How to farm: Zhao Yun +30 – March 2018 Build

How to Speedfarm Zhao Yun with two swipes!

This build is whale and I can’t even build it. This is more of a proof of concept. Enjoy!


Did I mention it’s whale?
I got lazy and couldn’t really find any replacements.
The ADurga doesn’t need to be hypered but then ATK latents need to be added to other cards.

How it Works:

Floor 1: DMeta (ADurga), Mistel (Brachydios)
Floor 2: Mistel (Nergi Hunter)
Floor 3: Mistel (Brachydios)
Floor 4: Dios, Swipe
Floor 5: XSolais (Brachydios), Whaledor (Brachydios)
Floor 6: Dios, Swipe
That’s … it I guess

Cheers and happy farming! I hope this was fun to read and feel free to stop by the Puzzles and Kupo Carry Server for PAD discussions, theorycrafting, teambuilding and of course carries by clicking the banner below!

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