How to Carry: Gaia Dragon with ALB x Dios (Fully Farmable P2)

 How to Carry: Gaia Dragon with ALB x Dios (Fully Farmable P2)

Gaia Dragon is a unique farmable card, giving you a DKali board with shield on a 9 turn cooldown, along with 950 weighted stats. The double TPAs and single TE mean that it can feasibly be used on Ronove teams and can be effectively used for a farmable Another Crusader team.

It is also used as an evolution material for Odin Dragon and may be used in a future evolution to Ragnarok Dragon (if he ever gets a new evolution).

This build makes use Dios as a farmable leader and the premptive Ares strike to activate Dios. The build is safe to 2 skyfalls for both hits on Gaia Dragon which is very good for a full farmable team (outside of ALB+inherit for P1).

The Setup

Based on this video which will also be embedded below. This is a direct translation / writeup of the build from the video so credits to them for making it.

Player 1 (inherits on the bottom)

ALB (Fafnir) / Dios [2ATK] / Beorc / Dios [2ATK] / Beorc – 8SB


Everything is assumed to be hypermaxed. Dios need 2 Attack Latents (MAX. 3 or more attack latents will overhit Gaia Dragon on 2 skyfall).

Fafnir can be Freyja (not awoken). You need sufficient SB for that to work.


Player 2

Dios / Yggdrasil / Dios / Hera-Is / Machine Hera – 8SB


Dios lead needs to be hypermaxed. Sub is not required.

All cards must have all awakenings.

Yggdrasil can be Puchilium (needs 2 skillups). Yggdrasil needs 7 skillups.

Awoken Hera-Is for the 1SB and 30% gravity. ANY 30% gravity works provided you meet the SB requirements. This slot can also be MHera / Nordis.

Machine Hera and Nordis are farmable 30% gravity with 2SB.



How it works

Player 2 starts. Player 1 can pass if starting

Floor 1 – Ares

P2: Yggdrasil, Hera-Is, Machine Hera, Dios, Swipe


Floor 2 – Persephone

P1: Dios, Swipe


Floor 3 – Gaia Dragon

P2: 1c

P1: ALB (Fafnir), Dios, Beorc, Swipe

P2: Pass

P1: Dios, Beorc, Swipe

That’s all folks!

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