How to Swipe: 3P Monster Hunter Collab – 2018 Version

3P Monster Hunter Full Swipe Build

I saw some people confused with how to swipe this dungeon so I figured I’d try my hand at it. To my surprise, I could actually make both the builds but the goal wasn’t to be able to. I also wanted to use Halloween Nene because she’s cute and under appreciated in the community for her 256x for a single row.

The setup consists of a primary build that kills two floors, a secondary build that kills Diablos, and a tertiary build that doesn’t really matter as long as it can kill one non-Diablos floor (a much easier feat). I won’t list a tertiary build but I’ll just discuss what you need if you plan to kill any of the 3 floors. Passes are used for the Primary build to setup for any of the starting floors.

Primary Build

**NOTE: TOP TEAM ONLY WORKS WITH HALLOWEEN CHIYOME. THE BUILD IS HNENE (HLAILA) / CHIYOME (HLAILA) [3 DKILLER] / DMETA (ATTACKERASU) / DMETA (DIADEM) / WHALEDOR (DIADEM) / HNENE (LMETA) Top team can clear any 2 floors (1+2/1+3/2+3) and bottom team swipes diablos. For the top team, the LMeta and the SDR is only required if you start on floor 1. Use DMeta (Diadem), ATTACKERASU and then DValk (HLaila) to kill with a swipe. Diadem + LMeta + HLaila on remaining floor to kill. If starting on floor 2, use Attackerasu after the bind premptive on floor 3.

The 297s on the assists are not required. It’s just the default when using PDC.

Chibi DValk can be replaced by Halloween Chiyome.

Strategy for Floor 1 start (doesn’t matter which other floor you kill):

Floor 1: DMeta (Diadem), HNene (LMeta) x2, DValk (HLaila), Swipe


Floor 2 / 3: To kill either other floor, just do DMeta (Diadem) + Whaledor (HLaila) and swipe!

Strategy for Floor 2 start (meaning kill Floor 2 + 3):

Floor 2: DMeta (Diadem), DValk (HLaila), Swipe

Floor 3: DMeta (Diadem), HNene (LMeta), DValk (HLaila), Swipe


Secondary Build

Leona can be any other dark mob with dragon or devil killer and 3x dragon or devil killer latents THAT HAS 2SB.

Sakuya can be any Gravity that is 15% and only 9 turns.

Assists do not need to be 297.

Team is really easy, on Diablos just do:

DMeta (Diadem), DMeta (HLaila), DMeta (Sakuya), Swipe!

Not much else to it.


Cheers and I hope this was fun to read and feel free to stop by the Puzzles and Kupo Carry Server for PAD discussions, theorycrafting, teambuilding and of course carries by clicking the banner below!


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