3P UDR Yog Crafting – Very Easy 4 Active Kill Team by Pulse

Cosmic Trinity farming with Yog-Sothoth

Cosmic Trinity will be getting an event in the future that offers Extra Slot Latents as invades throughout this dungeon. Along with people trying to farm skillups for the Lovecraft bosses, having fast and consistent farming can make the stam investment even better.

Yog was known in advance from JP for being very solid in 3P UDR farming.

This article will be providing some theorycrafting on dealing with each of the Lovecrafts with inherits to make them 100% consistent. This specific build is designed to be much easier to build and not rely on any stalling.

All credits go to the designer of the build: Pulse 

He designed the entire team and did the calculations for it too.

The Team

Yog / Momiji (Kopis) / Orph (Ana Valk) / Pixel Cloud [3 DEVIL KILLER] (Stats) / Killer Fenrir Viz (HXM) / Yog – 12SB

Inherits on the bottom:





Moogles are placeholders, Kupo!

Kopis is there for the very short CD, 1.5x Spike. It can be any spike that buffs Cloud by at least 1.5x but the Brave 1 series of cards are the shortest for this purpose.

Fenrir Viz is not a requirement to this build but provides 2 god killers which is extremely strong for killing enemies should you be under 80% HP. He can also hold God Killer latents. With 3 god killer latents and Yog’s sub 80% multiplier of 56.25x, Viz will be hitting for effectively 1708.59375x! Way more than you need to kill a floor. (So consider maybe only doing 2 God Killers and running 2SDR because you need that HXM up on the boss)

Astalos can be ANY light card inherit for Cloud! Just need +22ATK (440 base ATK) from the inherit.

Momiji can replace Scheat at the loss of 1SB.


Technically the follow up attack doesn’t even have to be Momiji or Scheat. Glavenus and Yshtola are 2SB Follow up attack as well. Amatsu / Yshtola / split Norn evos also work.


Urd / Verd / Skuld


Amatsu / Glavenus / Yshtola

How it works

For all of the bosses, you use Yog, Anavalk, HXM, Kopis in that order. The only difference is how you make the board for each one.


Make this board. Note that the 2 hearts in the middle don’t really matter. As long as you have the column and 2 light combos. If you’re using BMyr just make sure that the extra 2 hearts don’t match with the column.


Make this board. If you’re using BMyr DO NOT MAKE THIS BOARD. You lose the row multiplier and 1 extra combo really doesn’t do much for you.


It doesn’t matter so much. Either this board (the Azathoth board) or this board  with the row. Do not make the Cthulhu board since that does not produce any void void awakening damage (void void awakening has 2.5x) or row multiplier.


This build is designed to be consistent, quick since you don’t need to stall and far easier to build

Looking for a carry, team building or theorycrafting? Make sure to join the Puzzle and Kupo Discord server (read and follow the rules!) using the banner below if you haven’t done so already.

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