3P UDR Yog Crafting – Optimal 3 Active Boss Kill

Cosmic Trinity farming with Yog-Sothoth

Cosmic Trinity will be getting an event in the future that offers Extra Slot Latents as invades throughout this dungeon. Along with people trying to farm skillups for the Lovecraft bosses, having fast and consistent farming can make the stam investment even better.

Yog was known in advance from JP for being very solid in 3P UDR farming.

This article will be providing some theorycrafting on dealing with each of the Lovecrafts with inherits to make them 100% consistent.

What are we killing?



Devil / Dragon

300M HP

Hits up to 50k

Random hits with random effects


Important notes:

Premptive full board dark for 30 turns. Most teams would have to refresh this.

Can absorb fire damage.

Can deny hearts (currently the only mob in the game that can block you from using a specific type of orbs, in this case hearts).

Changes attributes randomly.




Devil / Dragon

200M HP

Hits up to 42k

50% resolve

7c Shield


Important notes:

Unless you activate Cthulhu’s resolve, the first 2 turns are guaranteed.

First turn is 60k hit + mortal poison skyfall.

Second turn is no damage and casts the 7c shield.

After that he rotates through various attacks including locks.



Devil / Dragon

500M HP

Hits up to 48k

>30M damage void


Important notes:

Premptive 100% skyfall locked (all orbs come locked)

Can awakening bind (destroys teams that rely on awakenings to tank)

 How are we killing these with Yog?

All attribute cards ATK x6 when HP is greater than 80%. ATK x2.5 when HP is less than 80%. All attribute cards ATK x3, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Light and Light combos at the same time.

So his full multiplier runs at 324x damage with 43.75% shielding.

Since none of these guys have premptive hits, you should consistently be heading into these fights with over 80% HP (and our strategy will be involving Yog active so you really only need over 40% HP).

So I’ll assume right off the bat that you’ll be one-shotting all of the lovecraft mobs, 100 to 0% with guaranteed boards. What does a guaranteed board mean? It means that you use board changers that guarantee a certain number of orbs. For example, Thouzer guarantees a minimum of 10 light orbs.

What are the mechanics we need to deal with for each spawn to allow us to one shot?

Nyarlathotep has the full blind but by using specific board changers we can essentially guarantee an easy board to solve, even when blind.

Cthulhu has resolve so the options are either double gravity or follow up attack (we’re going to use the latter so that we don’t rely on finding a support with double gravity).

Azathoth has damage void so Fujin and co. don’t work and at 500M HP there’s no way to damage control all your cards to hit that even if you hit 30M damage per card. So we’re forced to use void void awakening here.


To have consistency when making the boards for follow up attack and void void, I find it easiest to make a full board of a color then generate a fixed number of hearts. When originally designing a team for 3P UDR I used Yog active (light + heart bicolor and 40% heal), heart break (makes full board lights) then Mel and this sets up the board to be the exact same every time with 2 light combos and a heart column. However, I realized after that void void requires at least 6 off color orbs to be able to make the box, so I knew Mel would not work in the end. Myr generates 7 heart orbs which is basically perfect. But she can’t convert lights to hearts after you make that full board of lights. But there are a few ways to do it: Blue Myr, HXM or Wee Jas. (BMyr making 7 hearts means 1 less light orb, but 5 turns lower CD than Weejas. The Change the World aspect of BMyr is really useful but that 1 orb makes a difference for Azathoth)

The Team

With Esch

Yog / Bride Scheat (Anavalk) / Lightning (Flex) / Pixel Cloud [3x Devil Killer] (HXM) / Bride Esch / Yog – 11SB

Inherits on the bottom:




With Poomon

Yog / Bride Scheat (Anavalk) / Lightning (Flex) / Pixel Cloud [3x Devil Killer] (Astalos for stats) / Bride Esch (Halloween Xiang Mei) / Yog – 11SB

Inherits on the bottom:





The proposed team is specifically designed to allow Cloud to one-shot Azathoth by himself without a spike. Lots of variations become possible if you budget for a spike (such as running a lot higher SB subs and then using a spike). However that uses an extra active slot. I also saw another build use very specific subs to deal non-light damage to Azathoth to make up the lack of damage on Cloud. However, those builds were also forced to budget an extra active for non-heart orbs.

THREE IS GREATER THAN FOUR! Only using 3 actives on the boss floor saves you much needed actives for the rest of the dungeon (and trust me, you want as many actives as you can spare).

Moogles are placeholders, Kupo! Yog does not need an inherit (and if you inherit something for stats it should not come up during the run). Lightning inherit doesn’t matter so much, whatever you feel makes the runs easier.

Bride Esch can be Poomon as shown by the second template. With Bride Esch, you do not need the Astalos inherit. However with Poomon, the Astalos  or Kirin stats are a requirement!


Astalos is there because he’s the highest attack light card in the game. My calculations say that Kirin also works but with rounding it can be slightly off. Generally rounding brings the damage up so it should still be safe to run Kirin.


