RAthena Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze Dungeon Guide: Floor 5 – God Enhanced

Hello everyone! The RAthena OSC will start on Monday (10/23), and this guide will hopefully help you through the fifth floor of the dungeon.

Padx link: http://puzzledragonx.com/en/mission.asp?m=3114

General Teambuilding Tips:

  • BE ABLE TO TANK A 40,730 WOOD DMG PREEMPT UPON ENTERING THE DUNGEON (make sure to calculate in god type 1.5x HP multi if needed, that helps a lot in getting enough HP).
  • God type monsters have 1.5x to all stats in this dungeon. Use them if possible, but you can still very well clear the dungeon without god types.
  • Use a consistent, high damage lead. You’ll have to do tens of millions of damage floor after floor.
  • Have a plan for dealing with Khepri, whether you intend to use fujin, clear awakening bind, kill through 75% shield, or stall out until combo shield.
  • For Loki, either be able to stall out ~25k/turn for 3 turns with a swapped lead, or bring a delay.
  • You really want 100% SBR.

Dungeon Walkthrough/Analysis:

Floor 1: Dios

Well, you have entered the dungeon, and (hopefully, if you read the tips above) survived the 40.7k preemptive. Dios takes his first turn to setup a status shield for 999 turns, so use that turn to heal up, stall for skills, etc if you want. After, his normal attack hits for 54k and below 70% can hit up to 97,752 damage, so you really just want to kill him within the first two turns. Make sure not to under-commit damage and die on f1, as he does have 23M HP.

Floor 2: Loki

He swaps your leader for 3 turns, then hits for 24,814 damage per turn. You basically have 3 options: use a team that doesn’t mind any leader swap (unlikely), delay, or have the RCV to stall out the 3 turns with a swapped lead. If you need to stall for skills, this is one of the easier floors to do that, as it’s only 24,814 per turn when he’s above 20% hp. Kill him whenever you are ready to move on.

Floor 3: Legelonte

This guy is very tanky (42.76 mil HP) and has a kill timer. His attack sequence is this (in order):

  • Bind 2x subs for 3 turns
  • 24,480 hit
  • 2 turn skill bind
  • 48,960 hit
  • 99% grav
  • 73,440 hit
  • 140k execute

You can stall on him if you have the HP and RCV to, but personally, I’d just 1-shot on turn 1 if possible. If you needed to stall, you could have stalled on Loki.

Floor 4: Dragon Zombie

He hits for 41,478 every 2 turns, and converts a color away to jammer. If you could tank Dios you can probably tank this. The orb conversion with bad RNG can lead to difficulty healing, but still manages to be a good opportunity for stalling.

Before killing him, I personally recommend getting at least 1 poison orb from skyfall to avoid the awaken bind on the next floor if there are no poisons.

He only has 7.7 mil HP, so killing the floor shouldn’t be an issue if you got to F4 in the first place.

F5: Mask + First evo Medjedra

The mask is just an SBR check.

Medjedra itself alternates between a 19,252 hit + 1 turn skill delay and a 24,065 hit + orb lock. You can stall here if you want to, especially if your monsters have 1 or more SDR latents. Otherwise, the constant skill delaying makes it a pain. It has 17.1M HP and does a lead swap under 50% HP, so make sure you don’t undercommit damage. Just kill whenever you want, and save heals on the kill turn if possible for the 99% premptive gravity. However, if you’re confident on Floor 6, there’s no premptive damage on Floor 7 so it’s not a huge deal.

F6: Vampire Duke

He does a 99% preempt gravity. He can either do a 33,840 normal attack, or a 25,380 hit + convert 1 orb type to water. I’d personally just kill quickly, as the water orb convert can break hearts. He only has 13.5M HP as well. Under 50% he starts with a dark bind, skips a turn then starts hitting for 67k a turn so definitely kill from over 50% at least.

F7: Khepri

Grats, you made it to the boss floor, and she’s an utter PITA. Her attack pattern (in order) is:

She absorbs damage of over 1M as a preempt

  • left column lock + 29,720 hit, right column to hearts/jammers
  • 32,197 hit  + blind or jammer->poison, depending if you left any jammers
  • 3 turn Awaken Bind
  • top row lock + 29,720 hit, bottom row to hearts/jammers
  • 34,674 hit  + blind or jammer->poison, depending if you left any jammers
  • 3 turn 75% shield
  • right column lock + 29,720 hit, left column to hearts/jammers
  • 37,151 hit  + blind or jammer->poison, depending if you left any jammers
  • Absorb 5 combo or less for 1 turn
  • Execute

Also, if you ever knock her below 10% at any time for some reason, she executes you instantly.

You have four ways of approaching her:

  1. Fujin. Just use Fujin on turn 1 and burst 35.3M HP. Pretty simple.
  2. Stall 3, Awaken Bind Clear, and kill.
  3. Burst through the 75% shield (That’s 150M effective HP though, so you’d want killers and/or big damage spikes like gemstones or wisedragons).
  4. Stall all the way until the combo shield and kill. Keep in mind failing to kill during the combo shield results in a huge nuke.

Here’s a sample clear using the Grodin awakening bind clear method:

Grats, you have beaten C5! Onto Sopdet, Volsung, Hamal, Metatron, and C6! Sounds fun Kupo

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