How to Carry: Cosmo Crusader – Fully Farmable

 Cosmo Crusader 0c Carry with Farmables

Cosmo has some kind of annoying mechanics mixed with no-rcv makes it a bit harder to non-farm teams. This will show several carry setups to deal with the different mechanics.

The Teams

Player 1 (Inherits on the bottom)

Yamamoto (Horus) / NY Yamato (Sado) / NY Yamato (Raph) / NY Yamato (Sado) / Floof – 15SB



Note: Yamato (Sado) and Yamato (Raph) should have 3SDR.

Pretty flexible for the bases meaning you can exchange the Tomatos for other cards (like Belial, etc) and just have Player 2 bring more SB if you’re missing Yamatos. The sample setup is purely for running a completely farmable P2 which is tough SB wise which is why Tomatos / Floof are used.

Horus is just for the enhance for safety on floor 2. Can be any damage enhancer and isn’t necessarily required.

Player 2

Goemon / Goemon / Tengu / Echidna / Grodin Tamadra – 7SB


Goemons and Echidna should be max leveled for safety. No skill levels required on Goemon, there’s enough SB between both teams. Sub Goemon will be referred to as Goe#2. DO NOT SCREW THIS UP ON FLR2.

Echidna can be replaced by REM delays like the XMas healers or Orochi. Minimum 2 turns.

Tengu is only there for SB so not a requirement.

How it works

Floor 1 – Gears and Gadget

P1: Floof, Match and Kill.


Floor 2 – Golem and Armor Dargo

P2: Grodin Tamadra, Goemon #2, Yamamoto (Horus), Swipe.


Floor 3 – Verche

P1: Yamato (Sado), Save 1 row.


Floor 4 – Sherospada

P2: Echidna, 1c at the top.

P1: Use row.

P2: 1c with any color on the team to kill.


Floor 5 – Cosmo Part 1

P1: Yamato (Raph), Goemon, Swipe.


Floor 6 – Cosmo Part 2 

P2: Pass.

P1: Yamato (Sado), Swipe.


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