Xiang Mei is used because she’s far shorter CD than Weejas and this team doesn’t have the best SB / lowest base CDs. The 1 Heart orb difference compared to BMyr is a requirement if you’re running Poomon instead of Lesch. If you’re running Lesch you can run BMyr since the damage is already very safe (and I personally like the CTW aspect of BMyr). If running Lesch, since Lesch is longer CD than Poomon and the damage is a lot better, just inherit the heart maker to Clood who is shorter CD than both Lesch and Scheat.

Lightning provides all around great awakenings. God killer to help kill enemies if you drop below 80% HP as well as 3SB and 3 rows which are a requirement to the one-shot on Azathoth without a spike.

The highest CD is 16 while you only have 10. Technically even if you killed every floor without stalling (solo) you’d have all your actives up in time. Of course in coop it might not work that well so you can stall 1-2 turns at the start (the god killer is there to help kill + heal at the same time even below 80%).

Momiji can replace Scheat at the loss of 1SB. So you’d have to stall a tiny bit more.


The Astalos / Kirin is assumed to be 297 if using Poomon. Again, it’s for the attack.

Technically the follow up attack doesn’t even have to be Momiji or Scheat. Glavenus and Yshtola are 2SB Follow up attack as well. Amatsu / Yshtola / split Norn evos also work.


Urd / Verd / Skuld


Amatsu / Glavenus / Yshtola

Other Variants

Credit to Irinya for checking the damage on Cloud + Lightning and Cloud + Cloud

Lightning can be replaced by Pixel Lightning if you run 3 devil killers on her. The extra damage from a second void void hitter makes up for the lost rows.

You can also just run 2 Clouds instead of Cloud + Lightning (obviously both pixel versions) and you only need 2 devil killers each for that. This also lets you completely replace the LEsch / Poomon slot with something like Whaledor for tons of SB in that last slot. You lose 2 going from Lightning to Cloud in slot 3 but gain 4 going from LEsch to Whaledor on slot 4.

This gives a net 2SB gain to 13SB. You would then move the inherits around for something like:

Yog / Bride Scheat / Cloud (AnaValk) / Cloud (Flex) / Whaledor (HXM) / Yog


Or for 100% SBR:

Yog / Glavenus (AnaValk) / Cloud (Flex) / Cloud (Flex) / Whaledor (HXM) / Yog

This means bringing 2 off color cards.

Alternatively something like:

Yog / Bride Scheat / Cloud (Anavalk) / Cloud (Flex) / NY Tengu (HXM) / Yog

For this last one you don’t have to run 2 off color. You have all your needed actives up without stalling. You can one shot all 3 bosses with the same 3 actives leaving you with 3 for flex.


How it works

All of the bosses will make you use Yog, Anavalk, HXM in that order. The only difference is how you make the board for each one.


Make this board. As long as you have the column and 2 light combos. If you’re using BMyr just make sure that the extra 2 hearts don’t match with the column.


Make this board. If you’re using BMyr DO NOT MAKE THIS BOARD. You lose the row multiplier and 1 extra combo really doesn’t do much for you.


It doesn’t matter so much. Either this board (the Azathoth board) or this board  with the row. Do not make the Cthulhu board since that does not produce any void void awakening damage (void void awakening has 2.5x) or row multiplier.

Following these boards for all the spawns will let you one shot all 3 of the spawns and it takes a flat 3 actives to cover all 3. Other Yog builds use 4 actives to deal with the various spawns. Other leads can’t deal with Azathoth. The issue is that Cloud inherit is forced to be Astalos / Kirin unless you have Bride Eschamali. This lets you use Cloud active or the Astalos / Kirin inherit for some orb generation during the dungeon. It gives you a spare Yog active to heal + kill a floor and finally just a completely free flex spot for just about anything.


This build is meant to free up an active slot for the team which means 3 instead of 2 spare actives to get you to the lovecraft. That’s a solid 50% improvement over some of the “standard” builds you see around. To top it all off, it only requires you to whale Bride and FF for all 4 subs 🙂

Looking for a carry, team building or theorycrafting? Make sure to join the Puzzle and Kupo Discord server (read and follow the rules!) using the banner below if you haven’t done so already.

9 thoughts on “3P UDR Yog Crafting – Optimal 3 Active Boss Kill

    1. Unfortunately Xiu Min is pretty bad in the current meta. Much more orb hungry which can make getting to the boss much more difficult but if I have time I’ll look at making a Xiu Min x Yog Boss Kill Team

    2. I just checked the math and if you’re running the Lesch version of the setup you can one shot all the bosses with Xiu Min x Yog. Keep in mind that’s 1 less SB too and a bindable lead though.

  1. Hi does the P.Lightning have to have devil killers? I currently have 3 dragon killers on mine and all 3 of the bosses here are devil / dragons.

    1. Heya
      Lightning does NOT need killers for this build. I am however in the works of releasing an update that takes into account the new Paimon and Saria UVOs where Pixel Lightning is used instead of regular lightning and there the dragon killers are used on her.

      1. Awesome. Thanks can’t wait. Any monsters from what you’ve shown that I shouldn’t try so hard for, that may be getting obsolete?

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