Farmable Radra Teams?!? Breaking the Meta

 Can you run a fully farmable Radra team?

It’s long been stated that if you didn’t have the Radra optimal team, then you shouldn’t buy him. In the past, the optimal team was:

Radra / DKali / DKali / Indra / Isis

This later evolved to something similar to:

Radra / DKali (Lightning) / DKali (Ichigo) / Indra / Isis (Orochi)

And back then, early in Radra’s first meta, it made a lot of sense. There were far fewer farmables available and really nothing could replace those cards. However, the mentality that you need the perfect team still exists.

For reference, the optimal team right now is something like:

Radra (Indra) / DKali (Raijin) / DKali (Lightning) / Kanna (Facet) / Isis (Orochi)



Radra as a leader

Leader Skill: ATK x2 when attacking with 4 of following orb types: Fire, Water, Wood, Light, Dark & Heart. ATK x3 for each additional orb type, up to ATK x8 for all 6 matches. God type cards HP x1.5, ATK x1.5, RCV x1.5.

This addition of the HP is massive and gives him the ability to tank very high damage hits where you really couldn’t before. The onset of inherit stats helped with this too (so Orochi on Isis adds several thousand HP now).

This gives us 2.25/144/2.25 multipliers to HP / ATK / RCV. A standard Radra team in solo will give roughly 75k HP and can consistently deal 10M damage per turn.

This has made him into a top tier lead (again).

But what about those that don’t have the optimal teams?

I’ll be working under the assumption that all the cards will be god type for farmables to make use of that leader skill.

So what farmable cards did Radra have in the past if you were missing DKali?

We had Izanami.

With 2 Izanamis you would have constant 35% damage reduction (6 turn cooldown, 35% reduction for 3 turns so with 2 you had 100% uptime).

However, her awakenings are poor to say the least. No TE, SB, SBR, TPA. This is a pretty big hit even if you were just replacing 1 of the 2 DKalis needed for the team.

After that we have Awoken Hera-Ur.

Another poor choice for awakenings, but at least this time you have SBR.

For farmable D/R dual-color gods, this was it. Both options being very poor. A lot of people made do with 1 DKali and maybe Izanami or Chocobo for the second slot (Chocobo being a free DKali board given during FF and Izanami being farmable shield option, however, that overlaps with Indra).

Lastly, Shiva Dragon had 2TPA, 1SBR, 1TE so that’s a fairly effective replacement. But if you scroll down and see the other options for replacements (all MP dragons…) then it should be clear this isn’t going to work based on the MP required.


Let’s move on to Indra replacements back then.

The goal here is to cover the 2SBR required (since Radra back then did not have SBR).

Oh, there’s no readily farmable god type card with 2SBR.

Let’s expand to ANY readily farmable card with 2SBR.

Still nothing.

No matter what, if you were running a fully farmable Radra team back then, there was no way to cover the SBR solo.


Let’s go ahead and look at Isis replacements anyway.

First up: Gunma

0 SBR, 0 TE, 0 SB

Again we’re losing a lot with a card like this.

Second: Hera-Is

0 SBR, 0 TE, 1SB

The gravity might be useful but won’t really do much if you’re skill bound.

I’ll skip the ones that orb change away since they’re going to be fairly useless to Radra (such as Starling).

Wadatsumi is not terrible, with 50% chance to resist being bound and 1SBR.

The last mentions are Neptune Dragon (poison and haste) who comes with 1SBR, 1TE, 1SB which is not that bad. Also we have Odin Dragon which is unbindable with a whole lot of Auto Heal awakenings and 1SB.

So that rounds off Isis replacements. Odin Dragon being Green unbindable bind-clear and Neptune being arguably the best blue replacement for Radra.


So what changed?

