Astral Plane Deity (Zeus Verse) Challenge Set – Quick Notes and Tips

Top Floor – No Dupes – Verse

The top floor of this challenge features Zeus Verse. I recommend bringing a FUA to deal with Ninegaruda, and an Awoken bind clear to deal with Nim. Diao Chan can also be very useful in the dungeon as a whole if you have her.

  1. Mion: She acts just like her normal dungeon, starting with a 99% shield. The objective here is to just bring Mion down past 99% after her second turn, and it can be done pretty easily. You can either deal lots of damage at the first turn, or set up a 6+ combo board and hit her on the second turn. If something goes wrong and you did not hit her past 99% or healed her by accident on the combo shield, she will put up a 500k damage void and use a 99% gravity on you. If this happens, just be prepared for 5 turns of stalling and clearing orbs. She alternates between blinding orbs with board change (26k) (All orbs + jammers) and a multi attack (35k). This continues until you bring her under 50% where she enrages, and also under 30% where she puts up a 6c shield. After the 6c shield she blinds your board, and the turn after she hits you for 1m damage, so she should be killed by then.
  2. Apolluo: Has a 6c shield and 5m defense. Apolluo is a pretty safe floor to stall on if you can tank, as its only moves are a 50% self heal and an Aten board change that deals 30k damage. This is the most consistent floor for stalling given a fixed damage every turn and a board that guarantees at least 3 hearts, but be wary of the next floor, Ninegaruda. Since Apolluo always board changes, it is best to try save hearts when you kill so you can FUA Ninegaruda, who can easily end your run with his increased turn 1 damage and full locked board from the start.
  3. Ninegaruda: Has the same moveset from his dungeon. Will premptively start with a 9x enrage for one turn, and requires a lot of strict damage control to ensure safety. There are four possibilities that can happen on the first turn here. If above 50%, he does Raging Fire which hits for 87k (after the shield), and blinds and locks your board once again. If knocked under 50%, hits for 34k and puts up a 8c shield. If knocked between 1% and 20%, will hit for a very quick death (I assume you’ll die on the resolve hit anyway). If knocked to 1%, heals back to 100%, hits you for 348k and binds a sub for 9 turns (but I don’t expect you to survive this hit). Best case scenario without FUA is to hit Ninegaruda under 50%, and then deal with his combo shield and kill then. If not, be prepared to tank either a 29k and jammers in the 2nd and 5th column or a 23k hit and bombs in the 4 corners of the board. I recommend having FUA to one shot Ninegaruda, or good damage control to get under 50% on the first turn. A 100% shield can also be useful if you want to deal with that horrid first turn, and a skill like Awoken Ganesha will do both unlock and shield.
  4. Nim: New boss! Starts off with 3 turns of Awakening bind and 10 turns of spinner on one orb, randomly placed. Nim does a maximum of 40k damage on his hardest hitting attack, and 36k elsewise. The 36k hits either spawn 3 bombs, or locks 9 random orbs. On the 9th turn, Nim will hit for 32k and skill delay for 5 turns. Nim is easy to handle in the beginning, but having too many locks can be bad, especially if he spawns bombs and leaves you with 1-2 bombs because of locks (BOOM if you don’t board change! You can also use the spinner orb to remove them as in the video below). Otherwise, having an awakening bind clear makes Nim very easy, so you can safely deal with locks and bombs as you please. As an extra tip, you can leave a locked orb in the spinner to make matching combos much easier.
  5. Zeus Verse: 800M health, a 50% resolve, and a 100M damage void to boot! Unlike Vulcan, he cannot be delayed. If you aren’t planning a one shot build, be prepared to tank and heal. Above 50% he has three different attacks, one that super blinds orbs for 3 turns, one that spawns 3 mortal poisons, and a multi attack. The super blind and poisons both deal about 42k, and the multi attack can range from 28k to 48k, so be prepared for the highest possible damage. You will want some form of shield before you take Zeus under 50%, where he changes his attribute to R/B/G, deals 75k damage, and changes the third from left column to dark, third from right column to light. The turn after he uses Dread, which changes him back to dark, then deals 45k and reduces move time by 1 second for 10 turns. He then repeats the above 50% attacks until under 10%, where he awakening binds for 10 turns and has a 1000% enrage. Since his damage void is 100M, you can often avoid thinking about damage control and focus more on just tanking his high damaging attacks every turn.

Strategy: You can go with either a tank and spank strategy, or a one shot build. If you’re going for a one shot build, you’ll probably be using a lead that can support Pixel Sephiroth or Pixel Iori since both can take God killers AND get the benefit of 2x for being dark (Verse doesn’t have a 50% dark resist like 99% of all recent light bosses). I’ve seen some people use Anubis. If you want to stall it up, you can start with a 7×6 lead and swap out to Anubis x Anubis. The easiest floor to stall is on Apolluo, where you can always have hearts and you should be able to consistently get heals while keeping Apolluo at high health. After your swap, you should have more room on a 7×6 which will let you Box, combo, and FUA more comfortably. Otherwise if you Anubis x Anubis on 6×5 you’ll want at least a Cthuga (+2c) active along with your spike inherited to attempt a one shot. Given 800M HP, there’s not a whole lot of leads that will even make it worth trying to one shot. Given his extremely lenient attacks and biggest hit of 75k (which you know the timing of in advance), he’s really easy to grind down with most leads. Any combo lead paired with Diablos will take care of it (Anubis / Roots / Ideal / Kush / RMyr) with just the requirement of needing a shield. Under 10% his awakening bind into rage hits means you can plan to either hit from over 10% to kill (check if you need a spike! 10% is still 80M!) or hit into the awakening bind and go from there. This can make Odindra a good clutch for this dungeon given Nim’s awakening bind as well. You can use it on Nim and while grinding down Zeus, and it should come back up if you take enough turns.

Full run with Floof:

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