Astral Plane Deity (Zeus Verse) Challenge Set – Quick Notes and Tips

Floor 2 – No Lights – Stratios

When they say no lights, they mean NO LIGHTS. It helps to read so you don’t end up like me running this floor with an all light team. I started this dungeon blind with XFloof lead and had to clear most of the dungeon with just Water sub-attributes I had.

  1. Keeper. 16k premptive. If you don’t have 16k HP I don’t know you if you should be running these dungeons. Probably best to save stam and farm Tamadras and other dungeons.
  2. Dragon Zombie with the 99% 5% poison skyfall for 10 turns. Always starts on a 2 turn timer.
  3. Beyzul with 9M HP. I was scared he would have 200M like December Challenge 10. 5 turn water skyfall debuff. Always takes 5 turns to attack but will kill you when he attacks.
  4. Tiamat with a jammer skyfall premptive (… why? it overwrites poisons skyfall).
  5. Aamir the most annoying spawn in this dungeon. Maybe bring 3 Whaledor subs so you have Fujin up in time for this floor. Otherwise have to stall 2 turns while his absorb is up.
  6. Stratios with absolutely nothing changed from his Arena 1 form besides HP values. 6 combos or more to damage him. Will change an orb type to jammer every turn.

Another very easy challenge. By this point in Nyx we were already seeing enemies with 40M HP.

Leads: Again, almost anything besides light based leads like Ameno or rainbow leads like Radra will do fine. Damage requirements are very low so don’t worry about pushing the damage meta here. No utilities required.

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