How to farm: Athena +30 – May 2018 Build

How to Speedfarm Athena with only 4 actives!

We’ve known from Nergi Hunter Day 1 in NA that he would be a long lasting and important unit in the button farming meta (despite some “trusted advice”  saying he was bad). He tended to get inherited to other cards like Mistel and XMas Solais to provide more damage, or on Tengu for more SB. Then we had a gamechanger: the Ganjiang & Mo Ye assist evo. This lets us INHERIT A MULTIBOOST. This changed a lot of things such as allowing you to run Brachydios as a base instead of inheriting him as is usually done, then inheriting the multiboost on top! This actually beats out inheriting him on XSolais! We’re going to use the Mo Ye assists and Nergi Hunter’s strength in numbers to make the most NIAP 4 button Athena clear.

How it Works:

Floor 1: NergiHunter
Floor 2: NergiHunter
Floor 3: NergiHunter
Floor 4: NergiHunter


The build is as “NIAP” as it is to kill both Seigfried at ~2.1M HP and Athena ~4.1M Light HP in one shot each. It is very easy to drop all the assists and latents and just use one more button for floor 3 and 4. The last 2 cards in that are purely for stats for the NergiHunter active skill. The last 2 slots MUST BE MISTEL. NO OTHER SUBSTITUTIONS. PLEASE NOTE THE IMAGE SHOWS XSOLAIS AND UNPLUSSED MISTEL, THIS IS A MISTAKE. LAST 2 SLOTS ARE 2x MISTEL +297. This deals just enough to kill bouth Seigfreid and Athena.
Here’s an example of one that doesn’t use tons of Nergi Hunters with Mo Ye assists (still a bit whale):

Lastly, there are still functioning builds from a year ago!

This can be streamlined a lot but as you can see, 5 actives and a swipe from before Nergi Hunter / Brachydios existed.

This shows that NergiHunter can

Cheers and happy farming! I hope this was fun to read and feel free to stop by the Puzzles and Kupo Carry Server for PAD discussions, theorycrafting, teambuilding and of course carries by clicking the banner below!

One thought on “How to farm: Athena +30 – May 2018 Build

  1. Note that if you’re going to 2-button the Athena floor, if the first button does over 50%, she turns from light to green attribute. Use something that deals <50% as your first button (e.g. Van Crow grav inherited on something offering d/g stats)

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