How To Carry: Noah Dragon with Meridionalis

White Rainbow Ark, Noah Dragon Two Noahdra Carry Setups with Meridionalis

Two of the most difficult parts of Noah Dragon Decended are Noah Dragon’s random absorbs and the whopping 52.5M HP with 5M damage null.  The former means you can get horrible RNG with consecutive bad absorbs, while the latter means it’s very hard to one-shot; doing so requires precise damage control and sub attribute damage.  In addition, if you don’t one-shot, you will have to take a skill bind, and so need 100% SBR.

Keeping this in mind, I automatically turned to Meri, as her no skyfall clause lets you greatly control damage, and her RCV multiplier (6.25x) lets you stall through many turns on Noah Dragon.

Below you’ll find Meri x Meri and Meri x Blodin setups. You can easily vary both, but the damage control for both are very precise, so you’ll have to figure that out yourself.