How to button: Friday Dungeon

Buttoning Friday Dungeon


What happened? Well once Pixelits started invading, those 2.7M HP button-blockers become a real pain to the old farming build. With some new cards we can go back to full buttoning!

The NEW (Whale) SETUP!

Note: Pixelit can invade floors 1 through 3 so you’ll have to adjust active order based on if it spawns. This build budgets 4 actives to kill the first 3 floors, and 2 specifically for the boss.

Floor 1: XSolais (Ra)

Floor 2: XSolais (Ra)

Floor 3: Nergi Hunter

If Pixelit spawns, use two Nergi Hunters to kill and use the Ras on the rest of the floors. Floor 3 can be killed with a Ra, you just don’t want to use the Nergi Hunter early.

Floor 4: Nergi Hunter, XSolais (Brachydios)

The build is extremely flexible. The Solais can be something like Mistel / Jize / Masamune / other. Your total wood + dark attack needs to be 26052 after multiboost. If you keep the 3 Nergi hunters as is, the other 3 cards need 10827 attack after multiboosts. Keep in mind! You sub-attribute counts too! XSolais is extreme overkill for the first 2 slots and can be replaced by Tengu even. The SB from Whaledors is completely unnecessary.

Cheers and I hope this was fun to read and feel free to stop by the Puzzles and Kupo Carry Server for PAD discussions, theorycrafting, teambuilding and of course carries by clicking the banner below!


3 thoughts on “How to button: Friday Dungeon

  1. How I 2P button Friday dungeon:
    F4:Ra and pass.Use the four Glaucas.

    1. WE tooteD
      I have an all farmable version of this:
      P1:Whaledor/Cath Palug/Cath Palug/Cath Palug/Cath Palug/Whaledor
      P2:Whaledor/Horn/Horn/Horn/Horn/Whaledor(Horn = Massacre Goring Horn,the skill up for Diablos)

      F1:Cath Palug.
      F2:Cath Palug.
      F3:Cath Palug.
      F4:Cath Palug and pass.Use the four Horns.

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