How to Carry: Gaia Dragon with Meridionalis

 Gaia Dragon Carry Method with Meridionalis – 2 Versions

Gaia Dragon is a unique farmable card, giving you a DKali board with shield on a 9 turn cooldown, along with 950 weighted stats. The double TPAs and single TE mean that it can feasibly be used on Ronove teams and can be effectively used for a farmable Another Crusader team.

It is also used as an evolution material for Odin Dragon and may be used in a future evolution to Ragnarok Dragon (if he ever gets a new evolution).

Similar to Noah Dragon, Hera Dragon and Zeus Dragon guerillas, these guides make use of the pinpoint accuracy of Meri’s no skyfall clause.

The Setup (Version 1)

Player 1 (inherits on the bottom)

Meridionalis (Toshiro) / Blodin (Toshiro) / Blodin (Sadalmelik) / Blodin (Raph) / Charite – 13SB



Everything is assumed to be hypermaxed.

Blodins are for SB and rows / damage against Gaia Dragon.


Player 2

Meridionalis / Tengu / Echidna / Gienah / Kuramitsuha – 6SB


Tengu is just for SB.

Echidna can be Awoken Orochi or one of the seasonal Echidnas (1SB more never hurt).

Gienah is the skillup material for Sadalmelik (so you can just use him if you have him). DO NOT PUT AWAKENINGS ON GIENAH FOR THIS GUIDE. Sadalmelik can have awakenings.

Kuramitsuha does not need to be evolved since she has the one SB in the base form. Can be replaced by: Sonia Gran (base form), Sonia Gran Reverse (base form), Hinomitsuha (base form). MUST BE 21 TURNS OR LESS (unless you have more SB). There are also a lot of REM options for this.


How it works

Floor 1 – Ares

P1: Blodin (Sadalmelik)

If 0OE, match 2 more combos. If 1-2OE, 1 combo more. If 3OE, 0 combo more. If 4OE ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The team only has 2 OE so if you manage to start with 4 OE on the top row I don’t know what to say.

P2: Gienah, Pass

P1: Swipe


Floor 2 – Persephone

P2: Echidna, 1c

P1: 1c

P2: Kuramitsuha, 1c

P1: Blodin (Toshiro), Swipe


Floor 3 – Gaia Dragon

P2: Clear enhanced orbs

P1: Charite, Blodin (Raph), Meri, Swipe

P2: Clear for water / dark orbs. Do not match enhanced reds.*

P1: Clear for water / dark orbs. Do not match enhanced reds.*

P2: Clear for water / dark orbs. Do not match enhanced reds.*

*Note: You need 8 to 12 blue / dark / enhanced reds to kill.

P1: Blodin, Meri (Toshiro), Swipe

That’s all for Version 1


The Setup (Version 2)

This guide is based the following build from JP. Mithril Edges are used as a relatively low CD farmable 3SB blue card as a replacement to Whaledor for NA.

Player 1 (inherits on the bottom)

Meri (AYomi) / Mithril Edge (Ryune) / Mithril Edge (Carat) / Sarasvati (Blodin Tamazo) / Noah – 11SB



Everything is assumed to be hypermaxed.

Tamazo is chosen for the enhance and lower attack but any blue / all enhance should work. Same for AYomi.

Ryune is used to pair with Meri active, however Blonia WILL NOT work because the haste is actually important to getting Carrot up in time.

Player 2

Meridionalis / Hera-Is / Hera-Is / Noah / Noah – 5SB


Awoken Hera-Is for the blue, 1SB and 30% gravity. Can’t really get around that unless you have inheritable 30% gravities to put on subs like Mithril Edge for more SB.

All cards assumed hypermax.



How it works

Player 2 starts. Player 1 can pass if starting

Floor 1 – Ares

P2: Hera-Is, Hera-Is, Noah, Swipe


Floor 2 – Persephone

P1: Mithril Edge (Ryune), Meri, Swipe


Floor 3 – Gaia Dragon

P2: 1c

P1: Mithril Edge (Carat), Noah, Sarasvati (Blodin Tamazo), Swipe

P2: Noah, Meri (AYomi), Swipe

That’s all folks!

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