Legendary Remains Farming with Yamamoto

 Legendary Remains Speedfarming with Yamamoto

No Passes, No 0c, No Stalling

So for those that know me you’ll know that I really do like making stupid teams consisting of a weird mix of mobs. This stems from my philosophy of rather preemptively having cards ready and having a diverse box over farming a card later when I need it. This has led me to do things like work on Achtros, Deighk and Deightros even without a significant reason to. However Achtros does find a place on my Rukia team occasionally. Anyway, I decided it’s time to work on the new dungeon so I sat there staring at the page for it for a good 5 minutes counting out actives in my head. For those that have cleared it (or seen me clear it) you’ll probably know that having gravities to deal with Ninegaruda resolve is very important. At first I tried with MZeus leads since the leaders themselves would cover the gravities required and when it didn’t pop out at me I decided to just go with the most broken farm lead in North America right now, Yamamoto. There are no passes, stalls or anything of the sort. It’s 1 turn per floor and only requires matching in 2 cases with Ilm boards (one for the combo shield, one for the poisons). I tried using cards that are accessible in a sense. Team on top, inherits on the bottom.

Player 1: Yamamoto (Hades) / NY Yamato (Sado) / NY Yamato (Ilm) / NY Yamato (Ilm) / NY Yamato (Hades) – 14 SB



Note: Hades CANNOT be Awoken Hades. It can be any inheritable 30% or higher gravity. To calculate if your gravity setup will work, it must meet the following condition:

(100% – Gravity 1) * (100% – Gravity 2) < 50%

In our case we get 49% for using both Hades so that checks out.


Player 2: Yamamoto (Sado) / NY Yamato (Sado) / NY Yamato (Sado) / NY Yamato (Sado) / Rodin (Grodin) – 14 SB



Notes: Row row fight the power.


The strength stems on having killers against most of the floors, lots of rows from the leads, only really matching on floor 5, having A LOT of SB. If you’ve been counting along, there’s 28 SB on the proposed teams and that means all the actives including the Hades inherits will be up turn 1. This is not required so lower SB subs like Sanada can easily be used. Yamato works well too.

NY Yamatos or bust.

Now that we have our teams let’s get on with the guide!

Floor 1 – Keeper of Gold

P1: Sado and swipe


Floor 2 – Knights

P2: Sado and save a row.



Floor 3 – Machine Golems

P1: Use the row that was saved from last floor.


Floor 4 – Kamui

P2: Grodin, Sado and swipe.

Note: Grodin can be skipped if Dark Golem targets Rodin who is unbindable.


Floor 5 – Ammonite + Aries

P1: Ilm, row and match combos.

Note: You have a 1s debuff from the previous floor. Using the template team you’ll have 5s to match here.


Floor 6 – Betelgeuse

P2: Sado and swipe.


Floor 7 – Beelzebub Tama + 2 Gears


P1: Ilm and clear as many of the fires as possible.


Floor 8 – Ninegaruda part 1

P2: Sado and save 1 row.


Note: The reason you clear as many fires as possible last floor is to avoid a potential match in the left column which is still locked while saving orbs.

Floor 9 – Ninegaruda part 2

P1: Hades, Hades, match 1 row.

P1+P2: Collect rewards


So this guide is meant to serve as a baseline for farming Legendary Remains. I tried using cards that were relatively accessible that provided strong stats and awakenings for the dungeon. Good luck farming!

Disclaimer: There were no eggplants harmed in the making of this guide.

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