Eternal Jail of the Devil King: Final Floor

 Floor 10 is the last floor of the Satan challenge set. Please keep in mind that as this is the last floor of the set and this dungeon is targeted towards endgame players with access to lots of utility and strong teams, recommendations may tend towards being more whale.

This floor is very similar to RAthena final floor where it’s a souped up version of the original dungeon. We go through the same 6 enemies with the 5 “easy” enemies having 30M+ and Satan himself having a whopping 666M HP. In this guide we’re going to present some varying ways to deal with the dungeon. However, no full cheese guides will be discussed since I believe that most players reading will be capable of clearing this dungeon with a bit of work and team building. Also, ignore the pictures, I’ll update them in a bit. 

General Tips:

  • Floor one doesn’t actually do that much damage if you want to stall.
  • With high powered leads, you can get through Satan himself extremely easily.
  • All the floors leading up to Satan can be delayed, consider bringing one or two to avoid mechanics like super blinds and other stuff.

Floor Overview: 

Floor 1: Kraken x2

 30 Million Hp x2, Attacker
Preemptive: 11.6K Damage and blind the board. (Happens twice!)
Enrage: Under 20% HP the damage doubles.
It’s worth noting that they only activate every 3 turns so I would recommend taking your time and stalling 2 turns before killing. If you’re bringing a stronger damaging lead or attacker killers, you don’t have to damage right away. If you’re using something like Sonia, you should start damaging right away. If possible, you can kill just 1 and stall on the other one. Above 20%, the max damage is 20k. Keep in mind that it will start bind stacking so either a bind clear awakening or unbindable subs are recommended if going this route.

Floor 2: Cerberus

 50 Million HP, Attacker and Devil
Preemptive: Change random color to poison.
Enrage: Under 20% hp she will hit for 90k.
Otherwise, 40k per 3 turns and generates 9 poisons at the same time.
If you still have the Shazel from Indigo ranking made, it can work very well here. This is definitely not a floor to stall on. Highly recommend killing ASAP unless you have poison resists and can tank the 40k regularly. I would highly recommend floor 1 for planned stall over this.

Floor 3: Lilith

  75 Million hp, Healer and Devil
Preemptive: 25% heart skyfall for 3 turns. That’s surprisingly nice for a dungeon that tries to poison you.
Lilith follows a pattern of 2 attacks and repeats:
[1] 18k + either light to jammer or poison to heart.
[2] Either 13.5K + full dark board, or 40.7K damage.
Recommendation: Unless you’re playing an extremely tanky lead, this can start to hurt in solo. Depending on what kind of team you’re running, you might want to delay because the next floor has a 31K prempt and taking repeated rotations from Lilith might prove difficult. Unlike the first 2 floors, this one attacks every turn and the full board of darks doesn’t let you heal (or taking a straight 40k can hurt). 

Floor 4: Vampire Lords x3

 30 Million HP x3, Balanced
Preemptive: 15057 x2 damage and blind the board.
Despite being Vampires, they aren’t actually devils so take note of that if you’re bringing Shazel. A quick clarification here might prove useful. The Vampires on the left and right have 27M HP and hit 27K per 2 turns. The middle one has 30M and hits 30.4K per 2 turns. IF YOU KILL THE ONES ON THE SIDES FIRST, THE MIDDLE ONE WILL REVIVE THE REST! So target the middle one and go wild because you need to kill it first. 

Floor 5: Hades

 100 million HP, God, Resist light by half
Enrage: On death, Hades will cast a 15% poison skyfall for 2 turns.
Prempt: Turn 1: Super Blind
Turn 2: Super Blind
Turn 3: Super Blind
Turn 4: Super Blind
Turn 5: Super Blind
Turn 6: Super blind + 720K damage
Hades has a lot of HP and blinds tons of orbs every turn in his countdown pattern where he super blinds the board in the pattern of 5-4-3-2-1. Respectively, this will blind 11, 9, 11, 11, 5 orbs on the board. After this he will use a 720K nuke. If you shield the nuke, he will repeat the turn order. Most leads will need a 100% void to deal with it. Sonias can potentially get through with 75% shield but you would need a lot of base HP. 100M is a lot to deal with if you’re not running Amen / Cross / Spike / No6 or Viz, so it might be worthwhile to bring blind resist specifically for this floor or delay.

Floor 6: Satan

 666 Million HP, Devil
Preemptive: Status shield + become invulnerable for 1 turn (no you can’t void this).
The final floor of Satan starts with a choice, a deal with the devil if you will. Either you make at least 1 combo, or you 0 combo.
>0 combo path. This path is specifically designed for people that can deal 666M in one shot WITHOUT SPIKES. When you 0c, Satan will delay all skills by 99 and also remove any buffs on the player if they exist. Because of the skill delay, I only recommend this for this that want to one shot Satan. Remember that he also removes buffs, so you can’t rely on a spike with this method either. The method is to board and setup the board for your combo on turn 1 (don’t forget to 0 combo) then match out and kill. This works well with Amen and cross leads like Kenshin. If you don’t one shot after doing this, follow the below turn order.
>1+ combo path. He will cast a 40M damage void and also decrease movetime by 3 seconds (I recommend bringing something to reset this). You can technically still one shot from here using VDP (for devil killing, Cloud is amazing) and a spike. But the general player is going to play the grind game from here. After the first turn invulnerability, you have 10 more turns to kill.
The turn order (repeats completely):

  1. 33K + lock all orbs ~ If below 40% the first time, 67K damage instead
  2. 99% Grav ~ If below 10% the first time, 67K damage instead
  3. 24K + 3 turn awakening bind
  4. 22K + full board to heal + jammer + poison
  5. 27.7K + bind 1 monster
  6. 44.4K
  7. 26.6K + 12 super blind orbs for 3 turns.
  8. 30K + 3 turn delay
  9. 6x damage for next turn
  10. 666K x 6 damage nuke (no debuff removal). 

This means that you need to roughly hit 70M damage per turn and for most teams that’s very difficult. The typing makes it awkward too. Not as many devil killers as there would be for god / dragon killers. And if you’re running devil killers, you have to be careful about going over. Something like 2-3 Shazel on a Gronia might work since her leaderskill is quite weak. Otherwise without killers you’re looking at multiple 2x 7c cards with at least 144x damage.



A non-cheese strategy for this could be carrying 1-2 delays for this dungeon as well as blind resist in the form of assists (Kirin and Valphalk have 1, Chiyome and Hanzo have 2, Narga has 3) which will trivialize Kraken prempt, one of the blinds from Satan, all of Hades, and Vampire Lord prempt (that’s 5/6 floors!). One last thing I would bring is a damage void (Ganesha / Genie). Because stuff in this dungeon is pretty tanky, especially Hades which you might not necessarily bring killers for, I recommend having something in your back pocket for him. Same goes for Satan on his 666K damage. This will let you double the amount of time you have on these enemies as their skillsets restart from the top.
High power leads work very well in this dungeon as everything can be one shot without you needing to take any damage (outside of prempts). Therefore, Amen makes a great lead for this. Cross leads can be just as efficient and with an easy floor 1, you can stall out a swap for a 7×6 swap. Keep in mind, if you’re setting up a board for a 7×6 cross setup on turn 1 Satan, YOU MUST 0c.
I would recommend against tankier leads as you’ll face difficulty in killing stuff on time. You can potentially use Gronia with Ragnarok Dragon (who can take god killers and have god killer super awakening) as well as Shazels (who destroys devils) for putting out enough damage on Satan himself. Add in a few damage void assists, Odindra, and you’re good.

Happy Puzzling~
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