How to Meme: Monday Dungeon

A whale’s approach to Monday Dungeon

I designed this team for fun since Monster Hunter came out on Monday and was thinking about farming it for the mech generals.

This is just a concept build because I’m not quite sure someone would make this over the traditional 3 Zeromus outside of the ability to add Ganesha as leads without a swipe.

Just for reference, here’s the first one I made which still requires a swipe and doesn’t use Ganesha leads. This one has to swipe too.

So as you can see, swiping on a skyfall lead can make it significantly slower and we want that Ganesha boost! This is quite the whale setup with not much benefit outside of having fun thinking about how to use these new cards we’ve received.


Floor 1: Ganesha (Dark Hunter)

Floor 2: Tengu (Dark Hunter)

Floor 3: Whaledor (Dark Hunter)

Floor 4: XSolais (Brachydios)

Floor 5: Ganesha (Ra)

Floor 6: XSolais (Brachydios)


Basically Dark Hunter is now a “farmable” multi-target button damage. The best part? It’s not actually based on the attack of the card it’s inherited onto, but on the overall dark + wood attack of the team, and provides 40x that overall combined attack power as a multi-target button active. XSolais provides a ton of wood attack power and is used for killing floor 4/6 (though, technically, lower attack would still be fine on both of those with Brachydios). The interaction of multiboost high attack cards (XSolais, typically used for high damage nukes like Grimmjow and now Brachydios) with Dark Hunter could provide the ability for low attack SB subs like Whaledor / Tengu to still inherit a button capable of clearing a floor means that SB requirements can be more easily met.

Cheers and I hope this was fun to read and feel free to stop by the Puzzles and Kupo Carry Server for PAD discussions, theorycrafting, teambuilding and of course carries by clicking the banner below!


2 thoughts on “How to Meme: Monday Dungeon

  1. How to cheese with Ganesha leads:Monday Dungeon
    Team:Ganesha(Ra)/El Dorado(ZVerse)/El Dorado(ZVerse)/El Dorado(HNyx)/El Dorado(Kiri)/Ganesha
    Format:Monster(Inherit in parentheses)
    Battle 1:Get the green ogre down to the red subtype and stall.Use gravities when they are up.
    Battle 2:Use Kiri.Stall for gravities then use them when they are up.
    Battle 3:Same as battle 2.
    Battle 4:Midgard or Asgard:Same as battle 2.Jotunn:Stall for skill bind to go away,then use Kiri.Stall for gravities then use them when they are up.
    Battle 5:Use Ra.
    Battle 6:Same as battle 2.

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