Astral Plane Deity (Zeus Verse) Challenge Set – Quick Notes and Tips

Floor 4 – No Restrictions – Dios

KONO DIO DA *bats you with a paperclip*

Compared to December Challenge 10 Dios, this is a lot easier with 20% less damage across the board and 60% less HP. Back in White Snek, Dios prempted for 10k more, hit 5k more per turn and had 3M more HP so this is kind of a joke given the much stronger leads we have available to us. So let’s get started with the floor by floor look.

  1. Tengu the DESTROYEERRRRRRRR starts with his patented knockout punch of 4-5 turn bind on all monsters followed by am RKO of 24k + mortals or 28k per turn. If you hit below 40% he will skip a turn then do 240k the following turn. This is done with priority over the bind so you can use this to your advantage.
  2. Kraken with a lot more HP than arena. Standard green bind / full blind board and 2 turn timer except the standard attack is now 40k instead of ~23k in arena. Hits 79k under 30%.
  3. Ras the Ass Donkey with her usual shenanigans of Leader Swap prempt and follows 2 sets. Either leader swap or awakening bind, then either 75% shield or 7 combo shield. Be ready for 29k regular hits on the second rotation. Under 50% casts 30% poison skyfall debuff and top / bottom row ribbon lock. Under 25% she casts a 2x spike for the rest of the fight. Rage hit under 20%.
  4. Rozuel is one of the scarier floors because she makes 3 bombs on 6×5 or 4 bombs on 7×6, and super blinds the 2nd column from the left, and 37k prempt. If you don’t hit her at least under under 70% on the first turn, she hits for 40k and do some funky stuff with your board. Why is this so scary? It’s really because Dios prempt after means that you need to be able to tank 60k after taking Rozuel premptive damage / other damage.
  5. The real damage of this challenge is right here with DIOS. 61k prempt and follows a specific set of attacks. 20M HP and premptively casts a 99% shield for 6 turns (yes, 99%!) so if you want to one shot right off the bat you have to bring D A M A G E. First turn he will cast 5 turn damage absorb then lock the entire board. After that he will repeat the following 5 attacks. 30k + full board to Wood for 4 turns, then locks full board on the 5th.

Strategies for Dios: The easiest for me is setting up the board before he locks it, letting him lock it, then using Shaitan to void his damage for 3/4 of his hits. You can 0c or 1c during these turns. That means you only need 30k to tank the last hit (or another shield). This lets you kill without using Delay + Fujin as is commonly recommended. Alternatively, you can one shot him. No.6 from DBDC brings a whopping 54x damage against him. A spike and bicolor with a lead like Anubis should be more than enough.

A shield like Awoken Raphael would be very helpful while killing Rozuel. It will tank the premptive strike of Dios and heal the premptive damage from Rozuel in case you couldn’t heal up. Otherwise you can use a 3 turn Indra to tank the prempt and then it will last until the first of the 4 hits, allowing you to completely void the next 3 with Shaitan.

See this example of how I did it:

I was short HP even with the Yuna shield being up so I had to combo a little bit but if I had enough HP I could have just 0 combo’d straight through.

The most difficult parts of this level are really Ras and getting to Dios since most people will bring one of the strategies to deal with Dios himself. Ras leader swap is just annoying and she can’t be delayed.

Leads to use: Anubis with HP badge would be fine. Basically any combo lead (seriously combo leads are too easy nowadays). 7×6 cross is fine too or even row / blob leads like Ameno. There’s no combo shield except Ras chance of combo shield. In theory, you could probably swipe this with HNene outside of needing a board on Rozu because of the bombs. Halloween Laila OP.

Good luck!

Here’s the full run:

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