Gungho has been regularly releasing new cards as descended bosses and evolutions to existing cards. Similarly as the above section, I’ll purely be trying to look at cards that fill the required SBR, are preferably unbindable, and preferably have TE at a minimum. The standard Radra team in the current meta has 4TE from leads and 5 from subs. So to recap the goals:

  1. 100% SBR
  2. 5TE from subs
  3. All Attributes covered
  4. TPAs if possible for more damage
  5. Bind-clear if any bindable cards exist

Note that the UUVO Radra has SBR on the leaders, unlike the past Radra. This means that you only need to cover 3SBR from subs for 100% SBR

DKali replacements:

Two very strong Dark / Red cards were released since the last time Radra was in the meta. Those two cards are Hinomitsuha and Serket.


Hinomitsuha has 2TE, 2TPA, 1SBR, 1SB.

Serket has 1TE, 0TPA, 1SBR, 1SB.

Both cover the same attributes and both contribute to the required 100% SBR, 5TE, while Hinomitsuha is the only one that has TPA between the two. So let’s start building and assume we’re running two Hinomitsuha. Keep in mind neither has a particularly useful active, however, Hinomitsuha has a 50% chance of converting all junk orbs to hearts (so for Grisar and other spawns that introduce junk orbs, this can help).

Both of these are featured in regular descends so they can be farmed / skilled up efficiently (however Hinomitsuha is a rare spawn).

Hinomitsuha is a 4 turn cooldown meaning that if you happen to have useful REM inherits she is a great low cooldown base for them (such as Orochi).


Now that we don’t need 5SBR from subs, having a double SBR farmable is no longer required. Running two Hinomitsuhas, we’ve covered 4/5 of the required TE, 2/3 of the required SBR and have Light, Dark, Fire coverage. Our last 2 slots require at least 1SBR, a bind-clear (because Hinomitsuha is bindable), preferably 1TE, and Wood / Water coverage.

Water got 2 new additions as well. Khepri and Tamazo.

[Blue Sky Goddess of Dawn, Khepri] 

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to even include Tamazo in this given that he is a challenge reward and therefore not readily farmable. However the challenge was relatively easy and you could stone through it for better or for worse (meaning it was technically accessible to everyone playing at the time).

Both are unbindable, both have 2TE. Khepri has a bind clear awakening and SBR vs Tamazo having OE and an extra SB. In my opinion the OE is wasted and covering the SBR is more important. Also consider that Khepri has 130 weighted stats over Tamazo so the choice here would be Khepri.


Finally for our fourth and final sub slot, the TE, SBR, are already covered so the last thing(s) would be to have a wood type god, and preferably with bind-clear. The first thing that should jump to mind is Odin Dragon. We mentioned him in the past but now that we don’t need him to have TE / SBR he works very well here. His new UUVO form will add a 7c awakening for 2x damage, 2TE and some other nice awakenings. Another very strong option is Ishtar which recently received a buff. 2TPA and dragon killer if you want something that packs a punch. But you’d be losing the bind clear and relying on heart row bind clear with Khepri at that point.



So let’s put the team together.

   [Blue Sky Goddess of Dawn, Khepri]  

This team has 120% SBR, Bind-clear for the two bindable Hinomitsuhas, 12TE(! That’s a lot!), 4 cards with 2 TPA each while Odin Dragon has 7c awakening so there’s a lot of offence on the team too.

Issues: Can still take a skill bind if both Hinomitsuhas are bound (very unlikely and most teams will be susceptible to this). 0 DKali board changers. You won’t be able to make a board for yourself. This can hurt players that aren’t too skilled at the game who are unable to consistently combo the entire board (clearing the entire board every turn will help in getting fully activatable boards every turn). It will also hurt a lot on spawns like Lifive where you have two turns to kill which means, at best, you have 1 turn to setup the board for yourself.

But you can rejoice! There are 2-3 fixes for this. The first is to pair with Uruka when Uruka is released. That gives you a Fujin+DKali board lead and with all those time extends you should have no trouble comboing that 7×6 board. It means you should have less reliance on board changers if you can consistently clear most of the orbs. Another very important note is that Gungho is making Gainaut and Linthia inheritable. Hinomitsuha (Gainaut) would be 12 turns for a DKali + jammers board change (which also guarantees at least 3 of each orb type for Radra).

You also do not have a spike or shield to deal with Kali so you’d be pairing with a Radra that has either Indra or Sheen inherit (I’m not particularly sure who actually has Sheen inherited on their Radra) to deal with Kali.

