Astral Plane Deity (Zeus Verse) Challenge Set – Quick Notes and Tips

Floor 5 – 7×6 Board – Vulcan

I hate to repeat so much but I may as well say this at the beginning, use a combo lead. Vulcan’s minimum 9 combo shield is really annoying if you’re going for multi-cross leads or if you’re going for row leads where you’ll have to make a row of 7 (because of the natural 7×6) and still hit those 9 combos.

This dungeon starts posing a few more threats but is nowhere near as difficult as Nyx was for level 4/5.

  1. Black Nyadra with 17.5k prempt and makes 3 whole jammers. Doesn’t do much damage but be ready for 20k+ every turn. If you’re going to stall, it’s here.
  2. Naro (water dragon) is slightly annoying. Premptive 23k damage with Fire/Water/Wood/Heart board. First turn will either cast 2x damage for the rest of the fight, or ribbon lock the bottom row if you hit below 90% on the first turn. Has a slightly annoying skill set to follow. After the first turn HP check, will follow a rotation of 7.8k + 6 mortals, 15.5k + 1st and 5th row to water, 99% grav, 31k damage. None of these are including the 2x damage if you keep him above 90%. I would recommend hitting under 90% the first turn and then kill after the shield expires. With 7×6 board the ribbon lock doesn’t impact you all that much. Hitting under 50% will cause him to combo shield (which doesn’t really matter… if you brought the skill for Vulcan you brought it for this) and under 20% will hit 23k, cast another 75% shield for 2 turns and make the same board as the premptive. After that will repeat 125k hits.
  3. Diagoldos but weak. Can hit up to 44k normally but otherwise a very easy and free floor.
  4. Challenge Neptune. This is the same one we see in Hephatitus Dragon Descended and other challenges. Except in the current meta, the 1.5M def is meaningless. Do keep in mind that he has a 75% shield and halves damage from light and water. Does 30k, 30k, 60k, 60k, 90k, 90k, then repeat 90k and all orbs to mortals. With his 75% shield, a single card dealing 19.5M or 39M for Water / Light / Fire will kill which is really easy with stuff like Ideal or Fenrir Viz on 7×6 with combo leads.
  5. Shaitan (hey we just used you in the previous level!) is here with buffed stats but otherwise exactly the same as Agni. Premptive 3rd row to fire + jammer and 27.6k. First turn binds 3 random cards for 3 turns. Otherwise, his hits are either 21k or 31k so he’s not actually that bad to stall on if you can recover that much.
  6. Yobi, which a lot of us are a lot more familiar with from Alt Arena. This is the dragon that locks hearts and lights, changes the rest of the board to jammers and makes you clear all the jammers or take 60k. Kind of a not-so-difficult Lakshmi. And given some hearts, a heart cross lead like Paimon will tank that anyway. But GL1TCH3D! You said use combo leads! Ah that’s right, so just clear the jammers. You have about 8 turns to kill before it gets really annoying. Follows a set pattern above 20% of halves RCV and 27k, make 3 mortals and 23k, 90% grav, 1.5x buff, repeat the first 3, then casts 1M damage absorb. Hence, the kill in 8 turns. Under 20% will cause Yobi to skill delay by 5 turns then repeat 632k hits.
  7. Drahklist is probably the most annoying spawn in this dungeon. Premptive 5 turn fire and wood absorb. 50% resolve. Under 15% will deal 190k damage, change half the board to fire, half the board to wood. Otherwise randomly either gravs, hits up to 44.3k or superblinds 5 orbs. He doesn’t actually have that much HP so whether you stall or not is based on you being able to tank hits. Five turn Susano can really help here if you’re bringing fire/wood on your team. Otherwise I really recommend just avoiding those attributes and FUA to kill.
  8. Time for VULCAN! This was a long level to write with 8 floors! 10M damage nullify (so you can pixel), minimum 9 combos to damage (for the first 10 turns only so you could just stall out the combo shield if you want to bring non-combo leads). He’s one of the first enemies to have skillsets based one how many combos you hit but in the end really doesn’t change much of the fight. If you hit 12+ combos he will buff his next hit by 1.5x. Under 20% he will lock all orbs and cast a 75% shield for 1 turn. Keep in mind, Vulcan CAN BE DELAYED so I recommend that if you bring one, you can hang onto it until you hit him to 20% or less, or at least get him lower and then delay to give you a few turns.

Strategy for Vulcan:

You can pixel him as I mentioned. All the blue pixels EXCEPT FOR TIDUS can take dragon or god killers which both work for Vulcan. This can make it exceptionally easy with a lot of leads and a bicolor. Alternatively, just keep comboing and keep killing as long as your lead can take 47k damage every 2 turns.

Avoiding Wood / Fire to deal with Drahklist more easily is HIGHLY recommended. Of course, to go with that you’ll need a FUA! Drahklist is the only resolve enemy in this but if you don’t FUA, you’ll have to shield then use a board change after hitting that low.

A delay can save your ass on the early floors and be applicable on Vulcan.

Leads: Most people will be using Anubis, DIdeal, Combo Roots, etc. This is to avoid having to stall out the combo shield on Vulcan as well as just generally being strong with the cards available now. It’s not that easy to stall in this dungeon depending on the lead so just be aware of that. I could easily see Meri clearing this with an HP badge since you can just stall out the shield on Vulcan with nothing else posing a big threat. It also means you can damage control Drahklist with probably a single row depending on your team. Then it’s just a question of stalling out on Vulcan which should be fine with that insane RCV and the HP badge. If you’re feeling confident, you can still go for a Meri Pixel and 9c. With Meri active and some move time it should be easy to fit on a 7×6 board. Reincarnated Orochi can add A LOT of HP and gives you that delay to use.

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