Running a Yog Team without Yog: 3P UDR / Cosmic Trinity

Cosmic Trinity farming with without Yog-Sothoth


Cosmic Trinity with Yog has been all the rage but not everyone owns Yog. Luckily there’s a free Yog available to all players. Thanks padmuffinkins for bringing it up in comments and giving me the idea to look more closely at it.

I wish I could add LMyr as a farmable heart generator but it won’t work when the full board is lights.


3P UDR Yog Crafting – Optimal 3 Active Boss Kill

Cosmic Trinity farming with Yog-Sothoth

Cosmic Trinity will be getting an event in the future that offers Extra Slot Latents as invades throughout this dungeon. Along with people trying to farm skillups for the Lovecraft bosses, having fast and consistent farming can make the stam investment even better.

Yog was known in advance from JP for being very solid in 3P UDR farming.

This article will be providing some theorycrafting on dealing with each of the Lovecrafts with inherits to make them 100% consistent.


Farmable Radra V2 – Now with Farmable Inherits

 What can we do with a farmable Radra team now that the 55s have hit?


We discussed in the last article about the possibility of fully farmable Radra teams and what they would look like. Here we take it a step further and apply the new farmable inherits like Gainaut, Linthia and Azazel. I recommend you read the previous article before moving onto this one since it covers the bases for the team.

For reference, the optimal team right now is something like:

Radra (Indra) / DKali (Raijin) / DKali (Lightning) / NY Kanna (Facet) / TPA Isis (Orochi) Radra (Fujin)


Some slight variations from my part into what I consider optimal.


Gremory: An Alternative Play Style

 Non-Row Gremory Teams? THEY EXIST?!?!

Since Gremory was released in North America I’ve occasionally used him for different purposes and even bought a Plum for him the same day I rolled him. But something always felt off… Coming from Myr that was extremely easy to play, I found myself unable to consistently row, cross and clear all other combos.

There was a dilemna.

Unlike his brother Ronove, Gremory only comes with 1 TE and row requirement is generally a bit harder than straight combos or TPAs.

That’s when it struck me…


Farmable Radra Teams?!? Breaking the Meta

 Can you run a fully farmable Radra team?

It’s long been stated that if you didn’t have the Radra optimal team, then you shouldn’t buy him. In the past, the optimal team was:

Radra / DKali / DKali / Indra / Isis

This later evolved to something similar to:

Radra / DKali (Lightning) / DKali (Ichigo) / Indra / Isis (Orochi)

And back then, early in Radra’s first meta, it made a lot of sense. There were far fewer farmables available and really nothing could replace those cards. However, the mentality that you need the perfect team still exists.

For reference, the optimal team right now is something like:

Radra (Indra) / DKali (Raijin) / DKali (Lightning) / Kanna (Facet) / Isis (Orochi)