RAthena Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze Dungeon Guide: Floor 4 – Leader Skills Invalid

The fourth floor of the Red Athena challenge dungeon invalidates your leader skills! This means you can’t get any multiplier from leader skills and you can’t alter the size of the puzzle board. The dungeon is roughly analogous to Heroes Descended, but with boosted monster damage and a severe handicap.

So what can you do? Let’s investigate!


NEW! 3P UDR Optimal Yog Kill – 3 Actives with Paimon update!

Cosmic Trinity farming with Yog-Sothoth

This article features an updated build inspired by teams seen on JP. See this older article for a review on the dungeon and requirements. Paimon’s new split ult allows us further optimize the previous team. If you can’t make this specific build you should refer to my previous articles on Yog 3P teams to see if you can make a less optimized version.