MHera Swipe with Yamamoto

 Swiping Through MHera with Yamamoto

We all know one of the best ways to solidify yourself as a NIAP player is to get that Exodia finished and on whatever team you need. But farming those parts can be tricky with a lot of the machine dungeons being very match based making for much more tedious farming.

But here we go! A guide with no matching requirements outside of rotating orbs using only North American available cards for the true Sadoists.


The Setup

Player 1:

Yamamoto (Carat) / Yamato (Sado) / Sanada (delay) / Yamato (Sado) / Yamato (Sado) – 13 SB



Player 2:

Yamamoto (Sado) / Goukami / Yamato (Sado) / Yamato (Sado) / Yamato (Sado) – 12 SB




Note: NY Yamato CANNOT be used in place of Yamato because of the multi-boost and dragon killers. Avoid all dragon or machine killers as well as multi-boosts before Fujin is released. Once Fujin is released, Orochi will be replaced with Fujin to avoid the turns on Sadalmelik and killers can be used throughout each team.

Only 1 Sanada MAXIMUM PER TEAM otherwise the row damage and attack of Sanada will heal Sadalmelik. I also don’t recommend R/D Sanada because having OE at the wrong time on Sadalmelik will just make things worse. Scarlet is a suitable alternative to both Yamato and Sanada because her attack is roughly the same as Yamato and brings 2 SB as well. HOWEVER, Scarlet is dark sub-att which is something that can be absorbed by MHera. It would take significant skyfalls to heal MHera enough if you’re following up with several Yamatos after (with red sub-attribute damage from Yamatos / Yamamoto) but it is something to keep in mind. She does also have 1 OE.

The best replacement to those is Belial. Brings no additional OE, R/R, 2SB and similar attack to Yamato.

For P1, DO NOT put Sado on Sanada and Orochi on a Yamato / Scarlet.

Both leaders and the subs on player 1 need 1 SDR latent each.

Leader inherits can be swapped obviously.

Delay can literally be any delay that’s up in time. Ideally not ACC or any other card that makes fire orbs. Even breaking fire orbs is better. The longer the delay the more leeway you have on a skyfall troll.



The Guide

Floor 1 – Machine Golems

P1: Sado and save bottom row.



Floor 2 – Gears

P2: Goukami


Floor 3 – Chasers

P2: Match bottom row for double row to kill.


Floor 4 – Sadalmelik

P1: Delay and Sado save bottom row.


P2: Use bottom row to kill.

Note: Using the proposed build, you will not overhit Sadalmelik even with a non-fire skyfall combo. However, it is possible a fire combo skyfall can happen and heal Sadalmelik on Sanada’s damage. If you happen to skyfall and heal Sadalmelik (you’re only clearing 1 row each turn…) then you can clear for fire orbs using 1-2 turns and then kill after, use a pass to adjust turn order accordingly.


Floor 5 – RGB Mech Generals

P1: Sado swipe.


Floor 6 – Water / Light Armor Dragons

P2: Sado swipe.


Floor 7 – Hadar or Canopus

P1: Sado swipe.


Floor 8 – Dark / Wood Armor Dragons

P2: Sado and save bottom row.



Floor 9 – Hysferzen

P1: Carat and match bottom row.


Floor 10 – Machine Hera

P2: Sado swipe.



As I mentioned earlier, this guide is very straightforward and makes use of Yamamoto’s ability to activate with a single row (making use of both Sado and Goukami the farmable from Ana/Ace to clear 2 floors).

With this build you’ll be easily able to clear MHera with no comboing required meaning low effort farming to get those Exodia pieces farmed.


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