You probably won’t be expected to clear A3 solo with this team either, but A1 should be relatively consistent.

Is it better than Myr?

Yes and no. It’s a different playstyle for sure, and Myr is also very limited on the effectiveness of farmable subs. I’d say a fully farmable Myr team will have a slight edge in consistency mainly because Myr is easier to activate, however, you’re going to be more or less in the same boat with Myr as you would be with Radra. Any mobs that have heart breaks would be deadly to Myr in solo runs if you failed to kill them as soon as possible. Notable spawns would be Dark Izanami, Voice, Blue Odin Tamadra, Stratios, and a whole lot more. Radra is a lot more forgiving on losing hearts given his 2.25x HP which should give you about 76k HP solo which will let you tank any premptive hits, and 2-3 normal hits of any spawn.

Here’s a PADX simulator link for the team.

If you have any comments or other discussions you want to add, feel free to post them below!

Regarding Gaia Dragon and Zeus Dragon materials for the UUVOs, both of the guerillas have fully farmable player 2 teams meaning you can get carried in the guerilla just by farming the required mobs for both, giving you easy access to both the materials (arguably the hardest materials) for both Ra Dragon and Odin Dragon.



11 thoughts on “Farmable Radra Teams?!? Breaking the Meta

    1. Keep in mind that Kanna for the optimal team provides the most damage to the team so you are losing out on a decent amount of damage by missing that. I’d say that you can easily run Radra with those 2 cards since all your colors are covered by unbindables and filling in a dkali slot with Hino provides similar awakenings to the team. After that just slot something with power and a spike on top and you’re ready. A lot of people use Ariel as a kanna substitute (3tpa god type)

    1. Myr is a completely different ballgame. As you’re aware, Anavalk, Elie, Athena, Moogle are all free cards that you can get that can be used on Myr teams.

    1. He can but IMO if you’re going to run a bindable card for the slot, Hinomitsuha is a lot better. In the past shivadra was a “substitute” (albeit pretty bad because he’s bindable and doesn’t add much to the team in terms of active).

  1. I wonder what you think of a team of RaDra.Indra/DKali/Raijin.RRa/A Isis.RHades/OdinDra.CTW for Colosseum would do.

    I don’t have a delay longer than 1 turn available to me, no full def break, and no gemstone for this team. Would I need to find a gemstone friend? Would one of your aforementioned farmables be better for this team you think?

    1. You would definitely need a gemstone inherit to kill Exodia.

      Here’s what a kill looks like with Radra and that is Facet (which is 4x on that team) with 3 light combos, one being tpa. I overhit by several dozen million damage and even without the light skyfall would have easily killed but you can see the bulk of the damage is coming from Kanna which you’re lacking. Raijin would be more in line with the Radra damage from that clip and you can easily knock off 25% of the damage assuming I didn’t get the light skyfall. Suddenly that’s not a comfortable margin for the kill.

      You would have to be running Sheen on friend Radra as well. And you’re also opening yourself up to substantial losses if your raijin is bound such as the case for the Myr fight where she binds random cards for 6 turns. Of course you have 2 turns to unbind before you can kill her anyway but if you get skimped on hearts it can be difficult in a fight that’s already not that pleasant.

      1. Thanks! Assuming a sheen friend what would you put in place of CTW? ReShiva for def break? Another gravity? I managed to get a kill with a worse team before but I had rhades and Hathor gravs available

        1. Double grav will save you a lot of pain if you’re lacking on the damage side. Trailmix could be a good inherit for that purpose too. It will be a lot more effective than Hathor since it’s a 20% true damage gravity instead of Hathor which is just a 25% gravity.

          1. Wish I had a trailmix or any of that Pantheon. No luck as of yet. I did find a friend that can put a gemstone up so that’s good at least. I took my revised team with ReShiva into an A3 coop last night just to see how actives work and I liked it.
            RaDra.Indra/OdinDra.ReShiva/Khepri.CTW (for mzeus floor to be sure)/DKali.RHades/Raijin.

            Thanks for the advice!

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