How to farm: Satan +30 – March 2018 Build

How to Speedfarm Satan with one swipe!

This takes advantage of Brachydios which doesn’t require us to be at 1 HP (unlike Grimmjow). In the past we used 100% dark resist after setting HP to 1.

How it Works:

Floor 1: XSolais (ALubu)
Floor 2: Glav (Brachydios)
Floor 3: XMas Solais (Grimmjow)
Floor 4: XMas Solais (Grimmjow)
Floor 5: Avalon (Brachydios)
Floor 6: BGoe, Swipe
That’s it! One person full button clear.


Player 2 is really only there for the lead and skill boosts. Leads can be swapped between the teams.
Beach Goemon can be replaced by normal Goemon with the Tengu being replaced by a fourth Whaledor.
Floor 3 Grimmjow can be Brachydios.
The XSolais can be more NY Ame but NY Ame CANNOT BE REPLACED.
Brachydios is unfortunately required for 2 of the floors using this particular build.

Cheers and happy farming! I hope this was fun to read and feel free to stop by the Puzzles and Kupo Carry Server for PAD discussions, theorycrafting, teambuilding and of course carries by clicking the banner below!

3 thoughts on “How to farm: Satan +30 – March 2018 Build

  1. Might be a little late for this to post but I think I worked out a build with less SB required. Need to test out the damage.

    Glav Hunter.A Durga/Male Nerg Hunter/Male Nerg Hunter/Male Nerg Hunter/XMas Solais.Brachydios equip with a Beach Goe friend.

    Male Nerg for F1.
    A Durga for F2
    Male Nerg for F3
    Male Nerg for F4
    Xmas Solais.Brachydios for F5
    Goe for F6

      1. A fifth Nergi Hunter can replace Brachydios given enough investment (++atk latents, zaerog equips); Mito can also replace Shazel for a shorter cd.

        Of course, your original build will probably be faster, the lack of board change animations on the Grimmjows likely shaves more time than it loses by having skyfall.

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