Running a Yog Team without Yog: 3P UDR / Cosmic Trinity

Cosmic Trinity farming with without Yog-Sothoth


Cosmic Trinity with Yog has been all the rage but not everyone owns Yog. Luckily there’s a free Yog available to all players. Thanks padmuffinkins for bringing it up in comments and giving me the idea to look more closely at it.

I wish I could add LMyr as a farmable heart generator but it won’t work when the full board is lights.


The Team

This will be similar to this guide that I posted earlier.

The leads in this case however are Xiu Min paired with Yog.

The basic build consists of one follow up attack, Cloud, OE, rows.

None of the follow-up-attack cards have light OE or light rows so we’ll assume that’s a wash for that slot (wash meaning there will not be any offensive awakenings from FUA slot). All of the FUA options are REM at this time so Cloud + FUA are the only REM required cards (and Cloud is an awfully specific 6 star collab card).

Xiu Min brings 4 rows and Cloud brings 2 for 6 minimum.

That means you have 2 slots left for the following:

You need at least 5 OE to kill Cthulhu without a stat based inherit or 4 OE if you are using an Astalos as a stat inherit (+160 ATK when MLVL and 297).

Assuming you have 4OE, you can one shot Azathoth with the standard kill board (since XM and Cloud provide 6 rows).

There are free ways to reach 4OE so we’ll look at that in a second.


Sample with Bride Esch and Bride Scheat

Xiu Min / Bride Scheat (Anavalk) / Lightning (Flex) / Pixel Cloud [3x Devil Killer] (Astalos for stats) / Bride Esch (Halloween Xiang Mei) / Yog – 10SB

Inherits on the bottom:




Sample Farmable

Xiu Min / Bride Scheat / Cosmo (Anavalk) / Pixel Cloud [3x Devil Killer] (Astalos for stats) / Orpharion (Halloween Xiang Mei) / Yog – 11SB

Inherits on the bottom:





The proposed team is specifically designed to allow Cloud to one-shot Azathoth by himself without a spike. The requirement of 4OE can be dropped if you budget for a spike which means you could replace Cosmo for something like Whaledor for +3SB.

Since Xiu Min is a spike that works on Cloud, we can actually make the requirements easier. We can add more SB to the build for more useful inherits like on Cloud / Scheat and don’t need to invest in a 297 Astalos.

Like I mentioned, spike is not required as long as you have 4OE 6 Rows.

Moogles are placeholders, Kupo! Yog does not need an inherit (and if you inherit something for stats it should not come up during the run).

Astalos is there because he’s the highest attack light card in the game. My calculations say that Kirin also works but with rounding it can be slightly off. Generally rounding brings the damage up so it should still be safe to run Kirin.


HXM can be replaced by other heart makers that make 6 hearts (Weejas, who is 5 turns longer).

Momiji can replace Scheat at the loss of 1SB.


Technically the follow up attack doesn’t even have to be Momiji or Scheat. Glavenus and Yshtola are 2SB Follow up attack as well. Amatsu / Yshtola / split Norn evos also work.


Urd / Verd / Skuld


Amatsu / Glavenus / Yshtola




How it works

All of the bosses will make you use Yog, Anavalk, HXM in that order. The only difference is how you make the board for each one.


Make this board. As long as you have the column and 2 light combos. If you’re using BMyr just make sure that the extra 2 hearts don’t match with the column.


Make this board. If you’re using BMyr DO NOT MAKE THIS BOARD. You lose the row multiplier and 1 extra combo really doesn’t do much for you.


It doesn’t matter so much. Either this board (the Azathoth board) or this board with the row. Do not make the Cthulhu board since that does not produce any void void awakening damage (void void awakening has 2.5x) or row multiplier.


This is to show you that not having Yog does not stop you from running a boss-kill team. Xiu Min is significantly worse than Yog because your multiplier is lower and you lose the shield. The one benefit it does have is that you can make almost fully farmable (HXM and Xiu Min being farmable via MP).

Looking for a carry, team building or theorycrafting? Make sure to join the Puzzle and Kupo Discord server (read and follow the rules!) using the banner below if you haven’t done so already.

One thought on “Running a Yog Team without Yog: 3P UDR / Cosmic Trinity

  1. Glad I could help! Thank you for yours

    I’m trying to piece together how I could build a team using my box. FF was kind enough to give me a Cloud (or 4) and now I have most of these pieces. I saw someone on the reddit list Ilm/Sumire/LAkechi as a combo for the kill shot. I don’t have HXM and don’t really want to spend 500k MP on BMyr just for this as I’ve been saving for LHeraDra or FMyr.

    This is what I posted on Reddit, and want to ask you here in case you don’t see it.

    What would be the team lineup for this?

    I don’t have a HXM or BMyr but I do have those other pieces. Xiu Min/Orph.Lakechi/Ilm/Cloud.Kirin/Glavenus.Sumire/Yog – only 11 SB. Could use Momiji but now one less SB.

    If the damage is enough, could go with something like Xiu Min/Orph.Sumire/Cloud.LAkechi/Ilm/Momiji/Yog. 10 SB still but one haste from Sumire and Cloud/Akechi is only 15 SB/turns needed instead of the 17 with it being on Glavenus.

    Lastly when Paimon gets here, can sub Paimon for Momiji and now you have 2 turns less you have to charge as well as having 4 OE on top of it for damage.


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