Eternal Jail of the Devil King: Floor 9 by Pelkai

 Floor 9 is the second to last floor of the Satan challenge set. Please keep in mind that as this is the second to last floor of the set and this dungeon is targeted towards endgame players with access to lots of utility and strong teams, recommendations may tend towards being more whale. 

General Tips:

  • Poison resist can help against pesky Nobunaga (a board is fine too).
  • Orb unlocker like Diao Chan can be great for the locked skyfall.
  • Jammer resist for Rozuel bombs and Izanami moveset can help. Rozuel can be delayed too (something like Barioth to board + delay provides very solid safety).
  • Gravity for Andromeda to avoid the damage absorb.

Floor Overview: 

1. Dragon Zombie

Preemptive: Poison Skyfall for 10 turns.
Acts just like itself in other dungeons, just with more HP and attack this time. After the usual poison skyfall, you are met with its two turn timer.
Like any other iteration of this spawn, look to one shot it. Because if you don’t you’ll die this time, because it will hit for 126k. Simple.

2. Nobunaga:

Preemptive: 19k, change the two leftmost and rightmost columns to fire and poisons, Locked skyfall for 10 turns.

If you bring 100% poison resist awakenings, usually through Rathian equips, the poison orbs won’t be an issue.
However, he will also create locked orb skyfalls for 10 turns as his second preemptive.
Remember from the last floor, Dragon Zombie created poison skyfalls, and with these two things combined, you can find yourself with locked poison orbs on your future boards.

If you choose to not 1 shot him you will be met with three different outcomes while he is above 50% HP:
Either a multi attack (36k),
34k + 7c shield for 1 turn,
or 32k and change one orb type to Jammers.

If he is under 50% HP, he will absorb fire, water, and wood for 2 turns. After, will go back to his triple moveset.

However, keep in mind how long you plan on staying on this floor, because every six turns, Nobunaga will hit for 154k and change the board to all orb types + jammers, poisons, and mortal poisons.
Therefore, it is of your upmost interest to not try to take too long on this floor because that 154k will kill off most teams that are not tanky or guarded by a shield.

3. Awoken Hermes

75% resolve.
Preemptive: 999 turn status shield, 50% shield for 1 turn.
With the shield he effectively has 42 million HP. His moveset differs depending on how high his HP is.

Above 75% he will hit for 25k and create three poison orbs. Then he will hit for 18k and bind a random sub for 2 turns. Then, he will alternate between these two moves.

The first time he is hit between 75% and 50% HP, he will hit for 14k and change the board to fire, light, and dark and change the 3rd row to jammers.
From there on he will either hit for 22k and create 2 fire and water orbs and then hit for 25k and create 5 jammers.

His first attack when hit between 50%-25% HP is to change his attribute to wood and absorb fire, change to light and absorb dark, or change to dark and absorb light.
If there are jammers present, he will hit for 27k and convert them to mortal poisons. If not, then he will return to hitting for 22k + 2 fire and water orbs and then 25k + 5 jammers.

When under 25% HP, this is his danger zone. He will hit for 55k every turn and change the entire board to all orbs + jammer, poison, and mortal poison.
Your best bet is to 1 shot Hermes while matching a heart column to trigger FUA and kill off his resolve.

4. Rozuel

Passively halves water damage.
Preemptive: Creating 3 bomb orbs + 29k damage, turn 2nd left column turn black for 1 turn.
You CANNOT remove this blind by moving through the orbs. They are permanently black for 1 turn.
On 5×6, the board will look like this after her preemptive:
-X-O-- X’s denote blinds and O’s denote the bombs.
Jammer resist awakenings can resist bomb creation and bringing blind resists can resist the blind.

To overcome this nasty-looking board, you can either board change it to remove the bombs and attempt to work your way around the blinds (memorizing the orbs or simply ignoring are some ways).
Keep in mind, if you do decided to match the bombs, you MUST match them.
You cannot cascade them. If you do not match them, they will detonate once you finish matching, dealing 25% of your total HP for each bomb (75% in this case),
and will destroy the column and row they are in.

If you don’t one-shot her, Rozuel will hit for 31k (46k after enrage), change one random color to heal orbs, and then change the 2nd & 3rd row to Fire and Water orbs, each turn.

