How to Carry: Gaia Dragon with Yamamoto

 Gaia Dragon Carry Method with Yamamoto

Gaia Dragon is a unique farmable card, giving you a DKali board with shield on a 9 turn cooldown, along with 950 weighted stats. The double TPAs and single TE mean that it can feasibly be used on Ronove teams and can be effectively used for a farmable Another Crusader team.

It is also used as an evolution material for Odin Dragon and may be used in a future evolution to Ragnarok Dragon (if he ever gets a new evolution).

This build makes use of killer awakenings, careful damage control and low chance at failing, though, it can happen with skyfall. Skyfall is unlikely when clearing 1 row (extremely unlikely to happen).

The Setup

Player 1 (inherits on the bottom)

Yamamoto (Sado) / NY Yamato (AYomi) / NY Yamato (Muse) / NY Yamato (Raphael) / NY Yamato (NIAP confirmed) – 14SB



Everything is assumed to be hypermaxed.

Inherits on Yamamotos CANNOT BE FIRE TYPE.

Muse is specifically used for the 2.5x, I couldn’t find another suitable replacement.

AYomi is used for the enhance and time reset. You CANNOT use Horus otherwise damage for Yamamoto will go over on a single skyfall.

If you’re replacing NY Yamato you need something that hits the same as him for damage consistency. Machine Killer Shiva DOES NOT WORK. The extra row means Yamato will overhit. A single Yamato can be replaced by Floof. ONLY 1, NOT 2. If using Floof, put her in the last slot. Buttsume would work, but she’s not a god 🙁


Player 2

Yamamoto / Hera-Is / Hera-Is / Tengu / Goemon – 9SB


Awoken Hera-Is for the 1SB and 30% gravity. ANY 30% gravity works provided you meet the SB requirements. Cards like Machine Hera and Nordis are farmable with 2SB.

Yamamoto must be hypermax.

Hera-Is must be 23 turns or less.

Goemon does not require skill levels but should be max leveled.

Nothing else needs levels / plus eggs.

How it works

Player 2 starts. Player 1 can pass if starting

Floor 1 – Ares

P2: Hera-Is, Hera-Is, Goey, Swipe

Floor 2 – Persephone

P1: Yamato (Raph), Yamamoto, Swipe

Floor 3 – Gaia Dragon

P2: 0c

P1: Yamamoto (Sado), Yamato (AYomi), Yamato (Muse), Save one row*

*Note: Example. Make sure to setup the orbs under the top row to avoid skyfalls. (Don’t leave 2 same color orbs lined up)

P2: Pass

P1: Match the saved row. Again, avoid skyfall.

That’s all folks!

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