[Guardian Deity of the Sky City, Athena Helios]

RAthena Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze Dungeon Guide: Floor 10 – All Att

Floor Ten – All Attributes Required

Overall, this is one of the more straightforward C10 out there. There are no major obstacles and the boss is very simple. There are a few things to take note of, but for the most part this is a simple dungeon, just with very tanky mobs.

Quick Advice

Notable mechanics: All Att, massive HP on each floor, high defense/HP enemy on floor 2, damage void (35m) on boss floor with roughly 33k max damage.

While it’s safe to stall on floor 2 and the boss floor can be taken out slowly, floor 1 and 3 have to be killed fairly quickly. It’s a good idea to take a card with guard break since floor 2 is high defense, and all-att means you’re already covering colors. 



F1. Gigas

49.5M HP, Fire att, Physical type

No premptive effects

3 turn countdown to nuke. Roll Lock > Combo Shield > Awakening Bind > Fiiiiiiire!!!

Needs to be killed in four turns or he hits for almost 300k. You can stall a couple rounds if you need to, but unlike his Athena form this one casts mechanics each turn of his countdown to make it more difficult. Turn 1 is a rightmost rolling lock (ribbon). Turn 2 is a 6c minimum shield. Turn 3 is a one-turn awakening bind. Note that his nuke is a multihit, so can’t cheese it like other floors.

It’s safest to hit as hard as you can in turn one as he has significant HP that a lot of players will fail to kill if trying to stall. After that, his mechanics can make it difficult to maximize damage, besides the combo shield turn. If you can’t kill in turn 1 you may want to use turn 2 (while the ribbon is active) to conserve orbs, then kill when he uses his combo shield. No significant utility required here.

F2. Cu Chulainn

18M HP/30M Defense, Wood/Dark att, Balanced type, passive 50% water resist

Preemptive status shield

Cu Chulainn is a pretty good place to stall. Above 50% HP he hits either for 15,849 + jammers or a random attack between 22,641-33,960. He’s pretty hard to accidentally kill unless you repeatedly activate guard break on a team that doesn’t easily control damage. It’s best to stall here for all needed skills before moving on since Siegfried is basically on a fixed timer and Rath you’ll be focusing on taking her down.

He doesn’t have “a lot” of HP, so guard break/defense break/spike will do the trick. No other requirements here. Keep in mind if you’re using a lead like Kush and you have BValk for guard break, he’s only taking 1/4th of the damage being put out because of the resist and element disadvantage.

F3. Siegfried

83M HP, Water/Fire att, Physical type 

Turn timer of 2, changes to 1 under 99%

Preemptive 75% shield for 4 turns

Few things to note on this floor. The first is that similar to his Athena form, Siegfried will skip his turn if he’s at 100% BUT will only do this twice. On his third turn (six total turns as he’s on a 2 turn timer) at 100% HP, he uses a 500% gravity. Unless you used a 2 turn spike on last floor, I heavily recommend waiting out the 75% shield with no-combo turns (0cs). Otherwise, you’re dealing with effectively 330M HP. You can match hearts if you feel lucky since it will give you one more turn of skill charge. I recommend only doing this AFTER his shield expires.

Example: 0c, 0c, 0c, heart combo (shield drops this turn. If you skyfall damage then he uses enrage), 1c color, damage, damage to kill. This gets you 2 skill charges without impacting his rotation. Keep in mind even 1 damage will cause him to enrage on his next attack instead of turn skips.

Since he uses an enrage ability under 100% guaranteed with highest priority, you can safely 2 shot him without taking hits. Otherwise he hits for 54,033 above 50% or 67,926 under 50%.

F4. Carbuncle

Uses a 25% increased heart orb skyfall for 10 turns, then runs to Athena for protection (suicides).


F5. Athena Helios (Rath)

480m HP, Fire/Light att, God/Physical/Attacker type

Preemptive status shield and 35m damage void

Few things to notice about Rath. First, she has a LOT of hp. If you planned to use a pixel to nuke her, note that there’s no void card with a relevant killer. You can try to use latents, but that’s still pretty hard to pull off with just 1 pixel. You should either plan on doing 2 pixels, grind her down some first, or use several enhance/spike actives if you want to use this method. Also note that using multiple pixels will make the All-Att restriction harder to comply with.

The second thing to notice is that she doesn’t actually hit all that hard. Even after the enrage, the highest regular hit is 33072. If you clear her jammers and recover from her gravities, you can safely just chip her down. If you leave any jammers, she hits for 41340 and locks them. Note that under 5% she will use an awakening bind and then nuke on the next turn.

Here’s a detailed overview of her moveset.

