Chibi REM Review with New Buffs!


And you must resist! Because they bait you in with their cute round faces, pretty buffs and then murder you(r wallet).

The Lineup

It hasn’t actually changed since the last time it came around but since I didn’t write much about it last time it might be a good idea for me to really go in-depth this time, especially with the buffs. All the Chibis share the exact same Active Skill as their full-sized counterparts, so I won’t talk too much about the skills unless it relates to something unique with their awakenings that the full version is lacking (since the changes are entirely in awakenings, with worse stats in the 700-800 weighted range).

The 6* Stars

From left to right: LMeta, Ronia, DMeta, DValk, Skuld.

The 5* Stars

From left to right:

Pandora, A.Isis, A.Bastet, A.Amaterasu, A.Yomi, Lilith,

LValk, Yomi, AALuci, Hera-Ur, DQ Hera, Urd


The 4* Stars

Leilan, Karin, Meimei, Sakuya, Haku

Reviews of Each

No. 1792 keeper of the sacred texts, metatron

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


Interesting because of her Light Blue status and OE given Ameno’s heavy reliance on the RCV from Blue cards and the impact of OE. The lack of SBR hurts her as a potential sub for LHeradra teams (although makes a very interesting sub for LEsch x LEsch teams).

No. 2317 marvelous red dragon caller, sonia

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


There’s really nothing redeeming about the card. It’s just a Ronia that can’t even be evolved to her OP equip form.


No. 2316 arbiter of judgement, metatron

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


Of the cards with 4+ Dark Enhance, this is one of the most unique offerings. Unfortunately this isn’t particularly useful in the current meta. Her 5 turn cooldown and unbindable status gives her a unique mix. Alternative options either have much higher CDs or are bindable.

No. 2906 black-winged goddess, valkyrie claire

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


A very unique set of killers for a dark card. Alternatively, there is Zuoh for only dragon killer and a few for devil killer. She’s the only one that brings both. What purpose could this be used for? No idea. The added TE is nice from the last occurrence of this REM and her cooldown is very low.

No. 2909 the norn skuld

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


She’s not unique. Wood to Water changers for pairing with Skuld aren’t that plentiful. For Meri you’d be better off inheriting another orb changer on something like Blodin / Sarasvati.


No. 2910 wailing bleak night goddess, pandora

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


Double SBR is pretty much the only draw and that’s not that unique. Castor, Loki, and Halloween Alraune all do good jobs at covering that with better stats / skills / awakenings.

No. 2911 awoken isis

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


The godsend of ultimate evo Radra teams. This little bae is still the best Water/Wood slot for Radra. But… who still runs Radra that also wants to whale Chibi for this? The last time the Chibi REM came out was right in the height of the recent Radra meta so it made sense. The TPAs she offers and her god killer ability makes her an absolute monster especially when using Facet as your spike. Sit down Kush.

No. 2912 awoken bastet

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


When was the last time you saw that set of killer awakenings? When was the last time you wanted to see that set of killer awakenings? Baldin and Aten both have all 3 of the useful killer awakenings that bastet brings. At the very least… she’s the only wood type with all of those? So maybe possibly likely I’ll find a way to incorporate her into some half-optimal ALB build.

No. 2913 awoken amaterasu

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]




No. 2914 awoken tsukuyomi

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


I’d like to think that Yomi made it into PCGF because of her active skill, because it truly is nice for specific builds as the shortest full enhance. The god and machine double killer is interesting but unfortunately there’s card with both that completely outclasses her in every way and still provides a full board enhance active, Sephiroth.

No. 1784 moonbeam fang witch, lilith

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


One of two cards I really want because this is the only instance of her active being completely unique to any other REM card. All other versions of Lilith are not inheritable so as a poison for unique builds, this is interesting (one of the SDR builds I came up with a while back actually used her because of her short inheritable poison). Unfortunately, Jorm is a thing now so her usefulness has diminished tremendously (she was already very niche).


No. 1785 warrior rose, graceful valkyrie*

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


Was originally (when I say originally, I mean way back when) interesting as one of a few triple TPA cards. Unfortunately her days are over and she’s completely outclassed by so many cards with 7c/TPAs. The added defense break is a far cry from making her relevant, especially with Diablos being a potent leader that carries said awakening. She could however still slot into the last slot on Revo Kush teams as a second best option for defense break.

*evolves to No. 2321 divine law goddess, valkyrie rose which has defense break.

No. 1791 war deity of the night, tsukuyomi

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


A… light row?

No. 1794 rebel seraph lucifer

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


The same active as AALuci which is often used for buttoning. The downside is that chibi lucifer loses attack which might be an influence in buttoning. Buttoners sometimes have to squeeze out every point of attack and losing 150 attack on an inherit could potentially break a build. However there are currently  no builds that I know of that wouldn’t work because of this.

No. 2314 awoken dancing queen hera-ur

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


There’s really no appeal here. It’s POSSIBLE that in red row farming her active being inheritable could be used. For example, cases like Zeusdragon require you to use a 5-15% gravity first before you can use a 20% due to the void. One of the builds I made for Zeusdragon release actually used Hera-Is for the 10% gravity and enhance.

No. 2315 divine queen hera

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


Kinda nice if you don’t have 10 Hades already.

No. 2907 the norn urd

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


Uh… Keep one for the art?

No. 2908 the norn verdandi

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


Jeez the norns really didn’t get much here.

No. 1786 incarnation of suzaku, leilan

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


These stats


No. 1787 incarnation of seiryuu, karin

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


and awakenings

No. 1788 incarnation of genbu, meimei

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


really do

No. 1789 incarnation of kirin, sakuya

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


suck. Save 1

No. 1790 incarnation of byakko, haku

[Star] [Star] [Star] [Star]


for the art.


This REM is pretty trappy (as it always has been) with some unique cards with unknown future potential. As someone that optimizes for a wide variety of dungeons, there are definitely a few cards I’d be interested in picking up as a just in case I need them. Hey, I thought Yuria was bad and didn’t buy her. Out comes Rei Myr and she becomes a 10/10 inherit for the team. You never know when some random card gets used for it’s unique combination of awakenings, skill, attributes for a specific dungeon scenario.

However, only roll this REM if you’re a collector or heavy whale as the stones would, on average, get you immediately relevant cards

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