How to Button: Weekend Dungeon with DHunter Addition!

Player 1: Ganesha (AVritra) [2ATK+,2ATK]* / DHunter / Tengu (Dhunter) / Tengu (Dhunter) / Tengu (Dhunter) – 15SB
Player 2: Ganesha (AVritra) / Arthur / Tengu (Dhunter) / DHunter / XSolais (AVritra) – 9SB

* P1 Ganesha needs 2406 attack to reliably kill floor 8. If you don’t want to 6th latent, you can limit break instead or inherit Grimmjow instead of Vritra.
* XSolais(Vritra) can be Misteltein(Grimmjow) with 4 single-slot attack latents or 1 two-slot, one 1-slot latent. * Arthur can be Goemon/BGoemon.

How it works:

Player 1
Floor 1: Dark Hunter
Floor 2: Tengu (Dark Hunter)
Floor 3: Tengu (Dark Hunter)
Floor 4: Tengu (Dark Hunter)
Floor 5: Pass
Player 2
Floor 5: Arthur
Floor 6: Dark Hunter
Floor 7: Tengu (Dark Hunter)
Floor 8: Ganesha (AVritra) [ATK Latents]
Floor 9: Ganesha (AVritra)
Floor 10: XSolais (AVritra)

Cheers and I hope this was fun to read and feel free to stop by the Puzzles and Kupo Carry Server for PAD discussions, theorycrafting, teambuilding and of course carries by clicking the banner below!


One thought on “How to Button: Weekend Dungeon with DHunter Addition!

  1. Dark Hunters spend animation time because of the secondary board change.

    P1 is still fixed because of the lack of an opportunity to suicide + nuke a floor until F5.

    P2 can be Ganesha(Grimmjow) / Arthur / Orph(Grimmjow) / Orph(Grimmjow) / XSolais(Grimmjow)

    Where XSolais can be NY Ame / Solais / Misteltein / Unit-13, and all Grimmjows but the last can be Vritras.

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