How to Carry: Hera Dragon (Ceres Control) with NEW Meri!

 Hera Dragon Farm / Carry Method with UVO Meridionalis (Ceres Control Version)

This uses mostly the same strategies as the previous guide, except updated to accommodate the new Meri evo.

The Setup

Player 1 (Inherits on the bottom):

Meri (Grodin) / Sub (Combo) / Sub (Optional orb/boardchange with 3 SDR) / Sub (Toshiro) / Sub (Board)


Your team must have 10 SB for 100% resist P2, 5 SB for Fujin P2 (to make 15 SB total).

Avoid OE and important bindable dark attribute cards.  Both mean more stalling on floor 2 for getting rid of enhanced orbs and 10-turn bind respectively.

You only need the board if you’re carrying Fujin P2.  It must combo with Meri to do 50M damage.

The optional orb/boardchange with 3 SDR is to use on floor 1 instead of Meri to make floor 2 faster (no need to stall for Meri).

Your team, plus P2’s Meri, must do between 9,190,750 and 9,300,405 damage to Ceres on floor two with a 7c.  The options that generally work well are a double rowmaker with one of these two boards, or Thouzer with this board.

Check this thoroughly, as this is the key part of the build.

Example P1:

 Traditional Daruma, Grand Tengu   


With the above team, use this board for Ceres and Toshiro + Blodin for Heradra.

Player 2

Fujin Version:

Meri / Tengu / Tengu / Damage absorb void / Shield – 9 SB

    Buzz Cut Goblin Plus

100% Resist Version:

Meri / Elysium / Elysium / Elysium / Elysium – 5 SB


Notes: Meri MUST be hypermaxed.

Tengus only require skill boosts.

The eggplant sub can be any damage absorb void active.

Shield must be at least 50%.

Elysiums must have all awakenings in 100% resist version.

Inheriting an off-color active on Meri or putting 3 SDR on her will make the run faster.

How it works

Floor 1 – Verche

P1: Kill with Sub(Optional orb/boardchange) and/or one of the Meri


Floor 2 – Ceres

Stall for actives if needed (Grodin or Meri) with P2 1c P1 heal. Clear enhanced if any, and don’t 7c. When ready, with no enhanced:

P1 Toshiro, Combo active, 7c

P2 Shield (if Fujin version), Meri(Grodin)


Floor 3 – Hera Dragon, Fujin Version

P2: Fujin, Pass

P1: Board, Meri, kill


Floor 3 – Hera Dragon, 100% Resist Version

P2: Pass

Slowly kill Heradra, with P1 doing row and some combos, and P2 clearing for blues.


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