Eternal Jail of the Devil King: Floor 7

(Awoken skills invalid)

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TL;DR Use Tamazo Yomi as your lead. That’s it.

Normally, the phrase “Awoken skills invalid” evokes an audible groan in any player who has had to re-play dungeons like Wadatsumi many many times over the past few years. You start immediately thinking “I guess I’ll put together a Rikuu team” or something along those lines for the high attack multiplier and +2 seconds provided by each lead. Baal’s stats are pretty scary at first: 1 billion defense (really!) and 10 million hp. So you start thinking “I guess I need to bring a defense break and stall for 11 turns…”

Good news!  It’s way easier than that!

This dungeon is a lot like the combo game Lucifer makes you play in one shot dungeons, but with Baal as the one and only enemy in the dungeon. You have no awakenings and have to hit a minimum number of combos each turn. That said, it’s actually a lot easier for three reasons:

1) You get 1.5x time from a preempt (similar to Titania) so you have 7.5 seconds minimum.
2) You don’t need to hit all of the attributes on your team.
3) You don’t need to use this team to fight any other enemies.

This gives you a ton of flexibility in team building, making it a stupidly easy dungeon if you choose the right leads.

Baal’s skill set is pretty straightforward:

Preemptive strike:
Increase orb move time by 1.5x. Absorb damage from less than 6 combos for one turn. Choose a random orb to start (similar to Myr).

Turn 1:
If you hit 6c: Change orbs to columns of light, dark, and hearts. Absorb damage from less than 7 combos for one turn.
If you didn’t hit 6c: Massive nuke.  RIP 50 stamina.

Turn 2:
If you hit 7c: Spawn 6 orbs of each color besides hearts. Put a “sticky blind” (the blind that sticks to the orb, even if you move it) on two random orbs for one turn. Absorb damage from less than 8 combos for one turn.
If you don’t hit 7c: Massive nuke. $&@%!!!

Turn 3:
If you hit 8c: Change board to all 5 colors, heal, jammer, poison, and mortal poison. Blind all orbs for one turn. Absorb damage for less than 9 combos for one turn.
If you don’t hit 8c: Massive nuke, of course.

Turn 4:
If you hit 9c: Baal kills himself.  You win!!
If you don’t hit 9c: Pretty sure you know what happens by now.

As you can see, the combo requirement steps up every turn, and hitting 9 combos using a regular lead with no awakenings can be tough for many people.  So how do we deal with this? Use leader skills with relevant effects to make the game easier. There are two types of LS buffs that help here: time extend and a 7×6 board maker. Guess what, there’s a free lead with both!  Tamazo Yomi! Normally this is just a practice lead for learning to combo, since he has no offensive or defensive multipliers in the LS.  He simply gives you 10 extra seconds to combo, and makes a 7×6 board to increase your ability to hit many combos in that time.  Luckily, you don’t need any LS multiplier whatsoever for this dungeon, so he really is the perfect choice. Leading with Tamazo Yomi puts you at a baseline of 22.5 seconds to move orbs, since Baal gives you a 1.5x time buff. This should be more than enough time to hit 9 combos on a 7×6 board.

Who should you pair Tamazo Yomi with? Honestly, you could use literally any leader pairing, or even go in with a single leader and have no trouble at all with this dungeon.  If you’re really worried about time for any reason (and you shouldn’t be), you can pair him with another lead that adds to orb movement time. The largest time buff would be from something like another Tamazo Yomi or Hera Nyx, giving you 37.5 seconds per turn to lazily make your combos.

Keep in mind that neither lead needs to be awoken, skilled, or leveled, since none of these things matter for the dungeon.

Don’t have Tamazo Yomi?  That’s ok.  You can just use a friend’s and pair with literally anything. You can also use Unbindable Split Aten, who has essentially the same effects, but adds 5 seconds rather than 10 (15 seconds total, 30 seconds when paired with Hera Nyx).  You could also get the time buff and 7×6 from different leads by pairing eg Hera Nyx with something like Nohime or Daio Chan. (Just be sure not to use Daio Chan’s active since it will overwrite the time buff and shorten your move time.)

As for sub choice, you don’t really need any, since there’s no actual damage requirement.  Just put your favorite cards on the team. Normally i would suggest using cards with blind resist awakenings just to make it even easier, but awakenings are invalid anyway.

So that’s it!  Use a time extend lead and play on a 7×6 board.  This should be the easiest floor of the challenge, and is just a freebie if you make good team-building choices.


Here is a sample team:

(No, you don’t need blobs. They just look funny.)

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