Light Azazel: An Easier White Snek. Real Floor 9 Guide

Ninth Floor of Light Azazel

Eggo Rush Supreme! Shorter than the last dungeon at only 5 floors + 1 free floor.

Ninth Level with Link

All the Eggos are Dragon + Machine + other and resist their main attribute by 50%.

Floor 1

Light Eggo

5M DEF, 16M

7c shield.

Hits for 27k, heals itself 50% of max HP, and makes an Aten board every turn.

Right off the bad you need to know you can burst about 8M per card just to get through this floor. Halves damage from light which brings that to about 11M for light cards! At least if you run something dark based this isn’t going to be as tanky.


Floor 2

Dark Eggo

24M HP

Premptively pulls some White Snek type garbage by spawning 3 locked bombs, 3 jammers, 3 mortals.

Failing to match bombs is always a bad idea (20% of max HP per bomb not matched) and he deals a solid 111k should you fail to remove the jammers or mortals.

You also need to deal SOME damage because otherwise he hits 222k (when full) so you can’t JUST match the bombs, jammers, mortals. Using the bomb explosions to remove all of those orbs is a pretty bad idea.


When removing the jammers and poisons, he will roll lock the right column for 5 turns and cast a 6c shield.

I generally recommend simply board changing and killing turn 1. If you’re using a lead like Sakuya x Diablos you can use a Banana or Yang Guifei here for simplicity. This avoids having to deal with annoying mechanics next floor (though the following floor is guaranteed stall).

Should you decide you don’t want to plow straight through on the first turn, you get to deal with 28-33k per turn in damage, varying time debuffs / buffs and finally, a damage buff + 5 turn 75% shield on the last turn of the rolling lock. This means that his lowest hit will be 42k so I really recommend killing first turn 🙂


Floor 3

Green Eggo

96M HP


At least his first attack takes 5 turns. If you don’t deal 48M or more by that time he kills you. Should you bring him below half he will instead cast a 50% shield, hard blind the bottom row of orbs and hit you for 53k every 2 turns (two time total) before moving to a 10 turn rolling lock and 75% shield. Don’t let it get to this point, you’re going to kill before that turn.


Floor 4

Blue Eggo

28M HP

Does a fixed pattern at the start.

The turns are as follows:

  1. 32k and hard blinds orbs columns 2 and 4.
  2. 32k and hard blinds rows 2 and 4.
  3. 32k and binds 2 monsters for 3 turns.
  4. 143k and shields for 50% for 3 turns.
  5. 2x damage enhance.

After that he randomly does the first 2 attacks or a normal attack for the same damage. (Keep in mind the 2x buff)


Floor 5

Red Eggo

40M HP

It has a premptive 75% shield for 3 turns. That’s a lot of HP. That’s an effective 160M right off the bat with the shield.

Doable for a lot of teams with a spike and if you’re aiming to one shot Dolphin-San. Gemstone spikes carry over to the next floor if you one shot Red Eggo. IF YOU ARE NOT PLANNING ON ONE SHOTTING then you still have to do find a way to kill! The Eggo follows a 3 turn cycle. 75% Shield (3 turns) + hit, random effects + hit, HP check, repeat. The HP checks are at 85%, 50% and 0% Kupo. Keep in mind Nerva can be delayed so the best time would be with 1 turn left on the original 75% shield, delay, and kill while the shield is down and delay is holding Nerva back.


Floor 6


120M HP

Time to meme.

The best way to deal with this floor is to unlock so you have free reign on the casino orbs and then make the optimal board for whatever lead you’re using.

See Setsupad’s Optimal Boards to see what you should make.

How I recommend dealing with the brain damaging color changing orbs is by starting at the top left of the board, when the second orb on the row gets to the correct color, hold it and watch the orb on the top left. When the orb on the top left gets to the right color (from your optimal board) drop the orb you’re holding. Progress orb by orb until you get to the optimal and swipe once it’s made.


Effective leads for this dungeon don’t actually need to meet that many requirements.

Good combo based leads work very well here because of the damage requirements. Given that you can make optimal boards on Sandalphon almost guaranteed and the Light Eggo makes you a rainbow board, you basically only need to have 4 boards to get to Sandalphon.

The need for heavy damage throughout the dungeon is pretty important so at this point it’s really about going for high multiplier leads. Since all of the enemies are dragon and machine typing (except the boss) it makes Barbara an amazing sub. 3SB and killers against everything in the dungeon, along with a spike + bicolor. Tsubaki does quite well for the majority of this too (since Sandalphon gives you the opportunity at perfect boards, he’s less of a worry than all of the dragons before).

In general the straight combo based leads like Cthuga / Anubis will work best with bicolors, especially Barbara.

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