Astral Plane Deity (Zeus Verse) Challenge Set – Quick Notes and Tips

Floor 3 – All Attribute Req. – Mercury

This is all attributes required so I brought Acala and Ideal to cover the last 3 attributes on my Floof team. Murcury is quite a bit more annoying than the Olympios and Stratios we just fought but nowhere near as bad as the Heras were.

  1. Nyadra with a resolve and heals if you hit resolve. Very squish. Barely does damage. So if you wanna stall a fujin for later this would be the place. Just keep killing him over and over.
  2. Lakshmi and not the Jammer version. This one will however cast a 20% water skyfall debuff for 99 turns on her first turn. So if you don’t want that, deal her 6.5M damage on the first turn. She hits a regular 28.8k per turn which makes this a poor place to stall. I would just one shot.
  3. Blonia. This one locks the entire board premptively but doesn’t actually do much damage on her normal attacks. If you hit her to her rage zone (<30%) she skips a turn then hits 71.5k.
  4. Awoken Heph with nowhere near as much HP as December Challenge 9. 7.6M HP with 75% shield (meaning 4x effective HP) in this Astral Plane set. Basically, 5 turns of low damage and no special effects. Kill during these 5 turns or use a delay to stall out his shield and kill after the shield is down. After 5 attacks, he will hit for 132k repeatedly.
  5. Indiegogo with her standard premptive damage, LKali + locked jammers and poisons. She can also be delayed which gives players a good chance to clear out the locked orbs before moving on.
  6. Mercury with his 40M HP and premptive locked water skyfall (all waters will skyfall locked), 5M damage absorb for 10 turns. He also has a status shield so you can’t delay him. My recommendation is either Fujin and kill if you stalled for it Floor 1, or just stall out the 10 turns and tank the 18-24k per turn. If you stall the 10 turns, be VERY CAREFUL about hitting to sub 30%. If you do, he will reduce your move time by 50% for 1 turn and then hit 122k next turn + change all orbs to water.

Every floor here is delayable EXCEPT for Mercury so I’d recommend bringing a delay as a panic button. For this reason, Dark Athena could be a very strong lead for this, though, you need all attributes. There are no skill binds so just covering the colors with damage subs will be fine. The water skyfall can be used to your advantage by stalling the first turn on Lakshmi and just bring other dark orb makers. Dath delays can be panic buttons going through the dungeon, not that anything really deals enough damage to kill you besides rage hits.

Another useful utility here would be Diao-Chan since the majority of the mechanics in this are just locks. You can unlock your Blonia board, Indigo board and any locked waters when you’re ready to kill Mercury.

A spike would also be useful since not all leads will be well suited to killing Mercury without one from max HP. Though, if using double and triple 7c / killer cards like Ideal, Enra, No.6 (did I only name DBDC cards?), Fenrir Viz, and others will make it significantly easier to kill Mercury without a spike.

If you’re using a Fujin then try bringing more SB to avoid stalling too much. Alternatively, if you have Leona, try making use of the rainbow skill haste to greatly reduce the time it takes to get your Fujin active up. She also acts as a spike and has 3x damage against Mercury with her god killer awakening. Given that the dungeon is forced All-attributes she makes a great sub if you have her.

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