Jan 2018 – Yog Optimal Update for 3P UDR

Cosmic Trinity Farming with Yog-Sothoth

For those that have been around for the last event, not much has changed since the last optimal Yog. I played around with some new ideas like Rathios but it didn’t really fundamentally change the team. Frankly the team hasn’t changed at all just I want to showcase the value of Yog (Nergigante).

The Team

With PLightning

Yog (Nergigante Assist) [2x Mech Killer, 2x SDR] / Paimon (AnaValk) [SDR] / P.Lightning [3x Dragon Killer] / P.Cloud [3x Devil Killer] / Viz (Halloween Xiang Mei) [2x God Killer, 2x SDR] / Yog (Nergigante Assist) [2x Mech Killer, 2x SDR] – 13SB

Inherits on the bottom:

    [神葬の魔狼, Fenrir Viz] 


Notes: No good substitutes for the Cloud.


Lightning is particularly good for Myr spawns. Using a Yog active, you can leverage the team’s two box awakenings and Lightning’s dragon killer latents to quickly dispatch Myr.

Viz is there for god killer which makes some spawns possible to kill under 80% HP or with only 3 lights. The quality of life with Viz I’ve found improved a lot.

Nergigante assists on each Yog means that you’ll have all actives up right away. You can make do with only having 1 Nergigante Assist (technically you don’t need any) since a single one will let you pass on floor 5/6 as the kill team (meaning you’ve only taken 1 turn in the dungeon) and still have all actives up for the boss. Previously this caused issues with needing an extra skill charge somewhere. One example where this was problematic was if Beelze spawned on Floor 6, this team only had Lightning + Cloud at best, making it impossible to survive without passing. If the kill team passed, then the kill board would not be ready.

Downsides: Needs at least 1 Yog (Nergigante Assist) for consistency versus the other build which does not. Also harder to make with 2 FF Pixels and Lightning is prone to skill delay.

With LHeradra

Yog [2x Mech Killer, 2x SDR] / Paimon (AnaValk) / LHeradra [1x Mech Killer, 4x SDR] / P.Cloud [3x Devil Killer] / Viz (Halloween Xiang Mei) [2x God Killer, 2x SDR] / Yog [2x Mech Killer, 2x SDR] – 11SB

Inherits on the bottom:

  [Shimmering Thunder Goddess, Hera Dragon]  [神葬の魔狼, Fenrir Viz] 


The difference with this build is that we use LHeradra. LHeradra and Cloud are ready from the start. LHeradra active is 1 haste and therefore the equivalent of 1SB more which makes it equivalent to the other build with only 1 Nergi Assist. The LHeradra active skill is also arguably more useful than Lightning in a lot of cases where you want to FUA a floor as well since you have no heart makers on the other team (outside of the spare Yog which I usually save).

The Rathios inherit can be on ANY card, it’s not a requirement to have it on the Cloud.

Downsides: Losing the Lightning means you no longer carry Dragon Killers on the team. It makes some dragons much harder to kill (Nordis) and others are just impossible using previous strategies (Myr). This build still requires an assist evo but it’s a lot more common to find than Nergi Assist.

How it works

All of the bosses will make you use Yog, Anavalk, HXM in that order. The only difference is how you make the board for each one.


Make this board. As long as you have the column and 2 light combos. The position of the column doesn’t matter.

Azathoth and Nyarlathotep

Make this board.


This build is designed to improve the consistency of having skills up. It also one shots all 3 of the Lovecrafts with the same 3 actives. This build also does not require any stalling whatsoever using either setup contained and allows for a pass to be used for the safety of the kill team.

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