Assuming you don’t hit below 50% on your first turn, her first 6 moves are fixed:

  1. Opening hit is a 99% grav
  2. Hit for 22,048
  3. Hit for 19,843 and binds 2 subs for 3 turns
  4. 75% shield for 1 turn
  5. Hit for 19,843 and make 2 casino orbs for 1 turn
  6. Hit for 20,946 and 2 orbs are covered by cloud for 1 turn

If you hit her below 50% or reach the end of this moveset, she’ll now recover your HP and then use a 150% enrage. If you hit her under 40% during this moveset, she will heal herself and lock the board. After her enrage, her moveset randomizes into the following:

  • Hit for 33,072 and create 5 jammers (50% chance)
  • Hit for 41,340 + locks jammers IF JAMMERS EXIST
  • 99% gravity (13% chance)
  • 75% shield for 1 turn (12% chance)
  • Hit for 29,765 and make 2 random orbs change color for 1 turn (12% chance)
  • Hit for 31,419 and 2 orbs are covered by cloud for 1 turn (13% chance)

Below 5%:

  1. Awoken skill bind for 2 turns
  2. Hit for 3,307,200

Note that this hit can be shielded with a damage void like Raph, Ganesha, or Thanatos (who will give you enough safe turns to stall out the awoken bind + have 2 turns of damage).


Floor 1 only requires damage.

Floor 2 requires some sort of defense break (awakening or active is fine).

Floor 3 might require a spike depending on the team.

Floor 4 doesn’t require anything.

Floor 5 is grindable, with the right teams.

As you can see, it’s more about taking tanky teams than anything. None of the floors are intense / requiring of a lot of utility (unlike Artemis of Floor 9 who required 2 actives by herself). So you can afford to bring lots of board changers / heart makers and a panic button shield for yourself.

Athena’s hits are relatively low damage outside of the jammer lock. You could bring jammer resist too. Fuma Kotaro has killers against all floors except Cu Chu while bringing 3 jammer resists. Could be a very strong card to bring if your team supports him. Green Arrow also has 5 jammer resists making him ideal for cheesing Athena if you decide to run him (weak stats and active isn’t potent).

Team Building


You want to be able to consistently put out damage and not be bothered by her minor hazard attacks. You also want solid recovery since you’re going to be taking repeated 20-30k hits. It’s also a good idea to take heartmakers or shield actives. You should plan on getting through the first few floors and then taking it slower on Rath. She gives you 6 turns of reduce damage before picking up the fight. The hearts for the first 10 turns make it far easier for non-conditional RCV teams to remain at full HP consistently.

Diablos is an incredibly attractive option because of his damage, tankability and defense break. Almost any spike lead paired with Diablos can beat this. For instance, I used sakuya/tachibana/tachibana/a.isis/ganesha/diablos and cleared without any issues.


Any combo pairing with Diablos. Trailo, Anubis, Sakuya, Red Myr, etc.

Tanky/brawl teams. Julie x Skuld. DAth. Etc.

Since def break is important, here are some useful cards to consider:

  • Puppets all have defense break and cover 2 colors. Puppets are effectively 1 (if the target is already the weak att), 2 (target is a non-strong att) or 4x (target is strong att) spikes. For example, a Fire team can benefit from Pure against Cu Chu as she brings the def break awakening. She deals with Siegfried as her active is effectively a 4x spike.
  • REM Valks. Low CD (5 turns, good for inheritence), TPAs and they all cover 2 colors.
  • Diablos. If you’re choosing him, it may as well be as a lead where he provides the strongest Leader Skill in the game and covers your Def Break Awakening.

Actives that provide 100% Def Break:

  • Julie / Balboa (Same active). Can act as a 50% shield if it’s back up on Rath as a panic button of sorts.
  • Kenshiro from FOTNS collab. Provides a 1 turn time buff with the break.

Team Building and Strategy – Pixel

This is a very difficult strategy. RAthena having 480M HP and the all attributes requirement make pixel strategies difficult. Pixels don’t have sub attributes and if you’re bringing one in-line with the attribute of your leads, you lose that color. One option would be to run an off color pixel and use one of the brave series (there are a few others that work too) to change the pixel to the color you need. This also provides you with an opportunity to bring one that has slightly more useful awakenings. One example would be Lightning for her 3SB.

Example team:

Yog / Pixel Vaan (apolluo) / Pixel Rinoa (Ameno) / Ilmina / Tengu (Anavalk) / Yog

You’d want Physical killers on the pixels to help with floor 1, 3 and will be required for 5.

Thanks for stopping by! When you have completed this challenge floor you should check out the next guide in this series!

Happy Puzzling~

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2 thoughts on “RAthena Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze Dungeon Guide: Floor 10 – All Att

  1. You left out Sasosuke from Kenshin as a 100% defense break. He also has 7c, and Physical killer. The 7c is obvious, but being Green, with Physical Killer means he hits for 6x against Sigreid, and 1.5x against Athena.

    Just my $.02 (I know its too late, but oh well)

    1. You’re right, though Sanosuke has the downside of dropping you to 50% of your current HP which could be annoying depending on your team.

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