Halloween REM Review!

  • Halloween REM Review

It’s Halloween everybody and once again DON’T ROLL THIS TRAP.

Bad Luck GL1TCH3D is back with 260 rolls no Verdandi during Verdandi boosted rates. Feelsbad

— 8 Stars cards [Star][Star][Star][Star][Star][Star][Star][Star]

Norn of Excursions, Verdandi (New!)


Best PAD art!

As a leader: No

All attribute cards ATK x5 when HP is full. ATK x3 when HP is greater than 80%. ATK x4, reduce damage taken by 35% after matching Heal orbs in a cross formation.

While a Heart Cross for 400x damage sounds really good on paper, if you’re under 80% HP you drop to a max 16x damage. And you know how easy that is? A single 99% grav prempt will drop you to about 63% with your heart cross shield up. Her AS of a full heal with wood/dark/heart at 13 turns won’t necessarily save you that often.

As a sub however she really starts to shine. The upcoming Kamimusubi has a similar HP restriction to Yog so staying above 80% is important. Kamimusubi also uses Dark and Wood combos to activate so Verd offers the absolute best active skill available for this lead. The unbindable and double 7c aspect is insane but still pales against the triple 7c cards they’re releasing. Consider that 2 7c awakenings only does half as much as triple, even a card like Ideal with a rainbow board active will guarantee you activation on Kamimusubi while hitting much higher damage.

Old Fort Squatter, Dragon Caller Sonia Gran


Pumpkin Cappuccino is the first card in the game to get the new rainbow haste awakening. This awakening hastes the card it’s on when matching all 5 attributes.her leader skill also pairs particularly well with Roots to balance HP and RCV multipliers. Unfortunately RKali is still stronger and unbindable. With Ideal being a possible sub it’s quite nice. I wouldn’t run Sonia as a lead or sub personally.

Crimson Orchid Black Witch, Xiang Mei (Purchasable)


Halloween Xiang Mei (HXM) has entirely been relegated to being a low cooldown 7 turn inherit that makes 6 heart orbs. This is the magic number for teams that need to make a box. This really only tends to be applicable for 3P UDR when teams need to be ready to FUA OR box on the Lovecrafts. This requires minimum 5 hearts and minimum 6 off color which HXM fills the best. Expensive at 500k for a single inherit purpose.

Mistress of the Old Castle, Kali (Purchasable)


You wasted 5 stones.


— 7 Stars cards [Star][Star][Star][Star][Star][Star][Star]


Masquerade Patron, Nene (New!)


  ( JP only)

B R O K E N. 256x damage from a single row AND her awakenings includes the new Box FUA so you can row and follow up attack at the same time. Naturally her minimum 4 match decreases the chance of skyfall. Use Nene as a lead, Halloween Lailas for the short row maker and swipe through dungeons at lightning speeds with high damage and unbindable leads. Dark has traditionally not been used for farming but we could see some potential farm setups come out with Halloween Nene.

Playful Star Angel, Ruel (New!)


Is Dark / Wood for Kamimusubi and adds a TPA over her standard REM version. Otherwise very similar. Leader skill is poor and Diablos is simply superior.

Old Castle Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia


Old but good. The seasonal Sonias for bicolor boards and 2 hastes have been used in the past. As an inherit for Meri farming, Halloween Sonia + Meri provides a full board with 2 haste and +2c. Could also be used on Dark Athena as inherit or Halloween Nene for dark farming.


— 6 Stars cards [Star][Star][Star][Star][Star][Star]


Masquerade Devil, Rozuel


She’s strutting her stuff and she knows it. All those times you never opened her original card art. You made her lonely and now she needs your attention. It’s a good thing this card has a vast number of applications:



Dancing Seiryuu Princess, Karin


5-in-1 card art. This card is a real Thriller. Can pose as an OE sub or inherit for Dark Athena (but why would you). Otherwise not really useful.

Spirit of the Masquerade, Alraune


Not as cute as her Christmas form but is a very good card overall. Provides SBR, unbindable, time extends and a great short bind clear and haste. Used to be one of my go-to bind clears along with Batman. Keep in mind Grodin will likely be the staple for the foreseeable future given his awakening bind clear.

Moonlit Prowler, Vampire Lord


I used him exactly once for an Ultimate Tomato Rush carry setup for his killer and low CD. Otherwise I’ve never used him. Rip 297 and SDRs.

Mysterious Guest, Laila


YES. The shortest CD dark row maker for Nene. Unfortunately they made her 1cd more than her REM sisters and has no killers like them either so this will basically always be relegated to inherit status.


— 5 Stars cards [Star][Star][Star][Star][Star]


Tea House Girl, Chiyome


Same as last year. Follows the pattern of the Ninjas getting gold seasonal versions with 2sb, low CD and dragon killer. Chibi DValk would be better though.

Masquerade Goddess, Parvati


She’s so cute here! Used to be good for her unique(ish) devil and dragon killer for SDR farming during SDR in SDR events. That’s a lot of SDR and it was so worth hypermaxing Furvati for it. However, this event has never returned and her use has been pretty much non-existent since then.

— 4 Stars cards [Star][Star][Star][Star]


Masquerade Pumpkineer, Mulan


Unbindable 3sb multihit target active. Rodin generally is better. Newer players should keep this if they get it. Could be useful for buttoning but incredibly unlikely.

Playful Star Gods, Thoth & Sopdet


Spoopy Soupdet. Used to be amazing for clearing no awakenings dungeons before Myr and badges. Now is relegated to collection.

Masquerade Guest, Izanami


Unfortunately this Izanami only has the 1 turn shield making her a very poor card.

Old Castle Patissiere, Undine


KEEP THIS. The elementals were removed from the normal REM making the seasonal variants or the skillups the only way to get their respective skills. Unfortunately this version cannot be inherited. She’s still cute.

Masquerade Rock Singer, Misery


Remember, Reddit has stated that autoheals are the best awakenings. At 1k per, you heal a whopping 8k per turn with Misery on the team. Have 6 together? Heal for 48k per turn, far more than you can ever hope to reach with Misery leads!


— Overview/Conclusion —

Overall Nene and cards for her have amazing potential for farming. Meanwhile the Verdandi and Ruel added to the REM are tailored to Kamimusubi. The prize rolls of Verdandi and Nene make this a heavily top weighted REM with almost nothing benefitting the average player on the lower end. Again, this REM is an absolute trap and you should not spend money on this game.

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