Running Support 3P UDR / Cosmic Trinity

Be the Batman support that we need, but may not deserve right now.

There’s no doubt that with the mass of spawns possible in 3P UDR that it’s difficult to prepare for everything. In this guide we’ll talk specifically about non-kill supports. There are other supports that stack SB and can still kill (like Yog) but this is meant to just give perspective on how you can help without killing something.

Dedicated support setups are often the most difficult to play well because you have many factors to consider. There’s the requirement to setup / save orbs for the next player, the requirement to still survive (HP / tanking is not the main purpose of this build, it’s the utility) and the utility requirements are pretty REM heavy. That aside, making one is pretty effective for helping clear with a consistent kill setup and an early carry.


There’s no way I’m going to write about every spawn in 3P UDR so I’m just going to come out and tell you what utilities are best for a support team.

1. The Shield

That magical active that saves you when you die. I just wish more people would bring them because those last few floors can hurt and if there’s a Yog carry team they might desperately need a shield so they can heal up enough before the boss. My favorite shield is Susano. 5 turns of 50% shield. That’s enough for a full rotation and 2 more turns out of the 3.

Dark Susano is unbindable and has 3SB which really helps with getting himself and your other utilities up (which in general are long cooldowns for the useful utilities).

Other good shields include:


Indra being 75% shield for 3 turns. Enoch being 35% for 3 turns and adds a time buff. She’s also farmable.

I personally would prefer seeing shields that last a full rotation (rotation being all players turns’).


2. The Delay


Again, you want the delay to last the full rotation.

Both Dath and Orochi are good because they work as a sub or as an inherit. Dath having 3SB is a similar case to the Susano having 3SB. Dath also makes for a fairly solid tank lead so we’ll be using her later to build the team.

These aren’t the only delays but delays aren’t the easiest things to come by.

3. Fujin


While being a bit hard to get a hold of, Fujin is unfortunately such an important part of the support role. Support is the only role that will be able to bring enough SB to have it ready for floor 1 where Sopdet can spawn, and since supports don’t kill you should also have it up for Harambe.

Depending on the other two teams, Sopdet might not even be possible. I’ve died many times from Sopdet floor 1 spawn since leads like Yog are not well equipped for it.

4. Unlocker / Time Buff

Diao chan does both of those in 1 active which also happens to be on a 2 turn cooldown.

Orb unlockers are good for those unfortunate cases like on Hel where you might end up with locked poisons / other things. Yog kill teams have very specific calculations for damage and 1 locked orb can throw them off. Having a safety unlocker is never a bad idea. There are so many orb unlockers like the entirety of 3K2 where Diao is from, some Voltron collab and more.

Time buff is of lesser importance but it’s really good when you run into enemies like Dark Izanami where being able to reset the debuff is nice. However resetting the debuff is an afterthought.

5. Skill Boosts


Whaledor / Abalone / Blodin / Tengu / Tengu / Floof

All of these have 4 skill boosts with the exception of Whaledor that has 5.

These are suitable cards for inheritance. (Abalone and Floof have long base CDs)

6. SBR

While the number of spawns that actually skill bind on an off turn is abysmally low, it can still happen.

I’ll list all the spawns that do non-premptive skill binds so you can either judge whether you need the SBR or will just accommodate the spawns.

Floor 1 and 2, nothing.

Floor 3 and 4, Shu Wajing (can spawn on both floors). He only skill binds when he’s between 1 and 50% HP. So as a support player if you’re not trying to kill / damage anything then that’s not something to worry about. Furthermore due to his tendency to destroy teams with no dark resist / shields he’s often delayed.

Floor 5, Aamir (same story as Shu Wajing). Liberty Goose (can do it on the 5th/8th/11th turns).

Floor 6, Shuten (randomly on every odd turn. Only blocks for 1 turn…). Z8 (same story as Shu Wajing and I’m pretty sure you have no chance of hitting Z8 to sub 50%). Goose Another (same story as Liberty Goose).

Those are ALL the spawns that have the ability to skill-bind non-premptively. This is a pretty small list and ALL of them are avoidable. If you’re running a non-kill setup then you don’t have to worry about any of the HP conditional ones which really drops you down to Goose and Shuten. Goose is 5 turns in which is easily avoided if one of the heavy hitters kills turn 1 or if you pass to make sure you’re not on the 5th turn (since it’s a rotation of 3 attacks). Shuten being a 1 turn skill bind is… not the end of the world but always nice to be avoided. He only skill binds on odd turns so if you’re running with players that have FUA they can also kill. You can pass too because you’ll only be in that position once every 2 rotations. If you use a pass it can take up to 3 rotations for you to finally take an odd turn and by then I’d hope he would be dead.

WHEW that was a lot of writing about the possible skill bind spawns.

All this to say you don’t NEED 100% SBR AS LONG AS YOU DON’T KILL ANY FLOORS. Most of the skill binds are in the form of Premptive attacks. Teams that kill floors MUST have 100% otherwise you might be in for a world of pain like in the case of Light Izanami 10 turn skill bind.

The best option for SBR stacking is Navi

4 SBR and 2SB.

Other options include Chesters:


Siegward, Rukia and Raguel:


Raguel is also very good but if you’re using Raguel in place of Tengu, that’s a 4SB loss. His CD is the lowest of the bunch so it might be possible to move things around and fit him.

Sample Team


And other utility inherits on Whaledors. Whether it be an extra shield / Spike / Fujin / whatever.

Keep in mind I slot Fujin straight because of her long cooldown making it very difficult to get her turn 1 without slotting her directly. This template has 21SB.

Verdor is not a requirement of course. Tengu or other cards with 3SB are fine.


Supports are awesome, even if just for the Fujin active to deal with Sopdet / Harambe which are honestly the only places you’ll see runs get caught on.

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