Indra. No farmable option matches up to the strength of Indra as an inherit. So there’s one big thing to note here. Our Azazel spike is 1 turn and if you use that spike on the Radar you’re in a pretty bad spot for Kali (no shield / no spike).

This is generally not a problem if you can brawl the Radar dragon without using a spike or have a 75% or better shield for Kali after (or one other note after). If you’re going to brawl the Radars it’s generally preferable to have some shielding when possible / needed.


5. Fujin

Plain and simple, this is the only card with absolutely no replacement for farmable. This makes a very strong contender for the REM inherit on our friend Radra. This saves you on Sopdet which even with optimal play, is an extremely risky fight. It also trivialises Heradra BUT you have to use your spike too for consistency which again leaves you with nothing for Kali.

 Change all orbs to Fire, Water & Wood & Light & Dark & Heart orbs. Ignores enemy damage absorb effects for 1 turn (does not include combo shield, attribute absorb, and damage void).

Big note, once Uruka (Buttkali) comes out, she makes a better inherit on Radra.


6. Delay

We were talking earlier about using Dath as both a delay and damage so this covers our delay requirement. Otherwise the two options are farmable Zhang Fei (breaks dark orbs so very poor choice) or to have friend Radra with Orochi. I don’t see that as a worthwhile pickup over using Dath. She is straight up superior for this purpose.


7. Bind Clear

If you’re running Ishtar you open yourself up to a significant bind scare since you’re going to be running 3/4 subs that are bindable. However, since Ishtar covers your defense break that would open up the Radra for a bind clear inherit.


The best inherit for this purpose would be Grodin Tamazo (if you managed to pick one up), alternatively, Star Justice (the spike unfortunately goes completely to waste).

Once Azazoth comes out, it gives you a reliable bind clear + board changer to inherit to your Radragon for an efficient double-purpose active.

Otherwise if you choose to run Odindra then you’ll have that built into the team (while also running 1 less bindable sub).

Putting it Together

We’ve discussed the farmable inherits and possible subs. We’ve talked about the best inherit for friend Radra and in the end the most effective would be the Fujin-type inherit so let’s work on that assumption.

The big difference here will be Odindra vs Ishtar.

The first thing you’ll notice from those teams is the RCV, TE, and SBR.

With Ishtar you’re running significantly less RCV (6k vs 7.3k), 8 TE (bit harder to consistently activate if you’re not planning your boards), but the big one, 80% SBR which basically means you need to run SBR badge for consistency which means NO RCV BADGE which is pretty important for a team with this little RCV (considering the “optimal” Radra team that I mentioned earlier will run over 9k RCV and still use the RCV badge).

This makes Ishtar a bit tougher to run. However, she brings one extremely big factor, her damage against the Radars and DKali.

With our extremely dark TPA oriented team, we can get LKali to sub 65% without a spike or shield, into her safe zone. However, without a heavy light hitter like Kanna, we don’t have that same strength against DKali who also has more HP than LKali. Well, double TPA + Dragon Killer on Ishtar gives you some consistency in this realm. Her effective damage on DKali will be a whopping 6.75x from her double TPA and killer (Kanna is 10.125x for this purpose). This means you can realistically enter Kali floor without shield or spike and, board allowing, hit either Kali into the safe zone with a few latent killers. Furthermore, for fights like Zeusdragon, Gaiadragon, you can kill without using your spike. Hephdragon is essentially a guaranteed loss for either team given by the fact that you’ll be without a spike for either team.

Our Team, with Odindra

Radragon (Azazel) / Hinomitsuha (Gainaut) / Hinomitsuha (Gainaut) / Dark Athena / Odindra (Azazel) / Radragon (Uruka)



You would also be running RCV badge to help with the slightly low RCV on this team. Given that the only Radar that regularly binds is Noahdra, we can rely on Odindra’s bind clear awakening for the most part throughout the dungeon since we need a place to slot Azazel. That being said, you can use Odindra for a bind clear early (such as Tamadra floor) so that it comes back up with Azazel for Radar floor. After using Azazel on Radar / Kali, you’ll charge back your Odindra in case you need it to finish killing the LKali (who can potentially bind).

However, the damage output on this team would fall short of one-shotting Heradra making it a difficult or near-impossible fight for DKali with double Gainaut team (assuming you use Uruka > Azazel to kill Heradra). This means you’re adding on a bit of RNG if you double Gainaut. The fix for this is to bring a second Azazel on Hinomitsuha instead of Gainaut (which I pictured) which is a relatively safe move, however it will slow down your runs as you’ll need to stall more to get that back up for important floors (like before entering Beelze, etc.).

