How to Carry: Hera Dragon Descended with Meridionalis (Double Zera)

 Hera Dragon Farm / Carry Method with Meridionalis (Zera Version)

Hera Dragon is easily the most requested Radar with Zeus Dragon given both are used for top tier MP Dragons. However, Hera Dragon was never featured in any OSC meaning far fewer people have her for their Yomi Dragon evolution.

This guide features fully farmable player 2 subs to make it easily accessible to everyone (with Meri).

The Setup

Player 1 (inherits on the bottom)

Meridionalis (Sado) [1SDR] / Blodin (Toshiro) [3SDR] / Blodin (Raphael) [1SDR] / Blodin (Toshiro) / Fujin Skillup – 13 SB



Everything is assumed to be hypermaxed.

Fujin Skillup can obviously be actual Fujin inherited to an SB sub.

Since Fujin skillup rotates I left the flex icon there (eggplant).

Sado can be any double row changer (Shantotto, Vaan, Sado)

Issues: If Fujin Skillup is on a dark-type card this will not work. Either Fujin himself or Fujin on another sub is required in this case.


Player 2

Meridionalis [1SDR] / Zeus & Hera / Zeus & Hera / Tuna Bowl / Tengu – 11 SB


Notes: Player 2 NEEDS 10 SB minimum. Tengu is 4 SB. Tunabowl is Muse Skillup. You could easily put Tengu(Muse) or something like that. There’s quite a bit of variation here.

Both Zeras MUST be fully evolved AND Max Skilled. That’s right, start preparing if you want to use this method.

Just the awakenings for the skill boosts (Meri needs all awakenings) are required.

No levels required on anything.

1SDR on Meri can be replaced by any inherit.


How it works

Floor 1 – Verche

P1: Blodin(Toshiro), Swipe


Floor 2 – Ceres

P2: Zera, Zera, Tunabowl, Pass

P1: Blodin(Raphael), Meri, Meri(Sado), Pass.

P2: 6c board.


Floor 3 – Hera Dragon

P1: Blodin(Toshiro), Fujin, Swipe

That’s all folks!


Make sure to join the Puzzle and Kupo Carry server (follow the rules!) using the banner below if you haven’t done so already. I’ll be doing carries for Hera Dragon when the dungeon comes out.

2 thoughts on “How to Carry: Hera Dragon Descended with Meridionalis (Double Zera)

  1. Any possible way to accommodate Zera + 25% gravity + 30% gravity instead of two of them? Doing the math it works out that it’s about the same in the end. (~30.3% final life with Zera versus ~31% with two %25s.)

    Having skilled up one Zera (the non-King-tan way) I’d rather not have to do that dungeon yet again. And again.

    1. 2 25s work as well for this but Zera also has 3sb which is why is was chosen. If you have 2 inheritable 25s you could substitute for something like tengu(grav) for the second zera and inherit the other grav to the other tengu.

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