Yamamoto Special Descended Rush No Spike ~ 2 mins

 Yamamoto SDR Speedfarm

Yamamoto is easily the top farm leader for most dungeons right now for his ability to make use of Sado and Goukami to clear 2 floors. Sado is also inheritable making it significantly easier to team build since the subs can be just about any 2-3 SB subs and we’re going to make use of that today.

The Standard Setup

Player 1: Yamamoto / Tsubaki (Sado) [2SDR] / ROdin [2SDR] / Tsubaki (Laila) [2SDR] / Tsubaki (Laila) [1SDR]




The first Laila can be replaced by Thuban BUT NOT THE SECOND.

You can technically replace both Lailas with Sados however this will produce more potential locked orbs from Volsung.

Sado can be replaced with Urd, Mori, or another board changer that would pair with Yamamoto active skill to produce a swipe board. This method is slower.

Only 2 Tsubakis are really needed, the third one can be another fire card.

2SDR on ROdin can be replaced with an inherit of 9 turns or more if both sides have 11 SB like in the template builds.

Player 2: Yamamoto (Mori Motonari) [1SDR] / Tsubaki (Sado) / Tsubaki (GrOdin) [2SDR] / Tsubaki (Laila) [2SDR] / NY Yamato (Sanada)




Again, 2 Tsubakis are all that’s needed. Frankly, even one would work.

Sanada should be max leveled for the attack stat. If you replace Laila with Sado this is not important mostly.

First Sado cannot be replaced.

Mori + Sanada is fairly important because it’s how you skip the spike. If you keep to the same subs, another full-board method can be used since Tsubaki hits a lot. HOWEVER, the attack from Sanada is accounted for floor 4.

NY Yamato is not required whatsoever but makes floor 4 invades a lot easier. Other cards are fine in the slot but may require more matching.

Minerva (not the awoken / reincarnated) is effective in this build with her devil + dragon killers as a replacement.


The Poverty Setup

I don’t mean this as actual poverty but as a basic template of what should work consistently if you want to run more accessible subs / cards.

Player 1:

Yamamoto / Tsubaki (Sado, Urd, Mori Motonari)/ ROdin (or Tamazo) / Tsubaki (Laila or Thuban)/ Filler (Sado or Laila)

Player 2:

Yamamoto / Tsubaki (Sado)/ Filler (GrOdin) / Filler (Laila or Sado) / Filler (Urd or Mori Motonari)

Filler for both teams can pull from the following pool: Yamato, NY Yamato, Yamamoto, ROdin (watch cooldown, make sure to count SBs and cooldown), Sanada (R/R version only), Urd.

Note: Urd / Motonari are meant to be used with Yamamoto lead if you use their skills for floor 1 or 6. Do not bother matching.



How it works

Floor 1 – Nordis

P1: Sado and swipe.

Floor 2 – Scarlet 

P2: Sado and swipe

Floor 3 – Volsung

P1: ROdin, Laila and swipe.

Floor 4 – Linthia

P2: GrOdin, Laila and swipe.

Note: NY Yamato is important here for killing the SDR invade. Floor 1/2 use Sado for 2 rows and floor 3 is poisoned so it doesn’t matter that it’s only 1 row. Without NY Yamato, an UNENHANCED row with no additional combos WILL NOT KILL the SDR latent. The options are to switch to using Sado here which is marginally slower than Laila for every run, but saves you the trouble matching on this floor in the case of an invade which would make an invade run here significantly longer (I say significantly like a few seconds).

Floor 5 – Gainaut

P1: Laila swipe.

Floor 6 – Zaerog Infinity (it’s infinity because it’s the longest floor)

P2: Mori, Sanada, swipe.

Note: Row multiplier is not required to kill. There is more than enough damage to clear Z8.


Things to consider about the build

The reason we’re able to swipe is because the locked orbs don’t make it to the bottom of the board.

Locked orbs start on floor 3. You clear 1 row and locked orbs start falling / filling the top row. You do the same on Linthia and Gainaut respectively by clearing the bottom row each time. This leaves you with potential locked orbs on the top 3 rows only. Even if somehow you managed 100% locked orbs, it would only be on the top 3 rows meaning Mori + Sanada produces a guaranteed 12 orbs fully enhanced with row enhance as well. HOWEVER, while this works in theory, it’s possible that natural skyfall will result in something like this (jammer orb represents a locked orb) when you swipe.

In cases like this, you could simply just unmatch one of the 2 extra fire orbs as your swipe. Such as this with the same board example as above.

This is also NOT THE FASTEST BUILD. However the faster builds have different requirements and setups, such as needing Carat which is something NIAPs like me don’t have. There are also builds that can clear with Ganesha leads using Yamamoto paired with Ganesha (and Wangren) which I’ll be covering in another article.

The faster build is simply spike on one Yamamoto and Laila on the other. Instead of Mori + Sanada, Laila + Carat to kill. I leave Sanada on for reasons discussed in notes to floor 4. This is slightly faster for 2 reasons, less skyfall potential after swiping on Z8 and the haste + enhance animation for Mori + Sanada is fairly long. But the point here was to show you that to farm SDR effectively you DO NOT NEED A GEMSTONE PRINCESS.

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