Our Team, with Ishtar

Radragon (Star Justice) / Hinomitsuha (Gainaut) / Hinomitsuha (Gainaut) / Dark Athena / Ishtar (Azazel) / Radragon (Uruka)



Similar to running Odindra (Azazel), we’ll use our Ishtar for predras and start charging up the Azazel inherit from then on.

This forces us to run the SBR badge instead of RCV making for a difficult recovery from repeated hits or gravs into hits.

The lower TE might prove to be difficult for newer players that are aiming to TPA wood / light / dark every turn.

Skipping the Odindra means that you can basically afford the two MP cards from the free MP alone.

Makes things a bit more RNG reliant since you’ll need 4 each of dark / light / wood to hit Kalis into safe zone without the second spike (Odindra version runs 2 Azazel). However, deals with Gaiadragon very nicely to chip down with a constant 6.75x Ishtar.


Right off the bat, I’ll say that all of them can take devil killer and there’s never a reason to run devil killers in A3.



Can take Machine / Healer killers. Healer killers would make LKali more consistent but that’s not a terribly important detail. The only machine that really matters in A3 is Gaiadragon. Healer killer can be nice if you plan to use the Ishtar team to nail LKali to safe zone but generally not required. Otherwise, HP latents (Radra has amazing HP) and SDR are preferable.

Notes about machine killers: they can actually help a decent amount on the armored dragon floor for killing the absorb ones with a light TPA. I’d put a mech killer on each Radra for an easier Gaiadragon fight.


Hinomitsuha (same as Radra)

Can take Machine / Healer killers. Healer killers would make LKali more consistent but that’s not a terribly important detail. The only machine that really matters in A3 is Gaiadragon and being a 20% chance while still being a decent fight without the latents, it’s safe to say we’ll skip this one. Healer killer can be nice if you plan to use the Ishtar team to nail LKali to safe zone but generally not required. The healer killers are especially nice here given that Hinos will be doing a decent amount of the damage to LKali (basically putting Hinos on par with Dath on LKali if you put 1 healer killer). Her HP is not fantastic and her RCV is abysmal. If you’re going to put non-killer latents it would be SDR and nothing else (even then, SDR is not the most useful here). I’d invest one healer and one machine killer here since Hino will help grind down Gaiadra in the free turns which is normally a fight that takes 2 turns of spikes.


Dark Athena 

Can take god or physical killer. God killer can prove to be very tough to manage for Zeusdragon especially since Dath already has much higher attack compared to Hino, this would be compounded by 3x (2x for element and 1.5x for killer latent) meaning you wouldn’t be able to Azazel and spike while doing a dark TPA if you choose to killer latent your Dath with a god killer. Physical killer will not play much of a role in A3 for this team. I would drop a god killer on if you’re running the Ishtar version and would skip it with the Odindra version since you’ll have to spike for Zeusdragon in the Odindra version. (Ishtar version can kill without using a spike).


Ishtar (Same as Radra)

Can take Machine / Healer killers. Healer killers would make LKali more consistent but that’s not a terribly important detail. Her HP is not fantastic and her RCV is abysmal. If you’re going to put non-killer latents it would be SDR and nothing else (even then, SDR is not the most useful here). Machine killers would help a lot on Gaiadra but nothing else. I’d invest one healer and one machine killer here since Ishtar will make up the bulk of the damage against Gaiadra without a spike.



Can take physical, machine, or healer killer.

As discussed earlier, if we’re trying to bring a spike into the Kali floor, I’d actually invest 2 machine killers here to balance Odindra’s damage with the rest of the team (assuming you’re dropping the mech killers on Hinos as well).


Both of the proposed setups have their pros and cons.

This team is more of a concept rather than “you should jump on this team” given that it fails to meet all the utility requirements (will fail in solo on Ilsix and Noahdra would be a stroke of sheer luck. Hephdra is GG which is the case for most teams solo anyway).

Let me know in the comments down below how you found this article!


2 thoughts on “Farmable Radra V2 – Now with Farmable Inherits

  1. So I haven’t bought radrag yet. I have a friend with radrag (indra) ((which gets the shield out out the way)) I don’t have nearly enough mp to buy dath as I haven’t been playing super long. I pulled dkali,roots, carat,fujin,Revosakuya, and Mito. I was wondering if running Radrag (Spike,roots) ((since I can run Dkali and that gets my my normal 2 board changers))/Dkali/sakuya(spike or roots)/mito (Fujin)/Kephri (delay or defense break)/Radrag (indra) would that work okay or should i not buy radrag at all. The entire team has 100%sbr and none of them are bindable so i don’t Need the bind clear. Comments?

    1. Mito is REALLY bad for arena because of the devil killers. It basically guarantees that you can’t kill parvati without either stalling the 99 turns or using a fujin. If you get soup it will take a long time to get fujin back up making it very inefficient.

      Do you not have any other options for green?

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