When first hit between 70%-15% HP, her first move will be to heal to 100% and enrage for 150% damage.
If you hit her past 15% before this trigger, she’ll simply hit for 273k. If you hit her past 15% after she enrages, take 410k damage.
This is because her 15% threshold takes priority over her 70% heal + enrage.
If you do manage to survive this hit, you’ll be looking at a board of fire and water like so:

After she heals, if you don’t then kill her, when you reach these threshholds, expect this:
If she is between 70%-50%, she will create jammer skyfall for 5 turns.
Between 50%-30%, she will create poison skyfall for 5 turns.
Below 30%, she will create mortal poison skyfall for 5 turns.
After, she’ll return to her normal moveset, but will do 46k damage instead.

5. Light Izanami

Passively halves light damege
Preemptive: 10 turn status shield, 75% shield for 1 turn, Bind whole team for 1-3 turns.

If your team does not have 100% sbr after taking the binds, you’re best bet is to clear the binds as she will skill bind you on her first turn and change three colors to jammers.
When she makes jammers, clear them immediately. Leaving them up will result in 60k damage while converting such jammers to heal orbs. Most teams cannot survive this hit without a shield.
When above 50% HP, she will either: hit for 16k and change a random color to jammers and create 4 bomb orbs,
put back up a 75% shield for a turn and change three colors into jammers,
or she will hit for 16k and delay skills for 0-4 turns.
When under 50%, she will first put back up a 75% shield for a turn and bind awoken skills.
After this, she will either skill bind you for 10 turns (used when your team is not skill bound),
or she will change three random colors to jammers and lock all orbs (one time use when you are skill bound).
She will return to her normal skillset after this.
If you put her to past 30% HP, she’ll hit for 83k, killing off most teams.

Your best bet is to unbind your team on the first turn if you are bound, and then 1 shot her.
If the 75% shield is daunting, still unbind yourself, and then kill her after she creates her first set of jammers with a board change or matching (if you can match through the jammers).
Stalling on Izanami is pretty stressful as you constantly have to match all jammers while dealing with bombs and delays.
Or you can bring 100% jammer resist and stall easily on her, if you want to.

6. Andromeda

Attacks every 2 turns.
When below 90% HP, will attack every turn.
Preemptive: 999 turn status shield, Reduce damage by 90% for 2 turns. Effectively has 1,200,000,000 HP (1.2 billion)

If you have some kind of 1-shot set up using No. 6 with triple healer killers (45.5625x fire damage), then you can go do that.

If not, get ready for a struggle. While Andromeda will act every 2 turns, don’t take that as a luxury.
On her first turn of action, if her HP is 90% or more, she will absorb 4million+ damage for 10 turns, enrage for 150% damage. This will require a fujin active to overcome.
After that, in two turns, she’ll hit for 94k damage.
Alternatively, you can use a gravity greater than or equal to 10% to push her past 90% to avoid her damage absorb.

When her HP is between 90% and 30%, she will attack every turn.
Her first move will reduce move time by 50% for 10 turns. If you don’t have a time increasing active, you’ll probably find it difficult with having your move time cut.
After, she’ll hit for 25k (37k after enrage) and change the 2nd and 4th rows to water and jammer orbs.
Then, she’ll hit for 22k (34k) will and randomly apply three spinners for 2 turns. If you are unfamiliar with these, they will change the orb they are on from Fire>Water>Wood>Light>Dark>Heart every second. They can be an absolute pain if you don’t know how to deal with them.
Finally, she’ll hit for 27k (41k).

If below 30%, she’ll make the leftmost and rightmost column unmovable for 3 turns. This can be solved with the Scroll-Resist awakening that can be found on monsters such as Glavenus Equip or Reincarnated Anubis’s super awakening.
Then, your run will most likely end as she’ll hit for 75k (113k) and change the 2nd and 5th columns to water and jammers.

Like I said, if you don’t have a one-shot setup, you’ll probably have to manage yourself a lot through this battle.
The best strategy to avoid her damage absorb (If you don’t have fujin), is to either take the first two turns to either knock her down past 90%. This may seem daunting as she has her 90% shield, but its possible to do.
Once she is under 90% HP, she’ll time debuff you. Bring a time buffers to override this, and kill her from here. At most, she will have 108,000,000 HP, but a spike and a strong combo team will most likely 1 shot her.


Nothing in this dungeon is that dangerous outside of Andromeda if you don’t bring an answer to her. You can bring something slow and steady like a Sonia team or Yusuke team with a gravity and that should easily clear the dungeon. Running glass cannon in this dungeon is pretty painful since Andromeda needs an effective 1.2B damage to kill through her shield at the beginning. Otherwise she has 120M HP after her first 2 turns and it’s very doable with something like Ragdra on Gronia.

Happy Puzzling~
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