Fully Farmable P2 Carry Setup for Borma Descended

With the One-Shot Challenge coming out tonight and rewarding Borma descended (farmable Fujin / evo material for super Tyrra) I decided to take a few minutes to make a carry setup for Borma. I’ll probably be making a max skilled Borma anyway and figured I’d get people their first “Fujin” at the same time.


Assist on friend BH is a board that makes lights without haste.
Assist on second Viz is Jhoira equip.
Assist Glav / Poulumu are required if P2 starts. One of them can be avoided by using a pass on the corresponding floor if P1 starts.
Attacker killers on Yusuke can be devil killers.
P2 lead can be DIdeal, Ed, Yusuke, BH. Probably some others that I didn’t come to mind instantly.
Hera on P2 side is any 30%+ gravity that is up in 20 or less turns.
Tengus cannot be replaced (jammer resist). P2 needs 11-12SB.
Killers on both Viz aren’t 100% required but the more the better.
Second Yusuke is just any light bicolor (Ilm / Ilmina would be fine, be careful of red placement on team and SB).

Sample Teams

P1: BH (Carrot) / Viz (Jhoira Card) / Viz (NY Khepri) / Yusuke (Glav Assist) / Yusuke (Poulumu Assist)
P2: BH (LJorm) / Tengu / Tengu / Moogle / MHera

How it works

Player 2 is able to start the dungeon. If P1 starts, just skip the first step and use pass on either Alrescha or Borma to avoid needing the necessary assist.
Floor 1
P2: Pass
P1: Combo and kill (board if needed)
Floor 2
P2: Gravity and save lights
P1: Jhoira, combo and kill
Floor 3
P2: Save lights
P1: Combo and kill
Floor 4
P2: 0c
P1: Bicolor and kill
Floor 5
P2: Carrot, 0c
P1: Yusuke, NY Khepri, Box and Kill*
*Note: Box can be blue box if your board is flooded with blues.


Floor 1 through 4 are all gods making Viz the optimal choice (in my opinion) for this carry. The god killers added onto Viz give him a whopping 30.375x damage against gods which sets him well above Praline and won’t get red absorbed on Alrescha like No6 would. Viz is also very low CD and 2SB. Technically with more combos or lights, you wouldn’t need the god killers / second Viz. Right now, the build should one-shot Serket with 3 lights and 3 blues on 7c. With a bicolor, even 1 Viz should have no problem on Hathor. I decided on Yusuke given his balanced typing and bicolor board to take attacker or devil killers for Borma which has 250M HP. Originally I was thinking I’d need an assist like Zweihander to add more damage to deal 250M, but after moving the Carrot assist to the lead and using P2 (who is SB stacked) to cast the spike, our multiplier from Carrot gets boosted to 5.2x damage. Given Borma is fire type, our Yusuke sub-attribute with the killers and spike deals enough if the board is more blue heavy. Bicolors aren’t all made equal. A perfect 15-15 split is 6c if you’re making a light box, so a +c was very important. Originally I wanted to make use of the friend BH active but I wanted a time buff for mindlessness in making the optimal VDP boards since Hathor halves your move time on death. Therefore, Khepri solves the time debuff and +c problem in one shot. The gravity isn’t necessary but Kaguya’s randomness in movesets (which includes heart breaks / 99% gravity) and the awaken bind means that I would easily need a board changer like Nene to awakening bind clear and make hearts. Given the cloud prempt in this dungeon, I figured I may as well take the guaranteed bind on P2 using the gravity. This allows P2 to skip a turn for “free” and allows us to use Jhoira to cover the unbind of P2, the awakening bind clear as well as cloud resist all while breaking resolve so we’re not relying on hearts.


I hope that this was both helpful and interesting for you. As I mentioned, I’ll be doing carries mostly on my streams. You have 60 days to open the Borma mail so don’t rush.

Make sure to visit GL1TCH3D’s Stream and Content Discord server where I post all my stream announcements and content by clicking the image below! Cheers and hope to see you around.

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