Guide to DAthena for NA

 Should I buy Dark Athena and what cards should I run with her?


In this post I’ll be discussing whether or not Dark Athena is worth the 750k MP in North America at the moment.

Should I buy Dark Athena? She’s not out in North America.

Is Esch a good sub for Dark Athena? She’s not out in North America.

What team should I run for Dark Athena? She’s not out in North America.

What should I sell for Dark Athena? She’s not out in North America.

Shou- She’s not out in North America.


The easiest way to say this is that it’s not effective to make decisions on a card that isn’t guaranteed to come out in North America. The original card was a PAD Radar exclusive for buying a set of limited edition pogs. She was then added to the MP shop to give all JP players a chance at her. (I believe there was something about people buying dozens of copies of the game to scalp the codes, feel free to post about it in the comments). Having her in the MP store is a good sign that it’s possible North America will get her but I will emphasize the fact that on the most recent stream, Gungho specifically said they COULD NOT confirm Dark Athena. So don’t go selling your entire box to make up 750k MP for something that’s not guaranteed. I would wait until she is confirmed before acting about it.


GL1TCH3D and the other senpais are working on Dath guides and they’ll be posted ASAP. Remember that all guides written here are original and may discuss tactics used from other guides or strategies but in the end will be crafted and tested by the senpais.

4 thoughts on “Guide to DAthena for NA

  1. Thank you for this, too many people are asking “what should i sell for Dathena?” and we’re not even guaranteed it yet.

    I do have hope since iamEurachu said outloud that she does not believe DAthena will make it to NA, and Michael and Antonio looked at her like she was crazy. :^)

  2. The downside to the Gungho Stream refusing to confirm Dark Athena is that they REFUSE to confirm anything that they are not immediately releasing. I would not take that as a negative sign. Even the so-called confirmation for Uevo Radra was just a super vague comment on Facebook, which would count as an official statement. They are purposely vague about releases. That said, I agree that people selling their entire boxes for Dark Athena before she even gets here is stupid. Farm the mp and be ready, you have time IMO.

    1. To add on with this line of thought, after the 390k free mp (which they already made a facebook post about) you only need 360k more mp. If you’ve been saving up for a while (read: several months) you’re probably close to this between tournament rewards, predras for challenges (at least 3-6k per week), general farming in coop providing mp, etc. That’s all before selling rolls or mp farming in rogues too. If you have a good box for DAthena you probably have a pretty hefty box overall that could have a slight trim off the edge for the remaining mp. Of course, only do this AFTER confirmation. Radra confirmation was only really done via a facebook post about a week before the odin / baldin / balboa ninja patch, and radra came a week after that. Meanwhile Radra was expected for ages before, even without confirmation. It’s obviously still in discussion with gungho JP if they neither confirmed or denied and if I remember correctly from the stream, they emphasized that they are unsure of whether or not she will make it to NA, not that she was guaranteed JP exclusive.

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