How to Carry: Hera Dragon Descended with Meridionalis (Ceres Control)

 Hera Dragon Farm / Carry Method with Meridionalis (Control Version)

Hera Dragon is easily the most requested Radar with Zeus Dragon given both are used for top tier MP Dragons. However, Hera Dragon was never featured in any OSC meaning far fewer people have her for their Yomi Dragon evolution.

This guide features fully farmable player 2 subs to make it easily accessible to everyone (with Meri).

This one is a bit easier to make than farming 2 Zeras worth but requires a 297 unlike the Zera one. Carried side is also significantly more stringent.

The Setup

Player 1 (inherits on the bottom)

Meridionalis (Grodin) / Blodin (Toshiro) [3SDR] / Blodin (Toshiro) [1SDR] / Blodin (Combo*) / Control* – 15SB



Everything is assumed to be hypermaxed.

This setup requires very specific combos. See the table at the end of the article for working combinations of Control* and Combo* cards with the applicable combo for Ceres.


Player 2

Version 1

Meridionalis / Tengu / Tengu / Fujin Skillup / Indra Skillup – 9SB



Meridionalis / Elysium / Elysium / Elysium / Elysium – 5SB


Notes: Meri MUST be hypermaxed.

Tengus only require skill boosts.

Since Fujin skillup rotates I left the flex icon there (eggplant).

Fujin Skillup can obviously be actual Fujin, inherited to an SB sub if wanted.

Same for Indra Skillup.

Elysiums must have all awakenings if using version 2.

How it works

Version 1

Floor 1 – Verche

P1: Blodin(Toshiro), Swipe

Floor 2 – Ceres

P2: Shield, 0c.

P1: Blodin(Toshiro), Combo* active, Combo.

P2: Grodin.

Floor 3 – Hera Dragon

P2: Fujin, Pass.

P1: Control*, Meri, Swipe.

That’s all folks!


Version 2

Player 1 MUST be using Toshiro + Vaan OR Claymore + Thouzer

Floor 1 – Verche

P1: Toshiro, Swipe

Floor 2 – Ceres

P2: Pass.

P1: 1c.

P2: 0c

P1: Blodin(Toshiro), Combo* active, Combo.

P2: Grodin.


Floor 3 – Hera Dragon

P2: 0c.

P1: Pass.

P2: Clear for blues.

P1: 1 row and non-blue combos.

Repeat last 2 steps until she dies.

That’s all folks!


Confirmed Combinations

Control          Combo



No inherit


Control          Combo



Raphael Inherit on Gabe


Control          Combo



Raphael Inherit on Kraken


Control          Combo



Toshiro inherit on Claymore


Control          Combo



Toshiro or Ryune inherit on Kundali


Control          Combo



Raphael on Meri (not Grodin). NO PLUSSES ON UNIT 13.

Strategy changes to:

F2: P1 Toshi, Thouzer, 7c, P2 Fujin, Pass, P1 Raph, Unit 13

F3: P1 Meri, Swipe

General Requirements

If you are not using the above tested setups, follow the guide below to choose your control / combo set. We avoided listing any cards with OE (since that throws damage control off) and did not list general REM cards that fit unplussed or partially plussed. Cards like Sharon and Andromeda can work when not fully plussed. Changes to team attack can be made by swapping Grimmjow on Meri instead of Grodin (adds 81 attack to the team).

4th sub ATK range for Ceres:

Vaan, 4match: 2325 to 2488

Vaan, 3match: 1625 to 1780

Shantotto, 4match: 1279 to 1442

Shantotto, 3match: 628 to 783

Thouzer, 7match: 3416 to 3521

4th sub minimum ATK for Heradra:

0 rows: >2440

1 row: >1945

2 rows: >1483

Team atk ranges for Ceres:

Vaan, 4match: 14717 to 14880

Vaan, 3match: 14017 to 14172

Shantotto, 4match:13671 to 13834

Shantotto, 3match: 13020 to 13175

Thouzer, 7match: 15808 to 15913

Minimum team atk for Heradra: 1

19 rows: >14832

20 row: >14337

21 rows: >13875

Looking for a carry? Make sure to join the Puzzle and Kupo Carry server (follow the rules!) using the banner below if you haven’t done so already. I’ll be doing carries for Hera Dragon when the dungeon comes out.

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